Android Device Test on Real Device Cloud

Te Seamlessly test your Android applications on Real Samsung, OnePlus, Google, Xaiomi, Oppo, Vivo and many more smartphones on cloud!!


Browser Testing on Real Android Devices

Use real Android devices on cloud to perform automated and live interactive cross browser testing on the go for your mobile website.

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Native App Testing on Real Android Smartphones

Testing your app across multiple devices is easy, just upload your .apk file and test on real Android devices from anywhere in the world.

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1 Million+






Increase Device Coverage with Android Devices Test on Cloud

Test your website or android app on a wide range of real android devices with Android Lollipop(5.x), Marshmallow(6.x) Nougat(7.x) Oreo(8.x) Pie(9.x), 10, 11, and 12. Try on 3000+ devices for responsiveness, reliability, and compatibility.
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Test Execution Speeds that are Unmatched
Cut your Android device testing cost by 90%

Cut your Android device testing cost by 90%

Wouldn't it be great to no longer need to pay for own android device lab? Our real device testing cloud allows you to test instantly on real android smartphones, with no setup and no maintenance.
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Run Automated Device Test with Appium

With our well integrated app and browser test automation platform, you can test your native apps and mobile websites on real android devices on cloud. With this continuous testing approach, you can ensure a seamless user experience and save time by catching bugs earlier in the development cycle.
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Test Dev or Public apps

Test on Real Android Devices!

Explore how your team can slash hours every day by executing android device tests on LambdaTest’s real device cloud.

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Real-time Debugging

Debugging Android App and Website on Real Devices, in Real Time

Debug your mobile website and Android app by using the device app logs, logs, network logs, screenshots and videos. Inspect elements on the mobile browser to check if they are as you expected, and if not debug instantly.
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Accelerate Your Android Device Test Execution

Run thousands of android device tests on real phones and reduce app build defect dramatically. Integrate with every tool you use—your favorite projects management tools, your favorite CI/CD tools, even your favorite team communication tools.
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Test across 3000+ devices
Native Device Features

Native Device Features

With the LambdaTest Testing Cloud, you can test native device features such as camera, touch screen, and gestures on real devices from cloud as if they were in your hand.
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Geolocation Testing on Android Devices

Before a product is launched, it should be tested in different regions to ensure that it is functioning correctly. Test an android app and website on an android mobile device before releasing it to the target audience in 50+ countries around the world.
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Geolocation Testing

Seamlessly Integrate With Complete CI/CD Tech Stack

Get detailed insights of your automation tests in your CI/CD pipelines by integrating with your favorite DevOps tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I test my app and website on real android device online?
For on-demand testing of Android applications and websites, LambdaTest offers an online platform that lets you benefit from the use of real Android devices, hosted on the cloud. Get in touch with LambdaTest Sales Team for more details.
Does LambdaTest provide real android device testing?
Yes, you can test your native android applications and websites/webapps on real devices using LambdaTest’s real device cloud. LambdaTest offers latest to legacy smartphone devices like Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Google and many more.
What is android device test?
To check whether an app or a website looks the way it is intended on a real android device is android device test. You can either purchase a new device and test the app or the website on it or leverage LambdaTest. This allows you to use thousands of real devices on cloud at your disposal anytime anywhere.

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