Automate Selenium Tests With Travis CI

Perform reliable automated testing at scale by integrating your test suites with Travis CI across 3000+ real browser environments.
Automate Selenium Tests With Travis CI
Parallel testing and Travis CI

Parallelize Test Builds With Travis CI

Amplify your Selenium test execution by running Travis CI jobs in parallel and achieve faster go-to market delivery.
Integrate LambdaTest with Travis CI

Test Every Commit In Travis CI

Run Travis CI tests automatically everytime you push code and check whether the build is ready for the next stage.
Start Testing
Test Every Commit In Travis CI
Chrome LocalHost

Run Travis CI Tests Locally

Test your locally hosted projects and private server URLs in Travis CI with LambdaTest Tunnel before deployment to production environment.
Local Page Testing
Restful API to fully automate your continuous testing workflow. Fetch test details such as test status, metadata, Selenium logs, video logs, and more, to build robust test reports.API Docs arrow
diamondLow Test Flakiness
We make sure you say Goodbye to flaky Selenium tests by providing a reliable Selenium Grid online which has little or no flakiness while executing your Selenium automation scripts.Start testing arrow
squareDebugging & Logs
Debug your Selenium testing results through metadata, network logs, command logs, exception logs, raw Selenium logs, and Video recordings of the entire test execution.Start testing Arrow
circle outlineCI/CD Tools
Integrate LambdaTest Selenium testing cloud with your choice of continuous integration tools using our native plugins for Jenkins, CircleCI, Travis CI, and more.LambdaTest CI/CD Integrations arrow icon
rectangleLocal Testing With Travis CI
With LambdaTest Tunnel you can run Selenium automation tests on your locally or privately hosted pages. Ensure cross browser compatibility of your web-app, even before deploying it your CI/CD pipelines.START TESTING arrow

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Detailed Tests Insights In Travis CI

Get actionable test insights like Screenshots, Video Logs, Passed/Failed tests and improve your overall test effectiveness.
Detailed Tests Insights In Travis CI

Seamless Collaboration

Integrate LambdaTest with your favorite tool and save yourself from manually managing bugs and tasks. Also fits with your CI/CD pipeline.

Automated screenshot scheduler

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What is Travis CI?
Travis CI is a Continuous Integration (CI) tool that builds and tests the GitHub project hosted on cloud. For each commit, it will initiate a build to verify the same and report any failures.
What is Travis CI.yml file?
Travis YML is a configuration file that is placed in the root folder of your project to decide how to configure the build-related details. If a .travis.yml file does not exist in your repository or is not valid YAML, Travis CI will ignore it.
What is the cost of Travis CI?
Enterprise packages from Travis CI start at $129 per month. The cost increases in accordance with the level of service needed.
How do I run Travis CI tests locally with LambdaTest?
You can use LambdaTest Tunnel to run a test server within your Travis CI build container to perform local testing on cloud Selenium grid.
How to integrate Travis CI with LambdaTest?
You need minor tweaks in .travisci/travis.yml the configuration file for your Travis CI instance, to integrate Travis CI with LambdaTest. You will have to change the environment variables like access key, user name, grid config, etc. For further information, refer to LambdaTest documentation .


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