How to use MockBlobContainerProvider class of PetImages.Tests.StorageMocks package

Best Coyote code snippet using PetImages.Tests.StorageMocks.MockBlobContainerProvider


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...5using Microsoft.Coyote.Runtime;6using PetImages.Storage;7namespace PetImages.Tests.StorageMocks8{9 internal class MockBlobContainerProvider : IBlobContainer10 {11 private readonly Dictionary<string, Dictionary<string, byte[]>> Containers;12 private readonly object SyncObject;13 internal MockBlobContainerProvider()14 {15 this.Containers = new();16 this.SyncObject = new();17 }18 public Task CreateContainerAsync(string containerName)19 {20 // We invoke this Coyote API to explicitly insert a "scheduling point" during the test execution21 // where the Coyote scheduler should explore a potential interleaving with another concurrently22 // executing operation. As this is a write operation we invoke the 'Write' scheduling point with23 // the corresponding container name, which can help Coyote optimize exploration.24 SchedulingPoint.Write(containerName);25 this.Containers.TryAdd(containerName, new Dictionary<string, byte[]>());26 return Task.CompletedTask;27 }...

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...13namespace PetImages.Tests14{15 internal class ServiceFactory : WebApplicationFactory<Startup>16 {17 private readonly MockBlobContainerProvider BlobContainer;18 private readonly MockMessagingClient MessagingClient;19 private readonly MockCosmosDatabase CosmosDatabase;20 private MockCosmosContainer AccountContainer;21 private MockCosmosContainer ImageContainer;22 public ServiceFactory()23 {24 this.BlobContainer = new MockBlobContainerProvider();25 this.MessagingClient = new MockMessagingClient(this.BlobContainer);26 this.CosmosDatabase = new MockCosmosDatabase(new MockCosmosState());27 }28 internal async Task<MockCosmosContainer> InitializeAccountContainerAsync()29 {30 this.AccountContainer = (MockCosmosContainer)await this.CosmosDatabase.CreateContainerAsync(Constants.AccountContainerName);31 return this.AccountContainer;32 }33 internal async Task<MockCosmosContainer> InitializeImageContainerAsync()34 {35 this.ImageContainer = (MockCosmosContainer)await this.CosmosDatabase.CreateContainerAsync(Constants.ImageContainerName);36 return this.ImageContainer;37 }38 protected override void ConfigureWebHost(IWebHostBuilder builder)39 {40 builder.UseContentRoot(Directory.GetCurrentDirectory());41 builder.ConfigureTestServices(services =>42 {43 // Inject the mocks.44 services.AddSingleton<IAccountContainer, MockCosmosContainer>(container => this.AccountContainer);45 services.AddSingleton<IImageContainer, MockCosmosContainer>(container => this.ImageContainer);46 services.AddSingleton<IBlobContainer, MockBlobContainerProvider>(provider => this.BlobContainer);47 services.AddSingleton<IMessagingClient, MockMessagingClient>(provider => this.MessagingClient);48 });49 }50 }51}...

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