How to use __construct method of decorator class

Best Atoum code snippet using decorator.__construct


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...5{6}7class Bar8{9 public function __construct(Foo $foo)10 {11 }12}13interface AInterface14{15}16class A implements AInterface17{18 public static function create(Foo $foo)19 {20 }21}22class B extends A23{24}25class C26{27 public function __construct(A $a)28 {29 }30}31interface DInterface32{33}34interface EInterface extends DInterface35{36}37interface IInterface38{39}40class I implements IInterface41{42}43class F extends I implements EInterface44{45}46class G47{48 public function __construct(DInterface $d, EInterface $e, IInterface $i)49 {50 }51}52class H53{54 public function __construct(B $b, DInterface $d)55 {56 }57}58class D59{60 public function __construct(A $a, DInterface $d)61 {62 }63}64class E65{66 public function __construct(D $d = null)67 {68 }69}70class J71{72 public function __construct(I $i)73 {74 }75}76class K77{78 public function __construct(IInterface $i)79 {80 }81}82interface CollisionInterface83{84}85class CollisionA implements CollisionInterface86{87}88class CollisionB implements CollisionInterface89{90}91class CannotBeAutowired92{93 public function __construct(CollisionInterface $collision)94 {95 }96}97class CannotBeAutowiredForwardOrder98{99 public function __construct(CollisionA $a, CollisionInterface $b, CollisionB $c)100 {101 }102}103class CannotBeAutowiredReverseOrder104{105 public function __construct(CollisionA $a, CollisionB $c, CollisionInterface $b)106 {107 }108}109class Lille110{111}112class Dunglas113{114 public function __construct(Lille $l)115 {116 }117}118class LesTilleuls119{120 public function __construct(Dunglas $j, Dunglas $k)121 {122 }123}124class OptionalParameter125{126 public function __construct(CollisionInterface $c = null, A $a, Foo $f = null)127 {128 }129}130class BadTypeHintedArgument131{132 public function __construct(Dunglas $k, NotARealClass $r)133 {134 }135}136class BadParentTypeHintedArgument137{138 public function __construct(Dunglas $k, OptionalServiceClass $r)139 {140 }141}142class NotGuessableArgument143{144 public function __construct(Foo $k)145 {146 }147}148class NotGuessableArgumentForSubclass149{150 public function __construct(A $k)151 {152 }153}154class MultipleArguments155{156 public function __construct(A $k, $foo, Dunglas $dunglas, array $bar)157 {158 }159}160class MultipleArgumentsOptionalScalar161{162 public function __construct(A $a, $foo = 'default_val', Lille $lille = null)163 {164 }165}166class MultipleArgumentsOptionalScalarLast167{168 public function __construct(A $a, Lille $lille, $foo = 'some_val')169 {170 }171}172class MultipleArgumentsOptionalScalarNotReallyOptional173{174 public function __construct(A $a, $foo = 'default_val', Lille $lille)175 {176 }177}178/*179 * Classes used for testing createResourceForClass180 */181class ClassForResource182{183 public function __construct($foo, Bar $bar = null)184 {185 }186 public function setBar(Bar $bar)187 {188 }189}190class IdenticalClassResource extends ClassForResource191{192}193class ClassChangedConstructorArgs extends ClassForResource194{195 public function __construct($foo, Bar $bar, $baz)196 {197 }198}199class SetterInjectionCollision200{201 /**202 * @required203 */204 public function setMultipleInstancesForOneArg(CollisionInterface $collision)205 {206 // The CollisionInterface cannot be autowired - there are multiple207 // should throw an exception208 }209}210class SetterInjection extends SetterInjectionParent211{212 /**213 * @required214 */215 public function setFoo(Foo $foo)216 {217 // should be called218 }219 /** @inheritdoc*/ // <- brackets are missing on purpose220 public function setDependencies(Foo $foo, A $a)221 {222 // should be called223 }224 /** {@inheritdoc} */225 public function setWithCallsConfigured(A $a)226 {227 // this method has a calls configured on it228 }229 public function notASetter(A $a)230 {231 // should be called only when explicitly specified232 }233 /**234 * @required*/235 public function setChildMethodWithoutDocBlock(A $a)236 {237 }238}239class SetterInjectionParent240{241 /** @required*/242 public function setDependencies(Foo $foo, A $a)243 {244 // should be called245 }246 public function notASetter(A $a)247 {248 // @required should be ignored when the child does not add @inheritdoc249 }250 /** @required <tab> prefix is on purpose */251 public function setWithCallsConfigured(A $a)252 {253 }254 /** @required */255 public function setChildMethodWithoutDocBlock(A $a)256 {257 }258}259class NotWireable260{261 public function setNotAutowireable(NotARealClass $n)262 {263 }264 public function setNotAutowireableBecauseOfATypo(lesTilleuls $sam)265 {266 }267 public function setBar()268 {269 }270 public function setOptionalNotAutowireable(NotARealClass $n = null)271 {272 }273 public function setDifferentNamespace(\stdClass $n)274 {275 }276 public function setOptionalNoTypeHint($foo = null)277 {278 }279 public function setOptionalArgNoAutowireable($other = 'default_val')280 {281 }282 /** @required */283 protected function setProtectedMethod(A $a)284 {285 }286}287class PrivateConstructor288{289 private function __construct()290 {291 }292}293class ScalarSetter294{295 /**296 * @required297 */298 public function setDefaultLocale($defaultLocale)299 {300 }301}302interface DecoratorInterface303{304}305class Decorated implements DecoratorInterface306{307 public function __construct($quz = null, \NonExistent $nonExistent = null, DecoratorInterface $decorated = null, array $foo = array())308 {309 }310}311class Decorator implements DecoratorInterface312{313 public function __construct(LoggerInterface $logger, DecoratorInterface $decorated)314 {315 }316}317class DecoratedDecorator implements DecoratorInterface318{319 public function __construct(DecoratorInterface $decorator)320 {321 }322}323class NonAutowirableDecorator implements DecoratorInterface324{325 public function __construct(LoggerInterface $logger, DecoratorInterface $decorated1, DecoratorInterface $decorated2)326 {327 }328}...

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