How to use print_target_info method of Inspec Package

Best Inspec_ruby code snippet using Inspec.print_target_info


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...39 Pry.config.prompt = Pry::Prompt[:inspec]40 # Add a help menu as the default intro41 Pry.hooks.add_hook(:before_session, "inspec_intro") do42 intro43 print_target_info44 end45 # Track the rules currently registered and what their merge count is.46 Pry.hooks.add_hook(:before_eval, "inspec_before_eval") do47 @runner.reset48 end49 # After pry has evaluated a commanding within the binding context of a50 # test file, register all the rules it discovered.51 Pry.hooks.add_hook(:after_eval, "inspec_after_eval") do52 @runner.load53 @runner.run_tests unless @runner.all_rules.empty?54 end55 # Don't print out control class inspection when the user uses DSL methods.56 # Instead produce a result of evaluating their control.57 Pry.config.print = proc do |_output_, value, pry|58 next unless @runner.all_rules.empty?59 do |pager|60 pager.print pry.config.output_prefix61 Pry::ColorPrinter.pp(value, pager, - 1)62 end63 end64 end65 def readline_ignore(code)66 "\001#{code}\002"67 end68 def mark(x)69 "\e[1m\e[39m#{x}\e[0m"70 end71 def intro72 puts "Welcome to the interactive InSpec Shell"73 puts "To find out how to use it, type: #{mark "help"}"74 puts75 end76 def print_target_info77 ctx = @runner.backend78 puts <<~EOF79 You are currently running on:80 #{Inspec::BaseCLI.format_platform_info(params: ctx.platform.params, indent: 4, color: 39)}81 EOF82 end83 def help(topic = nil)84 if topic.nil?85 puts <<~EOF86 Available commands:87 `[resource]` - run resource on target machine88 `help resources` - show all available resources that can be used as commands89 `help [resource]` - information about a specific resource90 `help matchers` - show information about common matchers91 `exit` - exit the InSpec shell92 You can use resources in this environment to test the target machine. For example:93 command('uname -a').stdout94 file('/proc/cpuinfo').content => "value"95 #{print_target_info}96 EOF97 elsif topic == "resources"98 require "inspec/resources"99 resources.sort.each do |resource|100 puts " - #{resource}"101 end102 elsif topic == "matchers"103 print_matchers_help104 elsif !Inspec::Resource.registry[topic].nil? # TODO: fix unnecessary logic105 topic_info = Inspec::Resource.registry[topic]106 info = "#{mark "Name:"} #{topic}\n\n"107 unless topic_info.desc.nil?108 info += "#{mark "Description:"}\n\n"109 info += "#{topic_info.desc}\n\n"...

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