How to use after_each_run method of Spork Package

Best Spork_ruby code snippet using Spork.after_each_run


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...40 #41 # == Parameters42 #43 # * +prevent_double_run+ - Pass false to disable double run prevention44 def after_each_run(prevent_double_run = true, &block)45 return if prevent_double_run && already_ran?(caller.first)46 after_each_run_procs << block47 end48 def using_spork?49 state != :not_using_spork50 end51 def state52 @state ||= :not_using_spork53 end54 55 # Used by the server. Called when loading the prefork blocks of the code.56 def exec_prefork(&block)57 @state = :prefork58 yield59 end60 61 # Used by the server. Called to run all of the prefork blocks.62 def exec_each_run(&block)63 @state = :run64 activate_after_each_run_at_exit_hook65 each_run_procs.each { |p| }66 each_run_procs.clear67 yield if block_given?68 end69 70 # Used by the server. Called to run all of the after_each_run blocks.71 def exec_after_each_run72 # processes in reverse order similar to at_exit73 while p = after_each_run_procs.pop;; end74 true75 end76 # Traps an instance method of a class (or module) so any calls to it don't actually run until Spork.exec_each_run77 def trap_method(klass, method_name)78 method_name_without_spork, method_name_with_spork = alias_method_names(method_name, :spork)79 80 klass.class_eval <<-EOF, __FILE__, __LINE__ + 181 alias :#{method_name_without_spork} :#{method_name} unless method_defined?(:#{method_name_without_spork}) 82 def #{method_name}(*args, &block)83 Spork.each_run(false) do84 #{method_name_without_spork}(*args, &block)85 end86 end87 EOF88 end89 90 # Same as trap_method, but for class methods instead91 def trap_class_method(klass, method_name)92 trap_method((class << klass; self; end), method_name)93 end94 95 def detect_and_require(subfolder)96 ([LIBDIR.to_s] + other_spork_gem_load_paths).uniq.each do |gem_path|97 Dir.glob(File.join(gem_path, subfolder)).each { |file| require file }98 end99 end100 # This method is used to auto-discover peer plugins such as spork-testunit.101 def other_spork_gem_load_paths102 @other_spork_gem_load_paths ||= Spork::GemHelpers.latest_load_paths.grep(/spork/).select do |g|103 not g.match(%r{/spork-[0-9\-.]+/lib}) # don't include other versions of spork104 end105 end106 private107 def activate_after_each_run_at_exit_hook108 Kernel.module_eval do109 def at_exit(&block)110 Spork.after_each_run(false, &block)111 end112 end113 end114 def alias_method_names(method_name, feature)115 /^(.+?)([\?\!]{0,1})$/.match(method_name.to_s)116 ["#{$1}_without_spork#{$2}", "#{$1}_with_spork#{$2}"]117 end118 119 def already_ran120 @already_ran ||= []121 end122 123 def expanded_caller(caller_line)124 file, line = caller_line.split(/:(\d+)/)125 line.gsub(/:.+/, '')126 expanded = File.expand_path(file, Dir.pwd) + ":" + line127 if ENV['OS'] == 'Windows_NT' # windows128 expanded = expanded[2..-1]129 end130 expanded131 end132 133 def already_ran?(caller_script_and_line)134 return true if already_ran.include?(expanded_caller(caller_script_and_line))135 already_ran << expanded_caller(caller_script_and_line)136 false137 end138 139 def each_run_procs140 @each_run_procs ||= []141 end142 def after_each_run_procs143 @after_each_run_procs ||= []144 end145 end146end...

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