How to use using_spork method of Spork Package

Best Spork_ruby code snippet using Spork.using_spork


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...19 #20 # * +prevent_double_run+ - Pass false to disable double run prevention21 def each_run(prevent_double_run = true, &block)22 return if prevent_double_run && already_ran?(caller.first)23 if @state == :using_spork24 each_run_procs << block25 else26 yield27 end28 end29 30 # Used by the server. Sets the state to activate spork. Otherwise, prefork and each_run are run in passive mode, allowing specs without a Spork server.31 def using_spork!32 @state = :using_spork33 end34 35 def using_spork?36 @state == :using_spork37 end38 # Used by the server. Returns the current state of Spork.39 def state40 @state ||= :not_using_spork41 end42 43 # Used by the server. Called when loading the prefork blocks of the code.44 def exec_prefork(&block)45 using_spork!46 yield47 end48 49 # Used by the server. Called to run all of the prefork blocks.50 def exec_each_run(&block)51 each_run_procs.each { |p| }52 each_run_procs.clear53 yield if block_given?54 end55 56 # Traps an instance method of a class (or module) so any calls to it don't actually run until Spork.exec_each_run57 def trap_method(klass, method_name)58 method_name_without_spork, method_name_with_spork = alias_method_names(method_name, :spork)59 ...

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Source:spork_spec.rb Github


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...57 it "expands a caller line, preserving the line number" do58 Spork.send(:expanded_caller, "/boo/../yah.rb:31").should == "/yah.rb:31"59 end60 61 describe "#using_spork?" do62 it "returns true if Spork is being used" do63 Spork.using_spork?.should be_false64 Spork.using_spork!65 Spork.using_spork?.should be_true66 end67 end68 describe "#trap_method" do69 before(:each) do70 Spork.using_spork!71 72 Object.class_eval do73 class TrapTest74 def self.output75 @output ||= []76 end77 78 def hello79 TrapTest.output << 'hello'80 end81 82 def goodbye83 TrapTest.output << 'goodbye'84 end85 86 def say_something!87 TrapTest.output << 'something'88 end89 end90 end91 @trap_test = TrapTest.new92 end93 94 after(:each) do95 Object.send(:remove_const, :TrapTest)96 end97 98 it "delays execution of a method until after Spork.exec_each_run is called" do99 Spork.using_spork!100 Spork.trap_method(TrapTest, :hello)101 @trap_test.hello102 @trap_test.goodbye103 Spork.exec_each_run104 TrapTest.output.should == ['goodbye', 'hello']105 end106 107 it "works with methods that have punctuation" do108 Spork.trap_method(TrapTest, :say_something!)109 @trap_test.say_something!110 TrapTest.output.should == []111 Spork.exec_each_run112 TrapTest.output.should == ['something']113 end114 end115 116 describe "#trap_class_method" do117 before(:each) do118 Object.class_eval do119 class TrapTest120 def self.output121 @output ||= []122 end123 124 def self.hello125 output << 'hello'126 end127 128 def self.goodbye129 output << 'goodbye'130 end131 end132 end133 end134 135 after(:each) do136 Object.send(:remove_const, :TrapTest)137 end138 139 it "delays execution of a method until after Spork.exec_each_run is called" do140 Spork.using_spork!141 Spork.trap_class_method(TrapTest, :hello)142 TrapTest.hello143 TrapTest.goodbye144 Spork.exec_each_run145 TrapTest.output.should == ['goodbye', 'hello']146 end147 end148end...

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