How to use initialize method of Spork Package

Best Spork_ruby code snippet using Spork.initialize


Source:ruby-debug.rb Github


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...5class SporkDebugger6 DEFAULT_PORT = 10_1237 HOST = ''8 extend Forwardable9 def_delegators :state, *[:prepare_debugger, :initialize]10 attr_reader :state11 class << self12 attr_reader :instance13 def run14 @instance = new15 end16 end17 def initialize18 @state = SporkDebugger::PreloadState.new19 Spork.send(:each_run_procs).unshift(lambda do20 @state = @state.transition_to_each_run_state21 end)22 end23 module NetworkHelpers24 def find_port(starting_with)25 port = starting_with26 begin27 server =, port)28 server.close29 rescue Errno::EADDRINUSE30 port += 131 retry32 end33 port34 end35 end36 class PreloadState37 include NetworkHelpers38 def initialize39 install_hook40 listen_for_connection_signals41 end42 def finish43 @tcp_service.close; @tcp_service = nil;44 end45 def transition_to_each_run_state46 finish47 end49 protected50 def install_hook51 Kernel.class_eval do52 alias :debugger_without_spork_hook :debugger53 def debugger(steps = 1)54 SporkDebugger.instance.prepare_debugger unless @debugger_invoked55 @debugger_invoked = true56 debugger_without_spork_hook57 end58 end59 end60 def listen_for_connection_signals61 @port = SporkDebugger::DEFAULT_PORT62 begin63 @tcp_service =, @port)64 rescue Errno::EADDRINUSE65 @port += 166 retry67 end68 { main_loop }69 end70 def main_loop71 while @tcp_service do72 socket = @tcp_service.accept73 port = Marshal.load(socket)74 Marshal.dump(true, socket)75 connect_rdebug_client(port)76 socket.close77 end78 rescue => e79 puts "error: #{e.class} - #{e}"80 end81 def connect_rdebug_client(port = Debugger::PORT)82 puts "\n\n - Debug Session Started - \n\n\n"83 begin84 Debugger.start_client(SporkDebugger::HOST, port)85 rescue Errno::EPIPE, Errno::ECONNRESET, Errno::ECONNREFUSED86 end87 puts "\n\n - Debug Session Terminated - \n\n\n"88 end89 end90 class EachRunState91 include NetworkHelpers92 def initialize(connection_request_port)93 @connection_request_port = connection_request_port94 end95 def prepare_debugger96 port, cport = start_rdebug_server97 signal_spork_server_to_connect_to_rdebug_server(port)98 wait_for_connection99 puts "\n\n - breakpoint - see your spork server for the debug terminal - \n\n"100 end101 def signal_spork_server_to_connect_to_rdebug_server(rdebug_server_port)102 socket =, @connection_request_port)103 Marshal.dump(rdebug_server_port, socket)104 response = Marshal.load(socket)105 socket.close106 end...

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