How to use times_executed method of WebMock Package

Best Webmock_ruby code snippet using WebMock.times_executed


Source:request_registry_spec.rb Github


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...9 before(:each) do10 WebMock::RequestRegistry.instance.requested_signatures.put(@request_signature)11 end12 it "should clean list of executed requests" do13 expect(WebMock::RequestRegistry.instance.times_executed(@request_pattern)).to eq(1)14 WebMock::RequestRegistry.instance.reset!15 expect(WebMock::RequestRegistry.instance.times_executed(@request_pattern)).to eq(0)16 end17 end18 describe "times executed" do19 before(:each) do20 @request_stub1 =, "")21 @request_stub2 =, "")22 @request_stub3 =, "")23 WebMock::RequestRegistry.instance.requested_signatures.put(, ""))24 WebMock::RequestRegistry.instance.requested_signatures.put(, ""))25 WebMock::RequestRegistry.instance.requested_signatures.put(, ""))26 end27 it "should report 0 if no request matching pattern was requested" do28 expect(WebMock::RequestRegistry.instance.times_executed(, ""))).to eq(0)29 end30 it "should report number of times matching pattern was requested" do31 expect(WebMock::RequestRegistry.instance.times_executed(, ""))).to eq(2)32 end33 it "should report number of times all matching pattern were requested" do34 expect(WebMock::RequestRegistry.instance.times_executed(, /.*example.*/))).to eq(3)35 end36 describe "multithreading" do37 let(:request_pattern) {, "") }38 # Reproduce a multithreading issue that causes a RuntimeError:39 # can't add a new key into hash during iteration.40 it "works normally iterating on the requested signature hash while another thread is setting it" do41 thread_injected = false42 allow(request_pattern).to receive(:matches?).and_wrap_original do |m, *args|43 unless thread_injected44 thread_injected = true45 { WebMock::RequestRegistry.instance.requested_signatures.put(:abc) }.join(0.1)46 end47*args)48 end49 expect(WebMock::RequestRegistry.instance.times_executed(request_pattern)).to eq(2)50 sleep 0.1 while !WebMock::RequestRegistry.instance.requested_signatures.hash.key?(:abc)51 end52 end53 end54 describe "request_signatures" do55 it "should return hash of unique request signatures with accumulated number" do56 WebMock::RequestRegistry.instance.requested_signatures.put(, ""))57 WebMock::RequestRegistry.instance.requested_signatures.put(, ""))58 expect(WebMock::RequestRegistry.instance.requested_signatures.59 get(, ""))).to eq(2)60 end61 end62 describe "to_s" do63 it "should output string with all executed requests and numbers of executions" do...

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Source:request_execution_verifier_spec.rb Github


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...8 @executed_requests_info = "\n\nThe following requests were made:\n\nexecuted requests\n" + "="*609 end10 describe "failure message" do11 it "should report failure message" do12 @verifier.times_executed = 013 @verifier.expected_times_executed = 214 expected_text = "The request was expected to execute 2 times but it executed 0 times"15 expected_text << @executed_requests_info16 @verifier.failure_message.should == expected_text17 end18 it "should report failure message correctly when executed times is one" do19 @verifier.times_executed = 120 @verifier.expected_times_executed = 121 expected_text = "The request was expected to execute 1 time but it executed 1 time"22 expected_text << @executed_requests_info23 @verifier.failure_message.should == expected_text24 end25 end26 describe "negative failure message" do27 it "should report failure message if it executed number of times specified" do28 @verifier.times_executed = 229 @verifier.expected_times_executed = 230 expected_text = "The request was not expected to execute 2 times but it executed 2 times"31 expected_text << @executed_requests_info32 @verifier.failure_message_when_negated.should == expected_text33 end34 it "should report failure message when not expected request but it executed" do35 @verifier.times_executed = 136 expected_text = "The request was expected to execute 0 times but it executed 1 time"37 expected_text << @executed_requests_info38 @verifier.failure_message_when_negated.should == expected_text39 end40 end41 describe "matches?" do42 it "should succeed if request was executed expected number of times" do43 WebMock::RequestRegistry.instance.44 should_receive(:times_executed).with(@request_pattern).and_return(10)45 @verifier.expected_times_executed = 1046 @verifier.matches?.should be_true47 end48 it "should fail if request was not executed expected number of times" do49 WebMock::RequestRegistry.instance.50 should_receive(:times_executed).with(@request_pattern).and_return(10)51 @verifier.expected_times_executed = 552 @verifier.matches?.should be_false53 end54 end55 describe "does_not_match?" do56 it "should fail if request executed expected number of times" do57 WebMock::RequestRegistry.instance.58 should_receive(:times_executed).with(@request_pattern).and_return(10)59 @verifier.expected_times_executed = 1060 @verifier.does_not_match?.should be_false61 end62 it "should succeed if request was not executed at all and expected number of times was not set" do63 WebMock::RequestRegistry.instance.64 should_receive(:times_executed).with(@request_pattern).and_return(0)65 @verifier.does_not_match?.should be_true66 end67 it "should fail if request was executed and expected number of times was not set" do68 WebMock::RequestRegistry.instance.69 should_receive(:times_executed).with(@request_pattern).and_return(1)70 @verifier.does_not_match?.should be_false71 end72 it "should succeed if request was not executed expected number of times" do73 WebMock::RequestRegistry.instance.74 should_receive(:times_executed).with(@request_pattern).and_return(10)75 @verifier.expected_times_executed = 576 @verifier.does_not_match?.should be_true77 end78 end79end...

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