Best 11 Newsletters For Web Designers And Developers In 2024

Robin Jangu

Posted On: March 18, 2024

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The world has no mercy for the outdated and old.

We need to educate ourselves to keep up with the latest trends.

In this issue, we bring to you the top 11 newsletters every Designer and Developer should subscribe to.

Why Newsletters?

Don’t you feel being helped when any latest news lands directly to your inbox saving manual research by googling it around? This is what newsletters helps us to!

Saving time and providing quality content directly to your inbox.

Newsletter is very old trick. They have been around since the age of RSS feeds and even right now is one of the best ways to re-engage with subscribed audience. They are a tried and tested way to get relevant and curated content in this chaos ridden tech frenzie. Through newsletters you can can get instant notifications about everything that’s trending from sources that you trust. So, all the developers and designers out there, fasten your seatbelts, it’s time jump into the world of push notifications.


Code Project provides all around development for engineers and coders. Issued weekly, it has programming libraries and tutorials about testing. Simple and trustworthy, you can browse through all the free study materials easily available. It indeed follows the policy of no spamming and abides by its promise of only sending exciting newsletters.

Code project

2. Coding Jag

One of the best compilations of the latest updates and news from the testing world, Coding Jag is a great way to supercharge your wisdom around Testing, Development, CI/CD and Automation. Apart from some great reads, you will also find the best podcasts, videos and events delivered right to your inbox.

coding jag newsletter


A treat for the designers, Creative Bloq provides the best newsletters ridden with the latest trends in designing. Traditional or digital artist, 3D, VFX, web designers, illustrators are welcome to check out this amazing newsletter. They also issue ebooks, filled with class material and insight into the wonderful design world.



One of the oldest online publication of all thing web, Smashing Magazine, sends two newsletters to its readers monthly. A goldmine of useful tips and tricks of the design and development world. Free ebooks are also provided by them, filled with relevant insights. If you are a beginner, then this is the newsletter for you.



You get 10 links which are highlighted in this newsletter, related to User Experience, Interaction Design, Product Design and Usability. Links that will make you think. Fabricio and Ciao bring for you the highlights of the week, following the motto “learn from the community, give back to the community”.

UX Design


Packed with humor and fun, this is probably the most entertaining newsletter providing the subscribers with information while entertaining them with witty puns. It has a lot to offer beyond coding and developing. Jeff Atwood openly shares his experiences with passion, it is definitely worth subscribing.



There is a reason Sidebar is leading all the other newsletters, it’s the user friendly interactions that make Sidebar stand aside from other newsletters. This unique newsletter provides you with 5 handpicked links, right into your inbox. Providing spot on, compact, and genuine information without flooding your inbox with useless advertisement.



Coders paradise, HackingUI provides a platform for people who are interested in startup and front end coding. Newsletters issued weekly, podcasts full of real life experiences and a library with well researched content. HackingUI is not for developers only, designers can also find a lot to go through.
David and Sagi bring together a beautiful close knit community.



Just like its CSS counterpart, this weekly newsletters offers you all the latest developments in the Javascript world. A library of videos, tutorials and articles all just to quench your Javascript curiosity. If you really want to learn scripting or if you aspire to stay on top, you should definitely give it a try.



With more than 37K subscribers, CSS weekly brings you the latest developments in CSS and web development. If you are an aspiring front-end developer then this is the newsletter for you. Free demos, tutorials and articles make it the best if you are CSS lover.

CSS Weekly


The UX Newsletter is a mail newsletter sent through mailing tool MailChimp, by the developers/designers behind the said newsletter tool, MailChimp. (English is a very punny language sometimes XD). Sent out once a month, UX Newsletters provides the latest trends in the design market. Keen research and experience is taken into consideration while releasing new issues. UX quips the subscribers with the information starting from how to develop your product, manage it and sell it. It is a paradise for those who have thirst for knowledge.

UX Newsletter


Life is learning. Above mentioned newsletters all aim at providing you with the most relevant content, with insightful experiences and the latest trends. Each and every newsletter is the result of hardwork and years of experience. Save your precious time and at the same time learn from the experiences of the curators, subscribe and dive into these wonderful pieces of art. If you have subscribed to any other newsletters, do let us know in the comment section below.

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