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I am a computer science engineer. I love to keep growing as the technological world grows. I feel there is no powerful tool than a computer to change the world in any way. Apart from my field of study, I like reading books a lot and write sometimes on .

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AVIF Image Format

AVIF Image Format – The Next-Gen Compression Codec

Page speed is a big thing. From a search engine optimization perspective, and user perspective. And it’s not me who’s saying this, it’s Google, and Moz, and SEMrush and every major SEO site out there. Now when we talk about page speed, the biggest challenge for developers is always images.

Harish Rajora
October 19, 2020
Web Development •
22 web design trends for 2020

22 Web Design Trends for 2020 You Need To Know

With the technology changing every day, it is no surprise that everything that relies on it is also moving fast. Web development is no exception. With constant updates and new trends, web designers are frequently scrambling just to keep up.

Harish Rajora
September 29, 2020
Web Development •

Responsive Web Design: All You Need To Know

In the late 90s, it was an easy life for the developers. The internet was fairly new and only two browsers ruled the world wide web. The screens were fixed and small desktops were all that anybody could purchase.

Harish Rajora
August 27, 2020
Web Development •
CSS Position Sticky Tutorial

CSS Position Sticky Tutorial With Examples[Complete Guide]

Seven to eight years back, CSS developers brought a fifth child into the positioning element world. The name of this element was “sticky” because all it does is get ‘stick’ to the viewport and just be in your sight (depending on the developer though).

Harish Rajora
August 24, 2020
Web Development •
Guide To CSS Supports In Browsers

Detailed Guide To CSS Supports In Browsers

Everything you see on the internet today is a website upfront and to build it, we need HTML and CSS. When the internet was not so gigantic, it was quite easy to develop websites. There were only a handful of browsers and complexities that were almost non-existent.

Harish Rajora
August 19, 2020
Web Development •
Mobile Friendly Website

The Ultimate Guide To Building A Mobile Friendly Website

As per statcounter, in 2016, mobile internet usage surpassed computer internet usage which solidified and prioritized the mobile usage stance in the market. Another statistic by Statista conveys that in 2020, around 4.57 billion people were accounted for as active mobile internet users.

Harish Rajora
July 28, 2020
Mobile Testing • Web Development •

Complete Guide To CSS Scroll Snap For Awesome UX

Have you ever noticed that, while scrolling on some website on your mobile devices, scrolling ends up abruptly on some, and on other websites it’s perfect? Isn’t it annoying when you scroll down on a page, and it finishes in the middle of a paragraph or image?

Harish Rajora
June 17, 2020
LambdaTest Experiments • Web Development •
Browser Compatible Smooth Scrolling

Browser Compatible Smooth Scrolling with CSS, JS & JQuery

Have you ever noticed how a scroll works on a webpage? What if you are not allowed to touch the mouse or the arrow keys on the keyboard. How would you scroll then?

Harish Rajora
June 11, 2020
LambdaTest Experiments • Web Development •
Devising A UI Test Plan

Devising A UI Test Plan That Works Like A Charm

User Interface(UI) is the first thing that the user comes in contact with on your website. A good user interface attracts the user and helps to create a distinct identity of a website.This is why it becomes vital to test your UI, before pushing your website into production.

Harish Rajora
May 13, 2020
Manual Testing • UI Testing •

How To Make Responsive Images With CSS, HTML, WordPress & More!

Not more than a decade ago, no one talked about the responsiveness of a website. The only mantra was, “if it fits your system, well, it fits everyone else’s”. But today, every developer’s primary concern while developing a website is “responsiveness”.

Harish Rajora
May 7, 2020
Web Development •