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Anna Stark

Posted On: August 7, 2019

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This guest post is brought to you by Anna Stark, a Content Writer at GoodFirms.

With the vision of building an entire testing ecosystem, LambdaTest was founded in November 2017. We went live providing manual cross browser testing to help developers, and testers make a robust web-application or website. Today, we offer web-application testing for various purposes such as responsive testing, automated bulk screenshot testing, and Selenium. Since its inception, LambdaTest has been expanding its features and platform relentlessly, in making their vision come true. In just a year and a half, LambdaTest is proud to announce that they have eased the life of over 85,000 companies across 132 countries, who are happy to use our platform for making their website pixel perfect and sturdy in terms of cross browser compatibility. LambdaTest is considered to be one of the fastest-growing cross browser testing cloud. And now, it has been ranked among the top cloud-based computing companies in the United States by the GoodFirms community.

About LambdaTest

LambdaTest offers cross browser testing services on the cloud. It offers 2000+ real browsers & browser versions for both desktops, and mobile devices. You can perform both manual cross browser testing & automated cross browser testing on the LambdaTest cloud. The platform offers integrations to multiple third-party tools to help you collaborate better with your colleagues, and do a lot more. Let me tell you why LambdaTest has been the first choice for a majority of web developers and testers worldwide.

What Makes LambdaTest So Popular As A Cross Browser Testing Cloud?

Have a glance at everything that LambdaTest has to offer.

Live-Interactive Testing

LambdaTest allows you to analyze your website on real browsers, browser versions, running on various operating systems. You need to select them according to your testing requirements and start the test. LambdaTest would then present you a VM(Virtual Machine), hosted on their cloud servers, based on your selections. You can interact with your website over legacy to latest browsers in real-time to analyze how it may render in front of your audience.

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Automation Testing With Selenium Grid

LambdaTest offers automation testing with Selenium through an on-cloud Selenium Grid of 2000+ real browsers. The Selenium Grid is compatible with every programming language, and test automation framework that supports Selenium. You get an intuitive dashboard which offers granular details such as metadata, Selenium logs, command logs, video recording of test execution, and more, so you don’t miss out on any test case out of your builds. You also get the ability to run Selenium test cases in parallel. LambdaTest offers Restful API for Selenium automation to help you extract test reports of your builds executed on LambdaTest, without even logging into the platform.

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Screenshot Testing

So you are done with live-interactive, cross browser testing of your website, and now you only wish to maintain a regular eye out on the website. Well, Screenshot testing would help you capture automated generated screenshots, in bulk. You can capture up to 25 screenshots in a single test session. You can capture screenshots for websites with basic authentication too. LambdaTest recently came up with their Automated Screenshot API to help testers be more productive with their regular testing workflow.

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Responsive Testing

LambdaTest allows you the convenience to verify your RWD(Responsive Web Design) over 46 devices in a single test session. You can ensure the responsiveness of your web content over various screen resolutions.

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Test Your Locally Hosted Web Pages Or Web Applications

LambdaTest offers an SSH(Secure Shell) tunnel to help customers perform cross browser testing on their locally hosted web-applications & web-pages. The SSH tunnel is termed as LambdaTest Tunnel and has been one of the most productive assets for many companies. Afterall, LambdaTest Tunnel empowers you to test your web pages even before you push them live.

Note: LambdaTest Tunnel is applicable to every type of testing offered by LambdaTest i.e. Real Time testing, Automation Testing, Screenshot Testing, and Responsive Testing.

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Integrations With Third-Party Tools

The cross browser testing platform offered by LambdaTest provides you with numerous integrations to third-party tools as mentioned-below to help you collaborate better and ship your web-application faster.

Project management – Paymo, Asana, and more.
Bug-tracking – Jira, Mantis, and more.
CI/CD – Jenkins, TeamCity, and more.
Instant Messaging – Slack and Microsoft teams.

Check out all LambdaTest Integrations!

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Customer Centricity – 24/7 Chat Support

LambdaTest offers 24//7 customer chat support to make sure your project deliverables are always on time. Many of the features added on LambdaTest were worked upon immediately based on the customer suggestions. The company prioritized customer’s demand and issues over any other development activity.

Customer Centricity

The team efforts of partners, collaborators, and supporters at LambdaTest unite to breakthrough new business statistics to solve challenging issues and provide all-round support & assistance for innovation & mutual growth.

GoodFirms Research Methodology

GoodFirms is an online B2B platform that aims to connect IT service seekers to their respective service providers. The company has made its continuous efforts towards drawing the attention of in-numerous IT companies that intend to enroll themselves on this platform.

The team of researchers and analysts at the company analyze the enrolled companies based on three crucial parameters, which are Quality, Ability, and Reliability. These companies are further scrutinized based on their market penetration, client satisfaction, and overall experience in the industry. GoodFirms rank the company which best outshines this analysis among the top service provider companies.

The research team at GoodFirms also analyzed LambdaTest considering all the parameters mentioned above and found the company to be outstanding in providing cloud computing and testing services.

LambdaTest Acknowledged By GoodFirms

Advanced cloud computing and software testing services by LambdaTest has allured GoodFirms.

1) Cloud Computing Services

LambdaTest is one of the best cloud computing companies that provides a cloud platform for cross-browser compatibility. The core team of service providers in the company works efficiently towards utilizing the latest technology for the expansion of their services.

One of the loyal clients has shared their satisfactory review of the cloud computing services by LambdaTest.

This advanced cross-browser testing has led LambdaTest to secure one of the leading positions among the top cloud computing companies in the United States.

2) Software Testing Services

LambdaTest enables its clients to perform live interactive compatibility testing of websites and web apps on the latest mobile and desktop browsers and also establishes cross-browser compatibility by testing on real browsers and real operating systems.

The clients get instant access to a real machine running desired browser, browser version, operating system, and resolution. The clients can also record the testing session or take screenshots while the execution process of testing sessions.

The client’s satisfied review of LambdaTest’s testing services explains the work ethics of the company.

product review

Considering all the parameters mentioned above, GoodFirms have ranked LambdaTest among the top software testing companies in the United States.

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