Unveiling Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 For Mobile App Testing

Salman Khan

Posted On: November 23, 2022

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Unveiling Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 For Mobile App Testing
Hey LambdaTesters! We’ve got something special for you this week. 😃

As you might know, just two months back, Samsung officially announced the release of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 as part of their Samsung Galaxy Z series. The new model comes equipped with a lot of new features like a helpful taskbar, improved multi-tasking, and much more. The market for foldable smartphones is still in its infancy. And undoubtedly, Samsung leads the segment with its Galaxy Z Fold smartphones.

To help developers and testers out, we have added support to test on Galaxy Z Fold4 on LambdaTest’s real device cloud. By doing this, you can ensure a quality web & mobile experience by performing manual and automated app testing on the latest Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4.

Let’s discover more about this update!

What’s New in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4?

There’s much more to the brand-new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 than its dual screen. Following are some popular features that come with Galaxy Z Fold4.

  • All-new taskbar: Inspired by Windows, the all-new taskbar at the bottom of the inner screen lets you hop instantly between multiple applications by clicking on the respective application’s icon.
  • Samsung labs: You can try out the Samsung Labs features that improve multitasking on the Galaxy Z Fold4. It provides alternative options for split-screen multitasking and the floating pop-up window.
  • Camera: Galaxy Z Fold 4 has an upgraded camera system, a large viewfinder, and the option to preview images quickly on half of the screen.
  • Auto framing: The auto framing feature keeps you in the middle of the screen by tracking and moving the sensor.
  • Mirror cover screen: This feature allows you to mirror the outer display inside the screen.

Why test on Galaxy Z Fold4?

The ultimate aim of building mobile apps is to expand the global user base. However, end-users are unlikely to use your app if it doesn’t satisfy their requirements. And no business would like customers to switch to a competitor due to a bad mobile app experience.

If we look at the stats below, Samsung takes the second spot, holding approximately 27.86% of the global mobile device market share. Thus, it is evident how crucial it is to test apps on Samsung devices running the latest and legacy Android versions.

 test on Galaxy Z Fold4


Are your mobile apps ready for the latest Galaxy Z Fold4?

For your app to work seamlessly on foldable devices, it’s crucial to check whether it correctly functions for the features like app continuity to prevent data losses while folding and unfolding the device, quickly letting your app adapt to Galaxy flex mode, etc. Therefore, you need an effective solution to comprehensively test your app’s compatibility with the latest Samsung devices.

How does LambdaTest help you test on Galaxy Z Fold4?

Regarding mobile testing, debugging on desktop browsers is relatively far easier than debugging on mobile devices. The process gets even more infuriating when you need to set up an in-house Android device lab for testing. Building an in-house test infrastructure can take a big bite out of your organization’s budget. Even if you buy devices and configure them in-house, how will you address all the OS updates?

This is where a continuous quality cloud platform like LambdaTest makes your life easier.

With LambdaTest’s real device cloud, you can test your mobile apps over various real Samsung devices like Galaxy Z Fold4 without worrying about creating or maintaining your own testing infrastructure.

 real device cloud

You can further unfold the app testing experience for Galaxy Z Fold4 by leveraging the following features offered by LambdaTest cloud.

  • Easily fold and unfold your device while it is running, use DevTools, gain access to device control buttons, and record videos of your tests in the app.
  • Automate your tests with Appium and Espresso in parallel to streamline your test cycles.
  • Integrate with popular third-party tools for project management, codeless automation, code coverage, and more.

Looking to get started with real device testing on LambdaTest? Check out our video tutorial below.

LambdaTest offers a wealth of Samsung devices for testing on the cloud. Test on Samsung Galaxy Device Now!

Bonus Addition: Test on Galaxy Z Fold 4 & Flip4 Emulators

In addition to the Galaxy Z Fold4 on real devices, LambdaTest’s virtual testing platform now also supports testing of your mobile web and native apps on Android Emulator —including the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 & Flip4 Emulators

Ready to test on Galaxy Z Fold4?

Sign up for free on LambdaTest and get started with testing on the latest real Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, and let us know your thoughts. We are working on exciting updates, so watch this space for more product updates. In case you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the below comment section or through our 24/7 chat support.

Happy testing!

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