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Developing a mobile website today is definitely a tough task. With the abundance of devices and screen sizes available, you need to ensure that it is responsive and adaptive. Even if you take the mobile-first approach to design and develop your website, testing it thoroughly across different screen resolutions is more crucial.

As you can see that website traffic from mobile devices is more than 50% now and is going to scale up in the future. The need for businesses to get equipped with mobile-optimized websites is very clear.

Follow this guide to get a complete understanding of the importance of mobile websites, effective strategies to build a mobile-friendly website, and most importantly, how to test your mobile websites effectively. This guide will help you scale up your mobile website testing process.

Importance Of Mobile-First Design

Learn why mobile-first design is important and how adopting this approach would help you reduce churn rates, increase user engagement and further improve sales and conversions.


Mobile Website Compatibility

Smartphone users are on the rise, and you need to make sure your websites are compatible with the varied list of mobile devices we have today. Read this article to understand the barriers and learn how to solve it.


Ultimate Guide To Build Your Mobile Website

If your customer isn’t happy with the mobile view of your website, then it isn’t a mobile-friendly website! Here you will understand the design pain points and further guide you through building the most user-friendly mobile websites.


Mistakes To Avoid While Optimizing Website

It is important for a website to be optimized in such a manner that it gets rendered properly on various mobile devices. Here you can learn the top mistakes that developers usually make and how to avoid it for faster optimization


PWA's And Its Influence On Mobile Websites

Mobile-first is not just limited to having a responsive website or native apps. You also need to think of a solution that would cater to both needs. Learn how PWAs can bridge the gap, how easily you can build one and further why you need to implement it!


Difference Between Emulator & Simulator

How often do you get confused between Emulator vs. Simulator for mobile testing? As a tester in industry, the difference is often neglected. Here you will understand the differences between Emulator and Simulator and challenges faced in mobile testing.


How To Get Started With Mobile Testing?

Having a mobile web design that’s faster and efficient to function across the plethora of devices is a challenge that organizations face. What’s important here is to ensure through rigorous testing that your website provides a unified experience. Read this blog to learn how to get started with mobile testing.


Regression Testing Strategies

Regression testing of mobile websites is very important to avoid sudden crashes or breakage of some important functionalities. Here you will learn important strategies to be undertaken while developing a mobile page regression testing plan.


Test And Monitor Your Websites

Monitoring your website performance on a high-speed internet connection will not provide you accurate results. Why? Because mobile is a different story – network speeds are often variable. Learn how network simulation can help you with accurate performance test results.


Best Tips And Techniques

Even after developing the website using a mobile-first web design framework, it is not that easy for developers to perform mobile website testing. The complexities are due to the abundance of smartphones available in the market. Learn the best tips and techniques to execute mobile website tests faster and easier.


Mobile View Debugging With LT Browser

LT Browser is a developer-friendly browser that helps analyze design mistakes, provide a real-time view of multiple device screens, and help developers understand how the web application might perform for users. Read this blog to understand the top reasons why developers should leverage LT Browser for mobile website testing.


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