Maximizing the Impact of Digital Transformation on Testing: Insights from Szilard Szell


Posted On: July 26, 2023

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Software testing has undergone a digital shift that has resulted in substantial advancements and measurable effects. Additionally, businesses that invest in test automation see a remarkable improvement in test coverage, enabling them to properly validate their software solutions and offer end customers quality solutions. This emphasis on quality boosts customer satisfaction while also fostering loyalty and trust, which eventually promotes business growth and success.

As we explore the multifaceted relationship between digital transformation and testing, the LambdaTest team got a chance to interact with Szilard Szell, a respected thought leader in the testing community at EuroStar 2023, Antwerp.

When asked about his views on Digital transformation , Szilard emphasized that quality should be at the forefront throughout the entire digital transformation life cycle.

“Quality needs to be tackled throughout the whole life cycle. Quality needs to be a point for the whole organization, the whole team from top to down, for everyone,” he said.

Moving ahead Szilard even shared his experience with utilizing tools like ChatGPT and CoPilot in testing activities. Reflecting on AI’s potential, he stated,

“I very much believe that AI will be an extremely good assistant for us, digesting information, bringing us information on the risks, what has happened outside, also reading our code, reading our specification.”

He acknowledges the power of AI in augmenting testing processes, but strongly believes that testers retain the ultimate responsibility for testing.

Further, Szilard suggested a tool-agnostic approach.

“We don’t say that this tool or that tool, but which tool solves your problem? The rest…you will use a tool select,” he explained.

He also highlighted the importance of becoming proficient in the chosen tools to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness in testing practices.

As Szilard aptly stated, “Quality needs to be a point for the whole organization.” By prioritizing quality and leveraging the potential of AI and suitable tools, organizations can navigate digital transformation successfully.

To access the full interview and delve deeper into these topics, we encourage you to watch this complete session with Szilard Szell

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