Seema Prabhu’s Expert Insights on the Future of Testing


Posted On: July 26, 2023

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As organizations embrace digital transformation, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in software testing processes has gained prominence. AI offers the potential to automate testing tasks, analyze vast amounts of data, and provide valuable insights to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of testing efforts.

To learn more about this topic, the LambdaTest team recently interacted with Seema Prabhu, a seasoned QA leader with 20+ years experience, at EuroSTAR 2023 in Antwerp, Belgium. Talking to her, we learnt about the various aspects of digital transformation, the role of testing in the age of remote work, the importance of non-functional testing techniques, and the potential impact of AI in testing.

Seema highlighted the significance of accessibility and the role of testing in ensuring a seamless digital experience for end-users. She said, “In the world of digital transformation, testing is not an afterthought. Testers need to demonstrate their presence and advocate for quality even in a remote work environment.

Further, she emphasizes the importance of addressing critical issues that directly impact end-users, stating, “By focusing on high-priority issues promptly, organizations can avoid disruptions and maintain a structured approach to achieving their digital transformation goals.

She also shares her favorite KPI for upper management and CxOs to track religiously, highlighting the need for a proactive approach to testing.

Drawing inspiration from the ancient story of Babylon, Seema discusses how teams can transition from chaos to clarity. By understanding the attributes of chaos and fostering clarity, organizations can enhance their team dynamics and overall productivity.

Establishing effective communication within a team requires purpose, autonomy, feedback, and social interaction,” she states.

While closing the conversation, Seema shares some valuable advice to aspiring public speakers. She advises that overcoming nervousness is a part of the process, and she encourages individuals to embrace the opportunity to share knowledge and insights.

This blog provides just a glimpse into the informative conversation with Seema Prabhu. Her extensive expertise, practical insights, and motivational stories will leave you inspired and eager to watch the full interview.

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