Webinar: Web UI Testing with Python and LambdaTest

Harshit Paul

Posted On: October 16, 2019

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Web UI testing can be overwhelming, especially if we refer to cross browser testing. A single glance over the unceasing test scripts including various combinations for browsers, browser versions, devices, and operating system may make you question yourself if you are being overtaxed!

Thanks to test automation, the time & effort consumption over the test cycles have reduced significantly. Many renowned open-source frameworks such as Selenium and new test automation frameworks such as Oxygen have been in the picture, along with new programming languages specific to test automation such as SmashTest. All with the vision to make test automation a simpler way to achieve QA goals.

With that vision in mind, LambdaTest is conducting webinars with renowned test automation speakers and influencers to help you perform automation testing like a pro! In this webinar, we will be going live with Andrew Knight, to help you perform extensive browser compatibility testing using Python and Selenium testing with an online Selenium Grid.

Here is what we will be covering in the upcoming webinar:

  • Introduction to Web UI Testing
  • Running a first Web UI test
  • Automating Browser Interactions
  • Running a test over multiple browsers in parallel
  • LambdaTest Live Demo
  • Q&A session

When Is The Webinar And How Do I Register?

If you wish to automate Web UI testing with Python, in a faster and better way then make sure to set a reminder for the below date and time.
Date: 29 OCT 2019

Time: 10 AM PST

Registrations are open and seats are limited. So hurry and book your slot now by visiting our Webinar registration page or by simply filling the below form. And explore UI automated testing tool.

Speaker: Andrew Knight, The “Automation Panda”

Andrew Knight

Andrew Knight, renowned as the “Automation Panda“, is an international speaker and a virtuoso in developing reliable test automation systems from scratch. Andy likes to share his expertise in multiple domains around development, testing, automation, BDD, Agile. He specializes in Python, Java, C#, and JavaScript.

Find him on twitter at @AutomationPanda🐼

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Missed This Webinar On Web UI Test Automation?

We received a great audience for this webinar on automated UI testing. Unfortunately, some of the you who registered were not able to make it as we went live. But don’t worry! As promised, we recorded the entire session and shared it across with you through your registered e-mail. If you didn’t register for this webinar then here is a video of everything that took place.

Don’t miss this webinar, hurry and register now! See you on 29th October, at 10 A.M PST. Happy testing!

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