Selenium Advanced: Prove Your Mastery In Selenium Automation Testing

This certification is ideal for testing professionals who want to acquire advanced, hands-on knowledge in Selenium automation testing.
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What You Need To Know

  • Use Asserts and Methods in Selenium
  • Use different Wait commands in Selenium.
  • Use different Locators while performing automation testing.
  • Port tests running on local Selenium Grid to cloud-based Grid.
  • Perform cross browser testing in parallel on cloud Selenium 4 Grid.
Selenium Details

Exam Details

  • One Assignment Task.
  • Time Duration: 48 Hrs
  • 70% score is required to be certified.
  • Price: Free (no credit card required).
  • The issued certificate will be valid for 2 years.

Important Instructions

  • Submit the assignment task via Gitpod and make sure you have the .gitpod.yml file configured on GitHub Repository.
  • Please submit the final solution within 48 hours of the deadline.
  • Ensure that network logs, video recording, screenshots, and console logs are enabled through the desired capabilities generator.
  • Run the test on LambdaTest Cloud Selenium Grid in parallel and mention the final Test ID(s) while submitting.
  • Please ensure that it is a Private Repository shared with ‘LambdaTest-Certification’ or [email protected]

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Selenium Details

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