Selenium Locators Tutorial


Locators in Selenium play an important role in the life of an automation engineer. They provide a path to access web elements that are essential to automate specific actions like click, type, checkboxes, etc.

In this tutorial, you will learn about locators in Selenium and their types, deep dive into different locators and their use cases, and learn using locators with different automation testing frameworks.

What are locators in Selenium WebDriver

Locators in Selenium can be considered as the building block of Selenium automation scripts. This blog covers all the aspects related to Selenium Web Locators.


Making The Move With ID Locator In Selenium WebDriver

ID locator in Selenium WebDriver is one of the most reliable web locators. IDs are unique for each element, thereby making the ID locator a dependable choice of locating WebElements.


How To Use Name Locator In Selenium Automation Scripts?

Deciding the right type of Web Locator is important for locating web elements on a web page. NAME is one of the preferred web locators that lets you locate web elements using the Name property.


Locating Elements by TagName In Selenium

Tag Name locator is useful for finding Web Elements matching a specific Tag Name. The locator is helpful when you want to extract content within a Tag.


How to use Class Name Locator In Selenium

Locators in Selenium are commonly used to identify the elements on a web page. Class name locator in Selenium helps in locating an element on a webpage through the class attribute.


Complete Guide For Using XPath In Selenium

Locating dynamic elements has always been a pain area when you want to automate the scripts. XPath locator in Selenium WebDriver helps in dynamically searching for an element within a web page.


How to Use CSS Selectors In Selenium Scripts?

CSS Selectors in Selenium are used to identify a user-desired HTML web element. CSS Selectors are combinations of element selectors and values that are used for identifying the web element within the page.


Find Elements With Link Text & Partial Link Text In Selenium

Link Text locator in Selenium locates the links by doing an exact match of the link text provided as a parameter. Partial Link Text locator in Selenium locates the links by doing a partial match of the links that is provided as a parameter.


Complete Guide To Selenium Locators In Protractor

Here we will discuss the Selenium locators in Protractor with examples and how you can use locators in Selenium for interacting with the application and fetching the current running state.


How WebdriverIO Uses Selenium Locators

WebDriverIO has many advanced Selenium locator strategies compared to other automation testing frameworks. Reading this article, you will learn how WebDriverIO is transforming the Selenium locator strategy.


SelectorsHub: The Next Gen XPath, CSS Selectors Tool

SelectorsHub is a tool that can help you get XPath and CSS Selectors in under 5 seconds!! Read the blog and learn how browser extension SelectorsHub can be used to expedite the Selenium automation testing activity.


Chrome Extensions – How To Find XPath in Selenium

It could be challenging for the developers to find XPath of WebElements in Selenium while performing cross browser testing. Here we list the top ten Chrome extensions that let you find Xpath in Selenium with ease.


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