Test Your Website From Different Locations

Test your website from different locations on 3000+ browsers to assure pixel perfect experience across the globe.
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test website from different country

Geo Targeting

Check if your users get to see your website as intended when accessed from different Geolocations. Check for localized content as per the country, SERP from different locations and more.
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Geo Blocking

With LambdaTest's Geolocation testing, you can test if your blocked/restricted image, content, or video is blocked as intended from different Geolocations or not!
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Geo Blocking

Geo Localization

Test if Geo Localization features like language translation, currency change, time zone changes, are reflecting according to different locations or not using LambdaTest's Geolocation testing.
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Run Automated Tests From Various Locations

Speed up your test run from different Geolocations by running automation test scripts. All you need to do is to pass a capability for Geolocation and your automation tests will automatically run from the desired location.
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Test in 27+ Countries Online

Test From 27+ Countries Online

Test your website across more than 27 countries across the globe and see if your website provides a perfect experience from all locations. Choose from India, Japan, United States, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia and more.
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Why LambdaTest Geolocation Testing?

LambdaTest provides you a wide range of browsers and locations to test your website. Not just this, it's ease of use and easy switching of locations makes it different.

Worldwide Locations


Locations from all over the world. More than 27 locations available.
Extensive browser coverage

Extensive browser

More than 3000+ browsers available. Test on oldest, legacy, and latest browser versions.
Works out of the box

Works out of
the box

Easy search and switching between locations, makes it stand out.
24/7 Support chatbox

24/7 Support From Our Tech Experts

Our tech experts are available on our support 24*7 to help you in case of problems. You can get in touch with us by filling up the contact form, messaging in-app, or through call. You can also write to us at [email protected] and we'll get back to you in no time.
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