Cross Browser Testing on Official iOS Simulators

You can test the compatibility of your website on various iOS devices with a web-based, iOS simulators for browser testing online.
Test iOS Browser Online

Test on iOS Browser Simulator Online

Simulate the iPhone online from your computer with LambdaTest's cloud platform. Ensure your site is compatible with recent and older iOS operating systems and browsers.
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Appium Test for iOS Browsers Testing

Run your Appium automation scripts on LambdaTest's online appium grid of iOS Browser simulators. Increased browser coverage and parallel testing speed up your test execution in a jiffy.
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Perform Automation Test Of Website On iOS Browsers Online

Test on Real Safari, Chromium, and Firefox Browsers

More than 96.71% of iOS users use Safari, Chrome, and Firefox as their choice of browser. In order to ensure the best user experience for your mobile web applications, it’s important that you test on Safari, Chrome and Firefox—all available via the LambdaTest cloud-based testing platform.
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How about Real iPhones and iPads Online?

Connect with our experts and learn how you can save time and money by running your test cases on our real device platform on cloud.

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Test Locally Hosted Web Pages Online

If you’re a developer or a QA and need to test your locally hosted page, you can create a secure tunnel using Underpass that allows you to access iOS Browsers on your favorite iOS simulator via LambdaTest.
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Test Locally Hosted Web Pages
Geolocation Testing on iOS Web Browser Simulators

Geolocation Testing on iOS Browser Simulators

Experiment with iOS web browsers from around the world. Test your Geo Data for Targeting and Blocking on 50+ countries across six continents North America, Europe, South America, Africa, Australia, and Asia.
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Responsive Testing for iOS Device Resolutions

If you’re looking for a way to speed up your UI testing, try out our free responsive testing tool LT Browser or get pixel-perfect interface testing with iOS Simulator for browser testing
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Mark As A Bug

Mark Bugs with Integrations

While testing in the iOS web browser on LambdaTest, a bug can be marked directly from our platform to one or many bug management tools like JIRA, Asana, Trello or GitHub, GitLab, Slack and many more.

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Want to Test on Real iPhones and iPads?

Connect with our experts and explore how your team can save hours every day by executing tests at LambdaTest test execution platform.

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What is an iOS Browser simulator?
iOS Browsers Simulator is a virtual environment that allows you to view your website over browsers compatible with iOS without installing them on your operating system.For example, you can use an iOS browser simulator to test the compatibility of your website on iOS devices from a computer running Windows or macOS. You won't need to buy a real iPhone, because you'll be able to work with an iOS browser simulator that imitates the look and feel of your site on a particular mobile view.
What are the advantages of using iOS browser simulator?
If you need to test a Web site that runs on iOS devices, you can use an iOS Web browser simulator. You don't need to buy real iPhone or iPad devices for testing. An iOS Web browser simulator gives you instant access to dozens or hundreds of different browsers without having to download and install them on your system.
How does LambdaTest help with iOS browser testing?
LambdaTest is a cross-browser testing platform that allows you to test your website on 3000+ real desktop and mobile browsers over a variety of operating systems including latest iOS versions and browsers on iPhones and iPads running those iOS versions.

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