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Test your iOS app and website on Official iPhone simulators. LambdaTest is Trusted By 1 Million+ Developers & QA Teams across the globe to deliver the best user experience.

iPhone Simulator for App Testing Online

Release your native iOS apps with confidence after testing them on different iPhones using the most scalable iPhone simulator online. No installations or configurations required - Start testing instantly!
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Test Websites with Online iPhone Simulator

Live Website Test with Online iPhone Simulator

Check you website on live and interactive iPhone simulator on LambdaTest cloud. Choose from the pool of 3000+ environments including Latest and Legacy iPhone simulators.
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Appium Automated Testing with iPhones

Automate your mobile testing using Appium Grid and run automation scripts across a variety of iOS browsers online. Leverage parallel testing to save time and money.
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Appium Automated Testing with iPhones
Test on Real Devices

Test on Real iPhones with Cloud Platform

Perform live and automation testing of your websites and applications on a real iPhone devices. Access any iPhone that you want instantly from our real device cloud. No need to buy expensive iPhones.
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Want to Test Website on Real iPhones Online?

Connect with our experts to explore our real device cloud for your cross browser testing needs. Be 100% sure about your mission critical launches.

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Geolocation Testing with iPhone

Align with the preferences of different regions before going live by performing geolocation testing. Use iPhone simulators to ensure that your website and apps are working as expected before it hits the target market. Test your app and website on 27+ geoIPs from anywhere in the world.
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Geolocation Testing
Geolocation Testing

Debug in Real-Time with Native Dev-Tools

With our in-built developer tools, you can debug your mobile pages and apps in real time. Identify issues using test log features like device logs, network logs and app logs, screenshots, video recording, and crash reports. Test and rectify any UI anomaly using the inspect element feature.
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Responsive Testing with Online Simulator

Test the responsiveness of your website and applications on different iPhones. Create your own custom screen resolutions and start testing immediately. Test your app and website on any resolution, debug, and share bugs instantly with your team.
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Test on iPhone Browser simulator Online

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It's not just about iPhone simulators, you get a whole range of complimentary features that helps you test and ship products faster.

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Run a large number of tests on a scalable iPhone simulator cloud at a fraction of the cost of real devices.
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How do I simulate iPhone?
LambdaTest provides you with 100 minutes of free real time native app testing. You can sign up for our free plan and start testing your app using our iPhone simulator online. Sign up for a free plan.
How do I install iPhone simulators?
With LambdaTest you do not have to install any simulator. Our platform allows you to test applications and websites on any mobile device directly from the cloud. Sign up for a free plan and get 100 minutes of free real time native app testing.