Test on iPhone Simulator Online

Easily test mobile apps with iPhone Simulator Online. Ensure compatibility across all iOS versions and devices. Access 5000+ browsers and devices without setup or maintenance.

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Real Device Cloud for Mobile Testers

Switch to Real Device for 100% Accuracy

Mobile emulators and simulators offer a glimpse, but they fall short in mimicking real-world scenarios. Don't settle for emulations/simulations; choose real device.

CheckDetailed device and app/crash logs

CheckTest natural gestures based features

CheckIntegrate with AppStore,PlayStore, AppCenter and TestFlight

Real Device Cloud
Real-Time iOS Testing

Live iOS Testing Online

Run unlimited live iOS testing of your apps and web apps on latest real iOS devices, mimicking real-world scenario for accurate testing.

Key Features for Testing on iPhone Simulator Online


Test Native, Hybrid, and Web Apps

Test your native mobile applications on online real device cloud,Reduce costs by eliminating your in-house device lab.


Extensive iPhone versions

Explore the latest iPhones, including iPhone models 15, Pro, Pro Max, 14, 13, and 12, with iOS running iOS 18, 16, 15, 14, and beyond.


Quick App Uploads

Install multiple apps in a single session and effortlessly upload .aab, .apk, and .ipa files without any hassle.

Accessibility Testing

Accessibility Testing

Improve the inclusivity and usability of your apps by leveraging LambdaTest's accessibility testing capabilities



Test on multiple devices with varying screen sizes to ensure perfect adaptability across iPhones and other devices.

Network Throttling

Network Throttling

Check your app's responsiveness across various network profiles, choose between offline, 5G, 4G, 3G and Custom.


Test Logs and Detailed Insights

Streamline bug logging process with detailed logs, providing insights for faster and higher-quality builds.


Easy App Control

Effortlessly control app management, terminate, and uninstall applications within the iPhone Simulator Online.


Device Control Features

Effortlessly adjust volume, lock the device, simulate shaking, use the on-screen keyboard, and rotate in the iPhone Simulator.

Underpass Tunnel

Secure Local Testing Using UnderPass

Use LambdaTest Underpass to securely test local or private iOS apps, creating an SSH Tunnel via the GUI to access over 5000+ mobile and desktop browsers without using terminal commands.
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Geolocation Testing

Experience seamless iPhone compatibility testing with our geo test service that helps you test your site's geo targeting, blocking, and localization from over 70+ countries.
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Geolocation Testing

Dedicated Real Device Cloud on LambdaTest

Public Real Device Cloud

Public Real Device Cloud

Optimize app testing with our Public Real Device Cloud. Say goodbye to internal device libraries and cut operational costs instantly.

Private Real Device Cloud

Private Real Device Cloud

Exclusive 24/7 access to dedicated iOS and Android devices for your team. Securely customize devices within your firewall for seamless workflow.

On premise Device Grid

On premise Device Grid

Leverage the convenience of LambdaTest cloud infrastructure paired with security and performance behind your own firewall.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are iOS simulators legal?
Yes, iOS simulators are legal.
Is iOS simulator a virtual machine?
An iOS simulator is an application that mimics the behaviour of your iOS device.
Why choose an iOS Simulator?
Opt for an iOS Simulator to economically emulate iOS devices for testing. Real iOS device maintenance costs are high, making simulators a cost-effective alternative. Test on actual devices for accuracy.
How does the iOS Simulator function?
The iOS Simulator emulates the iOS environment on a computer, allowing developers to test and debug their apps without the need for physical iOS devices.
Why opt for Real Device Cloud over iOS Emulators or Simulators?
Real Device Cloud ensures accurate testing on genuine iOS devices, surpassing the limitations of emulators or simulators, providing authentic performance insights for superior app quality.
Is iOS Simulator free?
You can test your websites and applications for free with an iOS Simulator using LambdaTest’s free trial.
How to test iOS apps online?
Test iOS apps online using cloud-based platforms like LambdaTest. Upload your app, select iOS devices and versions, and run tests remotely. Receive real-time results and debug efficiently without physical devices.
Is there any iPhone simulator?
Yes, you can simulate iPhones using tools like LambdaTest. It allows testing across various iPhone models and iOS versions, ensuring compatibility and performance without needing physical devices.