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Create and Deploy automated tests on a large scale with LambdaTest Appium Grid on Cloud.

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Mobile App Automation Test

Get access to real Android devices at LambdaTest Cloud for automated app testing.

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Mobile Browser Automation Test

LambdaTest is a cloud platform that enables you to test your mobile websites on 1000s of real devices.

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Mobile Test Automation with Appium Grid on Cloud

Test on a real mobile test cloud of over 3000 Android and iOS devices and virtual environments. A cloud that is made for development teams, testers, QA, engineers, or businesses. And it is secure and scalable for even for the most demanding builds.
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Test Execution Speeds that are Unmatched
Automation Analytics

Save 50x Operational Cost and 10x Execution Time

Don't buy new mobile devices. You don’t need a lab full of test phones and tablets. Test with real mobile devices or in a cloud, using LambdaTest. We’ll help you run automated tests at scale on those devices.
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Get Real Mobile Devices to Test With

Test your websites and apps on a range of devices with LambdaTest. We help you automate your test on everything from phones to tablets, so you can make sure your app or site works in the real world. We provide a pool of 3000+ live environments for you to test your app and website in.
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App Automation

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LambdaTest is the only life time free automated testing tool available. It offers 100 minutes of free usage for a lifetime.

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Online Device Cloud

Release Faster Then Ever Before

Faster test execution speeds enables faster developer feedback. Cut down cost related with finding issues at later stages of development. LambdaTest enables you to test early and test often to minimize delivery times and maximize accuracy.
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Mobile Test Automation Across 50+ Countries

Perform geolocation testing of your native apps and websites on different smartphone environments before going live in the target market. Our platform include testing across 50+ countries including Canada, Germany, UK, Australia and more.
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Geolocation Testing
Test Locally Hosted Websites and Apps Online

Mobile Test Automation on Local Resources

Access Android and iOS environments online to test your privately or locally hosted apps with the help of Underpass - A LambdaTest Tunnel. Perform mobile test automation on your locally or privately hosted native app with LambdaTest Tunnel.
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Never Have to Worry About Security

At LambdaTest, our security is top-notch. We are SOC2 Type II certified and GDPR compliant, ensuring you always have the most secure testing environment available to you.
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LambdaTest Compliance

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LambdaTest is the only life time free automated testing tool available. It offers 100 minutes of free usage for a lifetime.

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Run Your First Appium Mobile Test Automation

Whether it is Java, C#, Python or JavaScript, we've got you covered with effortless integration across a wide variety of languages and frameworks.

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DesiredCapabilities capabilities = new DesiredCapabilities();

capabilities.setCapability("build", "your build name");

capabilities.setCapability("name", "your test name");

capabilities.setCapability("platformName", "Android");

capabilities.setCapability("deviceName", "HTC 10");


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Seamlessly Integrate With Complete CI/CD Tech Stack

Get detailed insights of your automation tests in your CI/CD pipelines by integrating with your favorite DevOps tools.

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Powerful Cloud Testing Platform to Accelerate Your Go-To-Market

Secure, reliable, and high performance test execution cloud built for scale

Run Selenium automation scripts on a scalable, secure, and reliable Selenium Grid cloud. Run Selenium, Appium, and JavaScript tests at scale on 3000+ desktop and mobile devices.

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Selenium Testing

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LambdaTest is #1 choice for SMBs and Enterprises across the globe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I automate Mobile Testing
Yes, with the help of LambdaTest cloud testing you can write your mobile test automation scrips using appium. You get to choose between virtual mobile OS environments eg. Android or iOS and real mobile devices eg. iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, as per your testing needs.
What is Mobile Test Automation?
Creating automated test cases for smartphone apps eg. Mobile app user onboarding flow, and testing them across multiple mobile OS environments is called mobile test automation. You can save your time and money with the help of Mobile Test Automation. LambdaTest is the best tool for automating app tests. Reach--out to LambdaTest Sales Team and start testing.