HyperExecute - An Ultra Fast Selenium Docker on Cloud

HyperExecute is a cloud-based test execution platform of 3000+ browsers that is up to 70% faster than any traditional Selenium Docker setup. Perform parallel testing on latest and legacy browsers and accelerate your go-to-market.




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Blazing Fast Test Execution On An Online Selenium Docker

HyperExecute is an innovative new approach to the execution of software tests that is more than 70 percent faster than existing methods. High performing, scalable, and with intelligent features, it allows for rapid execution of tests on an online Selenium Docker that can help you ship your releases much faster.
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Traditional Testing vs Hyperexecute
Selenium Docker with Real Time Console and Execution Logs

Selenium Docker with Real Time Console and Execution Logs

HyperExecute offers a single view of tests running in cloud or on-premises environments with both terminal and full test execution logs. This gives you a clear picture of test performance so that you can make better decisions about the software under test on any browser versions.
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Selenium Docker for Linux, MacOS, and Windows Container

HyperExecute offers comprehensive testing on Selenium Docker hosted in cloud or on-premise. The runners come with pre-installed support for programming languages and frameworks including Java, Node.js, Python, PHP, GO, C#, Rust, and Ruby to help you test on any browsers.
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Selenium Docker for Linux, MacOS, and Windows Container
Intelligent Test Orchestrations

Intelligent Test Orchestrations

With HyperExecute, you can automatically distribute tests across multiple environments. (HyperExecute uses YAML files to group and manage your tests.) This intelligent test orchestration takes into account past test run data, and reorders tests to surface failures faster and shorten development feedback times.
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Why HyperExecute?

HyperExecute lets you run your tests on thousands of machines at the same time —faster than any cloud service —so you can get your results back right away.

HyperExecute Test Runs

Automatic Report Generation

HyperExecute brings all test execution data from multiple Selenium Dockers into a single source of truth, providing a complete picture of the quality of their builds. It automates reporting on test results, relieving you from having to build extensive frameworks for this purpose. HyperExecute gives you insight into the quality of your software builds as a full system across browsers, OS versions, and devices).
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Automatic Report Generation

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Massive Parallel Testing with an Online Selenium Docker

Massive Parallel Testing with an Online Selenium Docker

You can now trigger your tests in parallel on all major browsers, at a massive scale, delivering precise YAML-based concurrency control. Get ultrawide test coverage with matrix-based multiplexing, allowing you to run the same set of tests across multiple browsers, at scale.
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List of supported browsers for HyperExecute

  • ChromeChrome
  • Safari Safari
  • Firefox Firefox
  • IE Internet Explorer
  • Opera Opera
  • Edge Edge

A Scalable, On-Premise Selenium Docker for browsers

HyperExecute can be configured on-premises with a Selenium docker setup, enabling users to quickly expand their test infrastructure without compromising data safety by storing it outside the firewall. It's been specifically designed for enterprises to facilitate its scale.
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Automation Analytics
Enterprise grade Security, Privacy, And Compliances

Enterprise grade Security, Privacy, And Compliances

All test data, whether in transit or at rest, is securely encrypted with leading industry standards so that only you as a user will have access to it. With rigorously implemented access controls, all machines are auto purged after test execution. LambdaTest also conducts continuous audits to secure the test execution environment. We are SOC2 Type2 Certified, GDPR Compliant, and CCPA compliant.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Docker run Selenium?
Selenium can be run on a standalone (or single) Docker container or on a Grid consisting of multiple containers to perform automated browser testing across all major browsers and browser versions.
How do you speed up Selenium test case execution?
HyperExecute helps you speed up Selenium test case execution by 70% on a scalable cloud-based or on-premise infrastructure. It's a feature-rich, high-performing, test execution platform that provides intelligent test orchestration and insightful reporting to help you ship releases faster.
What is Selenium Grid with Docker?
Selenium Grid makes it possible to run automation tests on multiple machines in parallel, which reduces execution time from days to hours. And Docker helps us set up test labs easily and quickly. Combining both Selenium Grid on a Dockerized solution can help you trim down your test cycles by leveraging parallel testing in your configured test labs.
What is Selenium Hub?
A Selenium Hub, also referred to as a server, is the central piece in a Selenium Grid network architecture, which manages the testing machines. The hub is assigned to handle tests of a given operating system, browser version and browser and then sends that test to the corresponding test machine.