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What is regression testing?

Software testing is performed to ensure that a product is free of bugs. However, after a bug is fixed, it's often replaced by new bugs, which is when regression testing comes into play. Regression testing ensures that additional problems do not arise after a bug fix or a code change. Hence, every software product must undergo regression testing before it can be released to the market.

Regression testing is retesting a software product after changes have been made to verify that bugs have not been introduced or uncovered. It can be automated or performed manually; it is an important aspect of delivering a high-quality software product.

Regression tests can be used when a deployment process takes longer than expected. In this case, the tester should run regression tests daily and after functional testing for weekly releases.

When a large-scale change is implemented, Regression testing is more important than ever. If one piece of code is changed, another may be affected adversely. To locate and repair these problems, you should use a combination of debugging and Regression testing.

Regression testing can be done in various ways, including corrective regression testing, progressive regression testing, retest-all strategy, and selective strategies. Some tips for such strategies include running high-priority tests first, executing exploratory testing, and so on.

Regression testing requires the same amount of resources, but it saves the efforts and time of developers and testers. It also eases their life in the agile software development lifecycle and increases the output.

If you find regression testing complex, there are products like LambdaTest to help you. You can also start your visual regression testing journey with LambdaTest for pixel-by-pixel comparison and identify visual UI mismatches.


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