Run App Automation On Apple TV Online

Automate app testing on Apple TV with LambdaTest cloud.

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Test Apps On Real Apple TV

Perform native app testing of your Apple TV apps with real Apple TV online. No need for inaccurate emulators and simulators. Test and release your Apple TV apps with confidence using real device cloud.
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Execute Apple TV App Automation In Parallel

Execute Apple TV App Automation In Parallel

Run automated TV app tests in parallel using Appium, and find bugs earlier by testing your apps on a wide range of real Apple TVs online. Leverage parallel testing and trim down test execution times by multiple folds.
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Test Locally Hosted Apple TV Apps on Cloud

You can even test your locally or privately hosted Apple TV app using the LambdaTest cloud. You can use a binary file called Lambda Tunnel or download our GUI app called Underpass to test locally hosted apps.
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Test Locally Hosted Environments on Cloud
Debug with Video Recordings, Test reports and Test Logs

Debug with Video Recordings, Reports and Logs

Debug easily by diving deeper into various test logs and test analytics. Analyze device logs, network logs, and even raw Appium logs and get complete video recordings of the test execution.
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Real Device Cloud Testing Platform to Accelerate Your Go-To-Market

Secure, reliable, and high performance test execution cloud built for scale

Run Selenium automation scripts on a scalable, secure, and reliable Selenium Grid cloud. Run Selenium, Appium, and JavaScript tests at scale on 3000+ desktop and mobile devices.

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Selenium Testing

Why LambdaTest for Apple TV Automation

Here's why LambdaTest is the choice of Appium automation cloud for 2 Million+ developers & quality analysts

Remote Control Navigation

Remote Control Navigation

Access app via remote control using built-in ability of remote control simulation.

 Zero Test Flakiness

Zero Test Flakiness

Highly reliable and accurate infrastructure that has no flakiness.

120+ Integrations

120+ Integrations

Fits seamlessly into your testing stack with out-of-the box integrations.

Geolocation Testing

Geolocation Testing

Test for Geo Blocking, Geo Targeting, Geo Localization across 50+ countries.

Seamlessly Integrate With Complete CI/CD Tech Stack

Get detailed insights of your automation tests in your CI/CD pipelines by integrating with your favorite DevOps tools.

Seamlessly Integrate

How LambdaTest is helping Global Enterprises

Trusted by startups, SMBs and big enterprises alike.


By being able to run our Selenium scripts on the legacy and latest browsers on LambdaTest helped us save significant time in test execution with zero hassle to maintain the infra.

Anish Ohri

Head of Testing and Performance Engineering


Increased Browser Coverage

Wall of fame

LambdaTest is #1 choice for SMBs and Enterprises across the globe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you test apps on Apple TV?
Use LambdaTest for online Test on Apple TV. LambdaTest offers a cloud-based testing platform that allows you to test your website and Apple TV apps on real Apple TV device environments over verity of Apple TV versions. You never have to worry about legacy smartphones or upcoming expensive phones, you will get them on LambdaTest cloud, no need to pay any thing extra. Get in touch with sales team to get started.
What are the advantages of testing on Apple TV devices online?
there are many benefits, some of them are as follow
Affordable- No need to buy a new device any time it launch.
Maintanance free- No need to build or maintain any real device lab.
Accuracy- 100% accuracy, for mission critical launches.
Are online real devices reliable for testing?
Yes, the online devices are exactly the same devices you would use in real life. There is no emulation as online devices is a real device hosted on cloud. You can rely on online Apple TV device hosted on LambdaTest for your mission critical launches.
How does LambdaTest help to Test on Apple TV online?
LambdaTest offers a cloud-based testing platform that allows you to test your website on 3000+ real desktop and mobile devices including Apple TV device with over latest and legacy Apple TV versions. Get in touch with sales team to get started.