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88% of the users won’t look back at your website if they have a negative experience with it.


Perform live-Interactive Window Testing

Start Windows testing on real devices supporting various browsers, giving you the highest browser coverage from the latest to legacy Windows devices. Access to Windows machines on the cloud.
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Top Features of Window Testing with LambdaTest


Network Throttling

Ensure seamless user experience by checking website's responsiveness on various network profiles during your Test Windows session.


Integrated Native Dev Tools

Easily test your web applications with pre-installed developer tools for every Windows browser.


Chrome Extensions Testing

Add your favorite Chrome extensions before starting a Test Windows session to access them within the test session.


Uploads Files

Upload files in formats like txt, pdf, doc, xls, docx, or xlsx using cloud storage services like Google Drive, & access them remotely.


Geolocation testing

Geo-location-based services across global browsers, in 50+ countries, including India, Japan, the United States, and more.


Accessibility Testing on Windows

Test compatibility with screen readers and Real-time Speech Viewer across browsers, including Windows testing.

Perform Automated Screenshot Testing

Automated Screenshot Testing on Windows

Effortlessly automate bulk screenshot capture across multiple browsers in window testing. Capture up to 25 full-page screenshots in diverse browsers with a single click.
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Window Testing on Locally Hosted Website

Debug and test your locally hosted website and web apps on Windows using LambdaTest Tunnel within proxies and firewalls for local browser compatibility.
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Test Locally Hosted Website on Different Browsers
Run Automated Test on Windows OS

Run Automated Test On Windows OS

Run your automation scripts on LambdaTest's grid of real Windows browsers online, accessing 3000+ desktop and mobile environments for browser and app compatibility testing.
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How LambdaTest is helping Global Enterprises

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By being able to run our Selenium scripts on the legacy and latest browsers on LambdaTest helped us save significant time in test execution with zero hassle to maintain the infra.

Anish Ohri

Head of Testing and Performance Engineering


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I test Windows online?
You can use LambdaTest to test on Windows OS online. LambdaTest helps to test your publicly hosted or privately hosted Website and web apps across 3000+ browsers, browser versions, and OS.
Why is it critical to test websites on Windows?
Millions of users across the world use Windows-based devices to access and browse websites. In order to create a website that reaches customers on a global scale, you need to ensure that your site is compatible with multiple operating systems. Windows’s large market share makes it a vital OS to consider. Websites should be designed to run flawlessly on Windows, because if they don’t, they will miss out on significant traffic and revenue coming from Windows users.
When should QAs and Developers test their site on Windows online?
QAs and developers should test their site on a Windows as soon as it's functional enough to run in a browser. In this early stage, it can be tested on any browser-device-OS combination. Once the website has taken its basic shape, it should be tested on real Windows.
Why is LambdaTest the preferred choice for testing on Windows online?
LambdaTest offers a testing platform on the cloud that allows you to test your app on 500+ Windows environments. All are real devices. To match your needs for scaling LambdaTest comes with an online Selenium grid. You can leverage it for parallel automation testing of your website and web apps.
What is the Windows test?
In software testing, a 'Windows test' refers to the testing of applications or software products designed for the Windows operating system. This testing includes various tests, such as functional, compatibility, performance, security, and usability, to ensure the software meets quality standards and performs well on Windows platforms.
What is the use of a Windows tester?
The use of a Windows tester, whether a professional or a tool, ensures the quality and reliability of software applications designed for the Windows operating system.
Can we run Windows OS on cloud?
Yes, it is possible to run Windows on cloud platforms. LambdaTest allows users to run Windows operating systems in the cloud. This enables users to access and use Windows-based applications and services remotely without installing Windows on their local machines.
What is Windows app testing?
Windows app testing involves verifying the functionality, usability, performance, and compatibility of applications designed for the Windows operating system. The goal is to identify and resolve issues before releasing the application to end-users.
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