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Test your website on a Virtual macOS Online machine for compatibility across various browsers and MacOS versions.




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Cross Browser Testing on virtual macOS

Test your website on the latest browsers and on legacy browsers. Access real mac machines with macOS online from wherever you are in the world.
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Cross Browser Testing on virtual macOS
App Automation

Automated Testing On Online Mac Device

Execute your automation scripts on macOS device, compatible with frameworks; Selenium Cypress, Playwright, Puppeteer, TestCafe and more.
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Automated Screenshots with a Click of a Button

With LambdaTest, you won't have to worry about the visual compatibility of your site. You can see how it looks on 3000+ mobile and desktop browsers.
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Automated Screenshot Testing
Virtual macOS Online: Test on Latest macOS

Online Mac Testing: Legacy to Latest macOS

15.33% of all personal computers run on macOS around the world. Make sure your website works on these machines by testing them with LambdaTest.
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Integrated Native Developer Tools For Debugging

Be it any browser on macOS, Virtual macOS on LambdaTest comes with in-built native developer tools for every browser to help you debug and ship the product faster.
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Integrated Native Developer Tools For Debugging

100% Accuracy is Essential - Switch to Real Device.

Virtual online mac tools or macOS simulator offers a glimpse, and they fall short in mimicking real-world scenarios. With LambdaTest's Real Device, you can test on actual devices to ensure your app excels in every real-world scenario. Don't settle for virtual imitations or macOS simulator; choose real device.

Check Dedicated real devices cloud for enterprises.

Check Network throttling for 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G.

Check Manual and automated app testing to debug real world scenarios

Check Improve device coverage and maximize ROI

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Real Device Cloud

Perform Real Device Testing with Efficiency and Speed


Test Locally hosted pages

Local hosted web testing provides a great way to protect your website or app from bugs before it's been deployed.


Accessibility Testing

Improve the inclusivity and usability of your web applications by leveraging LambdaTest's accessibility testing capabilities.


Network Throttling

Ensure seamless user experience by checking your mobile view website's responsiveness on various network profiles.


24/7 Support

Got questions? Throw them to our 24/7 in-app customer chat support, or email us on, support@lambdatest.com


Geolocation testing

Test your website or mobile app from different geoIPs to make sure your users get the perfect experience across all locations.


120+ Integrations

Integrate effortlessly with your testing stack through a wide array of 120+ out-of-the-box integrations.

Customer Success Is Our Success

Unified Digital Experience Testing Cloud to Accelerate Your Go-To-Market

Secure, Reliable, and High Performance Test Execution Cloud Built For Scale

Perform live interactive cross browser testing of your public or locally hosted websites and web apps on 3000+ real mobile and desktop browsers running on real operating system.

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Live Testing

How LambdaTest is helping Global Enterprises

Trusted by startups, SMBs and big enterprises alike.


By being able to run our Selenium scripts on the legacy and latest browsers on LambdaTest helped us save significant time in test execution with zero hassle to maintain the infra.

Anish Ohri

Head of Testing and Performance Engineering


Increased Browser Coverage

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LambdaTest is #1 choice for SMBs and Enterprises across the globe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is virtual macOS?
Virtual macOS, also referred to as macOS on a virtual machine, allows users to run Mac OS applications and operating systems over any other OS like Windows and any other types of virtual operating systems compatible platform.
How can I test browser compatibility of my website on macOS?
You can perform browser compatibility testing for your website on macOS browsers on any macOS version with virtual macOS environments hosted on LambdaTest. Just sign up for a free account to start testing.
Why should I test my website on macOS?
Testing your website on macOS Safari ensures your site works for the majority of macOS users. Macs hold about 15%+ market share worldwide. Having your site work for this many people will help you provide the best user experience to macOS users. This not only gives your site a better user experience but also helps you in relevant search engine optimization (SEO) parameters.
How can I test my website on macOS with my Windows machine?
LambdaTest has made it really easy for you.
  • Signup on LambdaTest
  • Go to Real Time Testing
  • Select macOS, and Browser of your choice
  • Write your page URL
  • Hit the 'START' button
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What is the diffference between macOS simulators and virtual machines?
MacOS simulators and virtual machines serve distinct purposes, each with unique functionalities.Mac OS Simulators, while lacking comprehensive hardware support compared to virtual machines, excel in running on minimal hardware conditions. This versatility enables simulators to support various desktop operating systems and browsers, offering users the experience of macOS. It's essential to understand your specific requirements for macOS usage to determine whether a simulator or a virtual machine is the ideal choice.
Does macOS simulators have a virtual machine?
macOS simulators don't function like virtual machines. While virtualization software like Parallels Desktop and VMWare Fusion can create Virtual Machines (VMs) mimicking Windows PC hardware on macOS, simulators for macOS aren't the same. With virtualization software, you can create VMs on your Mac and install various operating systems like Windows or Linux. However, macOS simulators don't offer this capability.
What is a Mac OS simulator?
A Mac OS simulator is a software tool that emulates the macOS environment on non-Apple hardware, allowing users to test and run macOS applications without owning a Mac computer.
How does a Mac OS simulator work?
Mac OS simulators use virtualization or emulation techniques to mimic the macOS operating system on various platforms like Windows or Linux. They create a virtual Mac environment where users can install and run macOS applications.
What are the benefits of using a Mac OS simulator?
Using a Mac OS simulator eliminates the need for owning a physical Mac computer, saving costs for developers and testers. It also provides a convenient way to test macOS applications on different hardware configurations without needing multiple Mac devices.
Are there any limitations to using a Mac OS simulator?
While Mac OS simulators offer a cost-effective solution for testing macOS applications, they may not fully replicate the performance or behavior of a real Mac system. Certain hardware-dependent features or functionalities may not work as expected, requiring testing on actual Mac hardware for accurate results.
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