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Guidance on preparing workplaces for COVID 19

Catch the experts Chandni Chopra & Mudit Singh live, as they talk live on this issue share their perspective on how both employees and organizations should prepare themselves for the new normal.

18 JUNE 2020 | 10 AM PST

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COVID-19 has impacted businesses in an unprecedented manner. The prevailing Global pandemic has forced the employees to work from home as governments were compelled to apply nation-wide lockdowns. However, major upheaval in the financial terms have forced the government to lift lockdown restrictions and now we’re supposed to resume businesses. It is not business as usual and we’ve to learn to live with the COVID-19, we’ve to learn to live with the new normal.

So we went live with Chandni Chopra(Director HR at LambdaTest) to help you with guidance on preparing workplaces for COVID-19. To help you be ready as you roll back in business amid the new normal.

The webinar started off by aligning the truths that we’ve to be ready for. Chandni explained how you could establish a solid return to work plan. The webinar also shed lights over the employee guidelines & organization strategy that businesses should follow in the new normal. We also covered the health screening procedures and how companies should handle the employees who have been tested +ve for COVID-19 or are displaying similar symptoms.

The webinar ended with an interactive Q&A session and we would like to thank everyone who tuned in. Dealing with COVID-19 is a collective responsibility and it was great to have you guys aboard with us. We hope you & your loved ones are in good health and we are constantly praying for people who are fighting the virus to come out strong.

In case you missed the webinar, you can find the full video recording of the session here and also over our YouTube channel. Take care.


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