How to use StylesPatternPropertyIds class of FlaUI.UIA2.Patterns package

Best FlaUI code snippet using FlaUI.UIA2.Patterns.StylesPatternPropertyIds


Source:UIA2PropertyLibrary.cs Github


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...24 SelectionItem = new SelectionItemPatternPropertyIds();25 Selection = new SelectionPatternPropertyIds();26 Selection2 = new Selection2PatternPropertyIds();27 SpreadsheetItem = new SpreadsheetItemPatternPropertyIds();28 Styles = new StylesPatternPropertyIds();29 TableItem = new TableItemPatternPropertyIds();30 Table = new TablePatternPropertyIds();31 Toggle = new TogglePatternPropertyIds();32 Transform2 = new Transform2PatternPropertyIds();33 Transform = new TransformPatternPropertyIds();34 Value = new ValuePatternPropertyIds();35 Window = new WindowPatternPropertyIds();36 }37 public IAutomationElementPatternAvailabilityPropertyIds PatternAvailability { get; }38 public IAutomationElementPropertyIds Element { get; }39 public IAnnotationPatternPropertyIds Annotation { get; }40 public IDockPatternPropertyIds Dock { get; }41 public IDragPatternPropertyIds Drag { get; }42 public IDropTargetPatternPropertyIds DropTarget { get; }43 public IExpandCollapsePatternPropertyIds ExpandCollapse { get; }44 public IGridItemPatternPropertyIds GridItem { get; }45 public IGridPatternPropertyIds Grid { get; }46 public ILegacyIAccessiblePatternPropertyIds LegacyIAccessible { get; }47 public IMultipleViewPatternPropertyIds MultipleView { get; }48 public IRangeValuePatternPropertyIds RangeValue { get; }49 public IScrollPatternPropertyIds Scroll { get; }50 public ISelectionItemPatternPropertyIds SelectionItem { get; }51 public ISelectionPatternPropertyIds Selection { get; }52 public ISelection2PatternPropertyIds Selection2 { get; }53 public ISpreadsheetItemPatternPropertyIds SpreadsheetItem { get; }54 public IStylesPatternPropertyIds Styles { get; }55 public ITableItemPatternPropertyIds TableItem { get; }56 public ITablePatternPropertyIds Table { get; }57 public ITogglePatternPropertyIds Toggle { get; }58 public ITransform2PatternPropertyIds Transform2 { get; }59 public ITransformPatternPropertyIds Transform { get; }60 public IValuePatternPropertyIds Value { get; }61 public IWindowPatternPropertyIds Window { get; }62 }63}...

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