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1#! /usr/local/bin/python32import os3import re4import sys5import atexit6import readline7import argparse8from subprocess import call, check_output9# TODO add alias support10# TODO wildcard support11# TODO multi version support12# TODO cron write history cmd file support13class Watcher:14 def path_change(self, path):15 pass16class PathWatcher(Watcher):17 def __init__(self, cmd):18 self.__cmd = cmd19 self.__hdfs_choices_cached = {}20 readline.parse_and_bind("tab: complete")21 readline.set_completer(self.completer)22 readline.set_completer_delims(' /')23 self.__histfile = os.path.expandvars('${HOME}/.xhdfs_history')24 if os.path.exists(self.__histfile):25 readline.read_history_file(self.__histfile)26 atexit.register(self.__save_histfile)27 self.__local_choices = []28 self.__remote_choices = []29 self.__mk_remote_choices('/')30 self.__mk_local_choices(os.getcwd())31 def path_change(self, path):32 if app.is_hdfs_mode:33 self.__mk_remote_choices(path)34 else:35 self.__mk_local_choices(path)36 def choice_layout(self):37 if app.print_autocomp_words:38 if len(self.__local_choices) > 0:39 print('\n--->local')40 cnt = 041 for choice in self.__local_choices:42 cnt += 143 if cnt % 4 == 0:44 print()45 print(choice.rjust(35), end=' ')46 if len(self.__remote_choices) > 0:47 print('\n\n--->hdfs')48 cnt = 049 for choice in self.__remote_choices:50 cnt += 151 if cnt % 4 == 0:52 print()53 print(choice.rjust(35), end=' ')54 if len(self.__local_choices) > 0 or len(self.__remote_choices) > 0:55 print()56 def completer(self, text, state):57 try:58 words = []59 line = readline.get_line_buffer()60 line = [ele for ele in re.split(r'\s+', line) if ele != '']61 if len(line) == 1:62 words = self.__cmd.hdfscmd()63 elif len(line) > 1:64 line = line[-1]65 if line.find('/') == -1:66 words = app.watcher().__choices()67 else:68 if not line[-1].endswith('/'):69 line = os.path.dirname(line)70 local_path = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), line)71 if os.path.exists(local_path):72 lchoices = check_output(['ls', local_path]).decode('utf-8').split('\n')[:-1]73 words.extend(lchoices)74 # print(f'\n@lchoices: {lchoices}@')75 else:76 hdfs_path = os.path.join(app.path().cwd(), line)77 if hdfs_path in self.__hdfs_choices_cached.keys():78 words.extend(self.__hdfs_choices_cached[hdfs_path])79 else:80 rchoices = check_output(['hdfs', 'dfs', '-ls', hdfs_path]).decode('utf-8').split('\n')[1:-1]81 rchoices = [rch.split('/')[-1] for rch in rchoices]82 words.extend(rchoices)83 self.__hdfs_choices_cached[hdfs_path] = rchoices84 # print(f'\n@rchoices: {words}@')85 words = [word for word in words if word.startswith(text)]86 # print(f'\n@auto complete word: {words[state]}@')87 return words[state]88 except IndexError:89 # print('\n@out of range@')90 return None91 def __save_histfile(self):92 readline.write_history_file(self.__histfile)93 def __mk_local_choices(self, path):94 self.__local_choices = check_output(['ls', path]).decode('utf-8').split('\n')[:-1]95 def __mk_remote_choices(self, path):96 self.__remote_choices = check_output(['hdfs', 'dfs', '-ls', path]).decode('utf-8').split('\n')[1:-1]97 self.__remote_choices = [rch.split('/')[-1] for rch in self.__remote_choices]98 def __choices(self):99 if args.dyn_choices:100 lcwd, rcwd = app.path().dcwd()101 self.__mk_local_choices(lcwd)102 self.__mk_remote_choices(rcwd)103 return self.__local_choices + self.__remote_choices104class BasePath:105 def __init__(self, cwd, oldcwd):106 self.__cwd = None107 self.__oldcwd = None108 self.__watchers = []109 self.cwd = cwd110 self.oldcwd = oldcwd111 def add_watcher(self, watcher):112 self.__watchers.append(watcher)113 def dscribe(self, path):114 [watcher.path_change(path) for watcher in self.__watchers]115 @property116 def cwd(self):117 return self.__cwd118 @cwd.setter119 def cwd(self, val):120 if self.__cwd != val:121 self.dscribe(val)122 self.__cwd = val123 @property124 def oldcwd(self):125 return self.__oldcwd126 @oldcwd.setter127 def oldcwd(self, val):128 self.__oldcwd = val129class Path:130 def __init__(self):131 self.__local_path = Path.LocalPath(os.getcwd(), os.getcwd())132 self.__remote_path = Path.RemotePath('/', '/')133 self.__path = self.__remote_path134 class LocalPath(BasePath):135 def __init__(self, cwd, oldcwd):136 super().__init__(cwd, oldcwd)137 def cd(self, path):138 if 'cd' == path:139 self.oldcwd = self.cwd140 os.chdir(os.path.expandvars('${HOME}'))141 self.cwd = os.getcwd()142 elif path == '..':143 self.oldcwd = self.cwd144 os.chdir(os.pardir)145 self.cwd = os.getcwd()146 elif path == '-':147 os.chdir(self.oldcwd)148 self.oldcwd, self.cwd = self.cwd, self.oldcwd149 else:150 dst = Path.normalize(path, self.cwd)151 if os.path.exists(dst):152 os.chdir(dst)153 self.oldcwd = self.cwd154 self.cwd = dst155 else:156 print(f'cd: no such directory: {path}')157 class RemotePath(BasePath):158 def __init__(self, cwd, oldcwd):159 super().__init__(cwd, oldcwd)160 def cd(self, path):161 if 'cd' == path:162 self.oldcwd = self.cwd163 self.cwd = '/'164 elif path == '..':165 self.oldcwd = self.cwd166 self.cwd = os.path.dirname(self.cwd)167 elif path == '-':168 self.oldcwd, self.cwd = self.cwd, self.oldcwd169 else:170 dst = Path.normalize(path, self.cwd)171 if 0 == call(['hadoop', 'fs', '-test', '-d', dst]):172 self.oldcwd = self.cwd173 self.cwd = dst174 else:175 print(f'cd: no such directory: {path}')176 def mode(self, mode):177 if mode:178 self.__path = self.__remote_path179 else:180 self.__path = self.__local_path181 def add_watcher(self, awatcher):182 self.__local_path.add_watcher(awatcher)183 self.__remote_path.add_watcher(awatcher)184 def prompt(self):185 local_bname = Path.__basename(self.__local_path.cwd)186 remote_bname = Path.__basename(self.__remote_path.cwd)187 prompt = '>'188 cmd_mode_prompt = 'hdfs'189 if not app.is_hdfs_mode:190 prompt += '>>'191 cmd_mode_prompt = 'local'192 return f'\n[{cmd_mode_prompt}][{local_bname}:{remote_bname}]{prompt} '193 def cwd(self):194 return self.__path.cwd195 def dcwd(self):196 return self.__local_path.cwd, self.__remote_path.cwd197 def cd(self, path):198 @staticmethod200 def normalize(path, cwd):201 if not path.startswith('hdfs://'):202 path = os.path.join(cwd, path)203 path = os.path.normpath(path)204 return path205 @staticmethod206 def __basename(path: str):207 if len(path) > 0:208 if path != '/':209 if path.endswith('/'):210 path = os.path.basename(os.path.dirname(path))211 else:212 path = os.path.basename(path)213 else:214 path = '/'215 return path216class Command:217 def __init__(self):218 self.__CMD_PWD = 'pwd'219 self.__CMD_EXIT = 'exit'220 self.__CMD_LOG_PRINT = 'log-print'221 self.__CMD_PRINT = 'cmd-print'222 self.__CMD_HISTORY = 'history'223 self.__CMD_CD = 'cd'224 self.__CMD_HDFS_ADDR = 'hdfs-addr'225 self.__CMD_ALIAS = 'alias'226 self.__CMD_CAT = 'cat'227 self.__CMD_CP = 'cp'228 self.__CMD_CHMOD = 'chmod'229 self.__CMD_CHOWN = 'chown'230 self.__CMD_GET = 'get'231 self.__CMD_LS = 'ls'232 self.__CMD_LL = 'll'233 self.__CMD_LSR = 'lsr'234 self.__CMD_MKDIR = 'mkdir'235 self.__CMD_MV = 'mv'236 self.__CMD_PUT = 'put'237 self.__CMD_RM = 'rm'238 self.__CMD_RMR = 'rmr'239 self.__CMD_TAIL = 'tail'240 self.__CMD_TOUCH = 'touch'241 self.__CMD_USAGE = 'usage'242 self.__common_alias: dict[str, list[str]] = {243 self.__CMD_LSR: [self.__CMD_LS, '-R'],244 self.__CMD_RMR: [self.__CMD_RM, '-R']245 }246 self.__hdfs_alias: dict[str, list[str]] = {247 self.__CMD_LL: [self.__CMD_LS, '']248 }249 self.__local_alias: dict[str, list[str]] = {250 self.__CMD_LL: [self.__CMD_LS, '-l']251 }252 self.__cmd: list[str] = []253 self.__hdfscmd: list[str] = ['!']254 for attr in dir(self):255 if attr.__contains__('__CMD'):256 self.__hdfscmd.append(self.__getattribute__(attr))257 def hdfscmd(self):258 return self.__hdfscmd259 def parse(self, cmd):260 self.__cmd = re.split(r'\s+', cmd)261 self.__cmd = [ele for ele in self.__cmd if ele != '']262 if 0 == len(self.__cmd):263 return264 self.__handle_alias()265 cname = self.__cmd[0]266 if cname == self.__CMD_EXIT:267 sys.exit()268 elif cname == '!':269 app.is_hdfs_mode = not app.is_hdfs_mode270 elif cname == self.__CMD_PWD:271 print(os.path.normpath(app.path().cwd()))272 elif cname == self.__CMD_ALIAS:273 self.__alias()274 elif cname == self.__CMD_LOG_PRINT:275 app.print_autocomp_words = not app.print_autocomp_words276 elif cname == self.__CMD_PRINT:277 app.print_cmd = not app.print_cmd278 elif cname == self.__CMD_HISTORY:279 Command.__history()280 elif cname == self.__CMD_CD:281 app.path().cd(self.__cmd[-1])282 elif cname == self.__CMD_HDFS_ADDR:283 Command.__hdfs_addr()284 # system commands285 elif not app.is_hdfs_mode:286 self.__exec()287 # hdfs commands288 elif cname == self.__CMD_CAT:289 self.__cat()290 elif cname == self.__CMD_CP:291 self.__cp()292 elif cname == self.__CMD_CHMOD:293 self.__chmod()294 elif cname == self.__CMD_CHOWN:295 self.__chown()296 elif cname == self.__CMD_GET:297 self.__get()298 elif cname == self.__CMD_LS:299 self.__ls()300 elif cname == self.__CMD_MKDIR:301 self.__mkdir()302 elif cname == self.__CMD_MV:303 self.__mv()304 elif cname == self.__CMD_PUT:305 self.__put()306 elif cname == self.__CMD_RM:307 self.__rm()308 elif cname == self.__CMD_TAIL:309 self.__tail()310 elif cname == self.__CMD_TOUCH:311 self.__touch()312 elif cname == self.__CMD_USAGE:313 self.__usage()314 else:315 return self.__not_find_cmd()316 # commands implementation317 def __cat(self):318 # cat URI319 if self.__non_options() < 2:320 return321 lcwd, rcwd = app.path().dcwd()322 for i in range(1, len(self.__cmd)):323 if not self.__cmd[i].startswith('-'):324 self.__cmd[i] = Path.normalize(self.__cmd[i], rcwd)325 326 self.__exec()327 def __cp(self):328 # cp [-f] URI <dest>329 non_options = self.__non_options()330 if non_options < 2:331 return332 elif non_options == 2:333 self.__cmd.append(app.path().cwd())334 lcwd, rcwd = app.path().dcwd()335 for i in range(1, len(self.__cmd)):336 if not self.__cmd[i].startswith('-'):337 self.__cmd[i] = Path.normalize(self.__cmd[i], rcwd)338 self.__exec()339 def __chmod(self):340 # chmod [-R] <MODE[,MODE]... | OCTALMODE> PATH...341 if self.__non_options() < 3:342 return343 self.__cmd[-1] = Path.normalize(self.__cmd[-1], app.path().dcwd()[1])344 self.__exec()345 def __chown(self):346 # chown [-R] [OWNER][:[GROUP]] PATH...347 if self.__non_options() < 3:348 return349 self.__cmd[-1] = Path.normalize(self.__cmd[-1], app.path().dcwd()[1])350 self.__exec()351 def __get(self):352 # get [-f] URI353 if self.__non_options() < 2:354 return355 lcwd, rcwd = app.path().dcwd()356 for i in range(1, len(self.__cmd) - 1):357 if not self.__cmd[i].startswith('-'):358 self.__cmd[i] = Path.normalize(self.__cmd[i], rcwd)359 self.__cmd[-1] = Path.normalize(self.__cmd[-1], lcwd)360 self.__exec()361 def __ls(self):362 # ls [-d] [-h] [-R] [<path> ...]363 nopt = self.__non_options()364 if 1 == nopt:365 self.__cmd.append(app.path().dcwd()[1])366 lcwd, rcwd = app.path().dcwd()367 for i in range(1, len(self.__cmd)):368 if not self.__cmd[i].startswith('-'):369 self.__cmd[i] = Path.normalize(self.__cmd[i], rcwd)370 self.__exec()371 def __mkdir(self):372 # mkdir [-p] <paths>373 if self.__non_options() < 2:374 return375 if '-p' not in self.__cmd:376 self.__cmd.insert(1, '-p')377 lcwd, rcwd = app.path().dcwd()378 for i in range(1, len(self.__cmd)):379 if not self.__cmd[i].startswith('-'):380 self.__cmd[i] = Path.normalize(self.__cmd[i], rcwd)381 self.__exec()382 def __mv(self):383 # mv URI <dest>384 non_options = self.__non_options()385 if non_options < 2:386 return387 elif non_options == 2:388 self.__cmd.append(app.path().cwd())389 for i in range(1, len(self.__cmd)):390 if not self.__cmd[i].startswith('-'):391 self.__cmd[i] = Path.normalize(self.__cmd[i], app.path().cwd())392 self.__exec()393 def __put(self):394 # put [-f] [-p] [-l] [-d] <localsrc> <dst>395 non_options = self.__non_options()396 if non_options < 2:397 return398 elif non_options == 2:399 self.__cmd.append(app.path().cwd())400 lcwd, rcwd = app.path().dcwd()401 for i in range(1, len(self.__cmd) - 1):402 if not self.__cmd[i].startswith('-'):403 self.__cmd[i] = Path.normalize(self.__cmd[i], lcwd)404 self.__cmd[-1] = Path.normalize(self.__cmd[-1], rcwd)405 self.__exec()406 def __rm(self):407 # rm [-R] URI408 if self.__non_options() < 2:409 return410 lcwd, rcwd = app.path().dcwd()411 for i in range(1, len(self.__cmd)):412 if not self.__cmd[i].startswith('-'):413 self.__cmd[i] = Path.normalize(self.__cmd[i], rcwd)414 self.__exec()415 def __tail(self):416 # tail [-f] URI417 if self.__non_options() < 2:418 return419 self.__cmd[-1] = Path.normalize(self.__cmd[-1], app.path().cwd())420 self.__exec()421 def __touch(self):422 # touchz URI423 if self.__non_options() < 2:424 return425 self.__cmd[0] += 'z'426 lcwd, rcwd = app.path().dcwd()427 for i in range(1, len(self.__cmd)):428 if not self.__cmd[i].startswith('-'):429 self.__cmd[i] = Path.normalize(self.__cmd[i], rcwd)430 self.__exec()431 @staticmethod432 def __history():433 hist = os.path.expandvars('${HOME}/.xhdfs_history')434 if os.path.exists(hist):435 with open(hist) as f:436 for cmd in f.readlines():437 print(cmd, end='')438 def __usage(self):439 # usage command440 if self.__non_options() < 2:441 return442 self.__exec()443 def __exec(self):444 cmd = ' '.join(self.__cmd)445 if app.is_hdfs_mode:446 cmd = 'hdfs dfs -' + cmd447 if app.print_cmd:448 print(f'\033[1;32;47m{cmd}\033[0m')449 call(cmd, shell=True)450 def __non_options(self):451 return len([ele for ele in self.__cmd if not ele.startswith('-')])452 def __not_find_cmd(self):453 cmd = ''.join(self.__cmd)454 cmd = f'command not find: {cmd}'455 print(f'\033[1;32;47m{cmd}\033[0m')456 def __handle_alias(self):457 key = self.__cmd[0]458 if key in self.__common_alias.keys():459 self.__cmd[0] = self.__common_alias[key][0]460 options = self.__common_alias[key][1]461 if len(options) > 0:462 self.__cmd.insert(1, options)463 return464 if app.is_hdfs_mode and key in self.__hdfs_alias.keys():465 self.__cmd[0] = self.__hdfs_alias[key][0]466 options = self.__hdfs_alias[key][1]467 if len(options) > 0:468 self.__cmd.insert(1, options)469 elif key in self.__local_alias.keys():470 self.__cmd[0] = self.__local_alias[key][0]471 options = self.__local_alias[key][1]472 if len(options) > 0:473 self.__cmd.insert(1, options)474 @staticmethod475 def __hdfs_addr():476 if os.getenv('HADOOP_HOME'):477 core_site_file = os.path.join(os.environ['HADOOP_HOME'], 'etc/hadoop/core-site.xml')478 cmd = f'grep -B 2 -A 1 \'hdfs://\' {core_site_file}'479 if app.print_cmd:480 print(cmd)481 call(cmd, shell=True)482 else:483 print('HADOOP_HOME environment variable not set!')484 def __alias(self):485 # alias alia=cmd [-h|-l|-c] [-option1, ...]486 if len(self.__cmd) == 1:487 self.__print_alias()488 return489 what = re.fullmatch(r'(?P<alia>\w+)\s*='490 r'\s*(?P<cmd>\w+)(\s+-(?P<mode>[hlc]))?(?P<options>\s+-\w+)*', ' '.join(self.__cmd[1:]))491 if what:492 alia ='alia')493 cmd ='cmd')494 mode ='mode')495 options ='options').lstrip(' ')496 val = [cmd]497 if options:498 options = options.split(r'\s+')499 val += options500 if not mode or mode == 'h':501 self.__hdfs_alias[alia] = val502 elif mode == 'l':503 self.__local_alias[alia] = val504 elif mode == 'c':505 self.__common_alias[alia] = val506 def __print_alias(self):507 alias = self.__common_alias508 if app.is_hdfs_mode:509 alias.update(self.__hdfs_alias)510 else:511 alias.update(self.__local_alias)512 for k, v in alias.items():513 v = [i for i in v if len(i) > 0]514 print(f'alias {k}=' + ' '.join(v))515class Main:516 def main(self):517 while True:518 self.watcher().choice_layout()519 # cmd = input(self.path().prompt())520 print(f'\033[1;32;47m{self.path().prompt()}\033[0m', end='')521 self.__cmd.parse(input())522 def __init__(self):523 self.__hdfs = True524 self.print_cmd = args.cmd_print525 self.print_autocomp_words = args.log_print526 self.__cmd = Command()527 self.__path = Path()528 self.__addr = args.hdfs_address529 self.init()530 self.__watcher = PathWatcher(self.__cmd)531 self.__path.add_watcher(self.__watcher)532 def init(self):533 if self.__addr:534 if os.getenv('HADOOP_HOME'):535 core_site_file = os.path.join(os.environ['HADOOP_HOME'], 'etc/hadoop/core-site.xml')536 with open(core_site_file) as f:537 core_site_conf = f.readlines()538 for row, line in enumerate(core_site_conf):539 if line.find('hdfs://') != -1:540 core_site_conf[row] = ' ' * 8 + f'<value>hdfs://{self.__addr}</value>\n'541 break542 with open(core_site_file, 'w') as f:543 f.writelines(core_site_conf)544 else:545 print('HADOOP_HOME environment variable not set!')546 @property547 def is_hdfs_mode(self):548 return self.__hdfs549 @is_hdfs_mode.setter550 def is_hdfs_mode(self, val):551 self.__hdfs = val552 self.path().mode(val)553 def path(self):554 return self.__path555 def watcher(self):556 return self.__watcher557def parse_args():558 parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(formatter_class=argparse.ArgumentDefaultsHelpFormatter)559 parser.add_argument('-c', '--cmd-print', action='store_true', help='if print exec command')560 parser.add_argument('-l', '--log-print', action='store_true', help='if print auto completion candidate words')561 parser.add_argument('-s', '--hdfs-address', help='hdfs cluster address')562 parser.add_argument('-d', '--dyn-choices', action='store_true', help='if dynamic make choices')563 return parser.parse_args()564if __name__ == '__main__':565 try:566 args = parse_args()567 # print(args)568 app = Main()569 app.main()570 except (EOFError, KeyboardInterrupt):...

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1import RPi.GPIO as GPIO2import time3import os4GPIO.setmode(GPIO.BCM)5GPIO.setwarnings(False)6## note=after calling GPIO.cleanup() function all data on display will get erase.7## You cannot use __send_data(), __send() functions and any variables used8## in all functions of this library. The functions which available for user is9## Print(note that capital P),clear,shift,begin,setCursor,blinkCursorOn,10## blinkCursorOff and The variables which available for user is right and left11## which used to indicated direction for shift the display.thanks for using12## this library. for more details or query you can mail me at13## 14class lcd:15 right=True16 left=False17 __cmd=False18 __data=True19 def __send_data(self,value,signal):20 GPIO.output(self.__RS,signal)21 self.__send(value>>4)22 self.__send(value)23 time.sleep(0.001) 24 25 def __send(self,val):26 self.__val=val27 for i in range (0,4):28 GPIO.output(self.__D[i],((self.__val>>i) & 0x01))29 GPIO.output(self.__EN,False)30 time.sleep(0.000001)31 GPIO.output(self.__EN,True)32 time.sleep(0.000001)33 GPIO.output(self.__EN,False)34 time.sleep(0.0001)35 def Print(self,text):36 self.__text=str(text)37 self.__length=len(self.__text)38 for i in range (0,self.__length):39 self.__a=ord(self.__text[i])40 self.__send_data(self.__a,self.__data)41 def clear(self):42 self.__send_data(0x01,self.__cmd)43 44 def setCursor(self,row,col):45 self.__col=col-146 self.__row=row47 if(self.__row==1):48 self.__pos=0x8049 if(self.__row==2):50 self.__pos=0xC051 self.__cursor=self.__pos+self.__col52 self.__send_data(self.__cursor,self.__cmd) 53 54 def begin(self,d4,d5,d6,d7,rs,en):55 self.__D=[d4,d5,d6,d7]56 self.__RS=rs57 self.__EN=en58 for i in range(0,4):59 GPIO.setup(self.__D[i],GPIO.OUT)60 GPIO.setup(self.__RS,GPIO.OUT)61 GPIO.setup(self.__EN,GPIO.OUT)62 time.sleep(0.050)63 self.__send_data(0x30,self.__cmd)##first try64 time.sleep(0.05)65 self.__send_data(0x30,self.__cmd)##sencond try66 time.sleep(0.05)67 self.__send_data(0x30,self.__cmd)##third try68 time.sleep(0.0015)69 self.__send_data(0x20,self.__cmd)##final go70 self.__send_data(0x28,self.__cmd)##select 4 bit, mode 2 lins ,5x7 font71 self.__send_data(0x01,self.__cmd)##clear screen72 self.__send_data(0x06,self.__cmd)##display ON73 self.__send_data(0x80,self.__cmd)## bring cursor to position 0 of line 174 self.__send_data(0x0C,self.__cmd)## turn display ON for cursor blinking75 def shift(self,direction,count):76 self.__direction=direction77 self.__count=count78 if(self.__direction==self.left):79 for i in range (0,self.__count):80 self.__send_data(0x18,self.__cmd)81 time.sleep(1)82 if(self.__direction==self.right):83 for i in range (0,self.__count):84 self.__send_data(0x1C,self.__cmd)85 time.sleep(1)86 def blinkCursorOn(self):87 self.__send_data(0x0F,self.__cmd)88 89 def blinkCursorOff(self):...

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