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1import sublime2from import MODE_NORMAL, MODE_NORMAL_INSERT, MODE_INSERT, ACTIONS_EXITING_TO_INSERT_MODE, MODE_VISUAL_LINE, MODE_VISUAL, MODE_SELECT3from import MODE_VISUAL_BLOCK4from import constants5from import utils6from import action_to_namespace7class KeyContext(object):8 def __get__(self, instance, owner):9 self.state = instance10 return self11 def vi_must_change_mode(self, key, operator, operand, match_all):12 is_normal_mode = self.state.settings.view['command_mode']13 is_exit_mode_insert = (self.state.action in ACTIONS_EXITING_TO_INSERT_MODE)14 if (is_normal_mode and is_exit_mode_insert):15 return self._check(True, operator, operand, match_all)16 # Close the ':' panel.17 if self.vi_is_cmdline(key, operator, operand, match_all):18 # We return False so that vi_esc will be skipped and the default Sublime Text command19 # will be triggered instead. When the input panel finally closes, the initialization20 # code in will take care of clearing the state so we are left in a consistent21 # state.22 return False23 # If we have primed counts, we have to clear the state.24 if self.state.user_provided_count or self.state.motion or self.state.action:25 return True26 # TODO: Simplify comparisons.27 if self.state.mode == MODE_NORMAL_INSERT:28 return True29 if self.state.mode == MODE_INSERT:30 return True31 # check if we are NOT in normal mode -- if NOT, we need to change modes32 # This covers, for example, SELECT_MODE.33 if self.state.mode != MODE_NORMAL:34 return True35 # Clear non-empty selections if there any.36 # For example, this will be the case when we've used select mode (gh).37 if not all(r.empty() for r in self.state.view.sel()):38 return True39 # XXX Actually, if we already are in normal mode, we still need to perform certain40 # cleanup tasks, so let the command run anyway.41 if self.state.view.get_regions('vi_search'):42 return True43 def vi_is_buffer(self, key, operator, operand, match_all):44 # !! The following check is based on an implementation detail of Sublime Text. !!45 is_console = False if (getattr(self.state.view, 'settings') is not None) else True46 is_widget = self.state.view.settings().get('is_widget')47 value = (is_console or is_widget)48 return self._check(value, operand, operand, match_all)49 def vi_must_exit_to_insert_mode(self, key, operator, operand, match_all):50 # XXX: This conext most likely not needed any more.51 is_normal_mode = self.state.settings.view['command_mode']52 is_exit_mode_insert = (self.state.action in ACTIONS_EXITING_TO_INSERT_MODE)53 value = (is_normal_mode and is_exit_mode_insert)54 return self._check(value, operator, operand, match_all)55 def vi_use_ctrl_keys(self, key, operator, operand, match_all):56 value = self.state.settings.view['vintageous_use_ctrl_keys']57 return self._check(value, operator, operand, match_all)58 def vi_is_cmdline(self, key, operator, operand, match_all):59 value = (self.state.view.score_selector(0, 'text.excmdline') != 0)60 return self._check(value, operator, operand, match_all)61 def vi_enable_cmdline_mode(self, key, operator, operand, match_all):62 value = self.state.settings.view['vintageous_enable_cmdline_mode']63 return self._check(value, operator, operand, match_all)64 def vi_has_incomplete_action(self, key, operator, operand, match_all):65 value = any(x for x in (self.state.action, self.state.motion) if66 x in constants.INCOMPLETE_ACTIONS)67 return self._check(value, operator, operand, match_all)68 def vi_has_action(self, key, operator, operand, match_all):69 value = self.state.action70 value = value and (value not in constants.INCOMPLETE_ACTIONS)71 return self._check(value, operator, operand, match_all)72 def vi_has_motion_count(self, key, operator, operand, match_all):73 value = self.state.motion_digits74 return self._check(value, operator, operand, match_all)75 def vi_mode_normal_insert(self, key, operator, operand, match_all):76 value = self.state.mode == MODE_NORMAL_INSERT77 return self._check(value, operator, operand, match_all)78 def vi_mode_visual_block(self, key, operator, operand, match_all):79 value = self.state.mode == MODE_VISUAL_BLOCK80 return self._check(value, operator, operand, match_all)81 def vi_mode_cannot_push_zero(self, key, operator, operand, match_all):82 value = False83 if operator == sublime.OP_EQUAL:84 value = not (self.state.motion_digits or85 self.state.action_digits)86 return self._check(value, operator, operand, match_all)87 def vi_mode_visual_any(self, key, operator, operand, match_all):88 value = self.state.mode in (MODE_VISUAL_LINE, MODE_VISUAL, MODE_VISUAL_BLOCK)89 return self._check(value, operator, operand, match_all)90 def vi_mode_select(self, key, operator, operand, match_all):91 value = self.state.mode == MODE_SELECT92 return self._check(value, operator, operand, match_all)93 def vi_mode_visual_line(self, key, operator, operand, match_all):94 value = self.state.mode == MODE_VISUAL_LINE95 return self._check(value, operator, operand, match_all)96 def vi_mode_insert(self, key, operator, operand, match_all):97 value = self.state.mode == MODE_INSERT98 return self._check(value, operator, operand, match_all)99 def vi_mode_visual(self, key, operator, operand, match_all):100 value = self.state.mode == MODE_VISUAL101 return self._check(value, operator, operand, match_all)102 def vi_mode_normal(self, key, operator, operand, match_all):103 value = self.state.mode == MODE_NORMAL104 return self._check(value, operator, operand, match_all)105 def vi_mode_normal_or_visual(self, key, operator, operand, match_all):106 # XXX: This context is used to disable some keys for VISUALLINE.107 # However, this is hiding some problems in visual transformers that might not be dealing108 # correctly with VISUALLINE.109 normal = self.vi_mode_normal(key, operator, operand, match_all)110 visual = self.vi_mode_visual(key, operator, operand, match_all)111 visual = visual or self.vi_mode_visual_block(key, operator, operand, match_all)112 return self._check((normal or visual), operator, operand, match_all)113 def vi_mode_normal_or_any_visual(self, key, operator, operand, match_all):114 normal_or_visual = self.vi_mode_normal_or_visual(key, operator, operand, match_all)115 visual_line = self.vi_mode_visual_line(key, operator, operand, match_all)116 return self._check((normal_or_visual or visual_line), operator, operand, match_all)117 def vi_state_next_character_is_user_input(self, key, operator, operand, match_all):118 value = (self.state.expecting_user_input or119 self.state.expecting_register)120 return self._check(value, operator, operand, match_all)121 def vi_state_expecting_user_input(self, key, operator, operand, match_all):122 value = self.state.expecting_user_input123 return self._check(value, operator, operand, match_all)124 def vi_state_expecting_register(self, key, operator, operand, match_all):125 value = self.state.expecting_register126 return self._check(value, operator, operand, match_all)127 def vi_mode_can_push_digit(self, key, operator, operand, match_all):128 motion_digits = not self.state.motion129 action_digits = self.state.motion130 value = motion_digits or action_digits131 return self._check(value, operator, operand, match_all)132 def vi_is_recording_macro(self, key, operator, operand, match_all):133 value = self.state.is_recording134 return self._check(value, operator, operand, match_all)135 def vi_in_key_namespace(self, key, operator, operand, match_all):136 has_incomplete_action = self.vi_has_incomplete_action('vi_has_incomplete_action', sublime.OP_EQUAL, True, False)137 if not has_incomplete_action:138 return False139 value = action_to_namespace(self.state.action) or action_to_namespace(self.state.motion)140 if not value:141 return False142 value = value == operand143 return value144 # return self._check(value, operator, True, match_all)145 def vi_can_enter_any_visual_mode(self, key, operator, operand, match_all):146 sels = self.state.view.sel()147 rv = True148 for sel in sels:149 # We're assuming we are in normal mode.150 if sel.b == self.state.view.size() and self.state.view.line(sel.b).empty():151 rv = False152 break153 if not rv:154 print("Vintageous: Can't enter visual mode at EOF if last line is empty.")155 utils.blink()156 return self._check(rv, operator, operand, match_all)157 def check(self, key, operator, operand, match_all):158 func = getattr(self, key, None)159 if func:160 return func(key, operator, operand, match_all)161 else:162 return None163 def _check(self, value, operator, operand, match_all):164 if operator == sublime.OP_EQUAL:165 if operand == True:166 return value167 elif operand == False:168 return not value169 elif operator == sublime.OP_NOT_EQUAL:170 if operand == True:171 return not value172 elif operand == False:...

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