How to use _run_grubby_prepare_args method in autotest

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...710 return True711 if d_name.lower() == 'suse' and d_version >= 12:712 return True713 return False714 def _run_grubby_prepare_args(self, arguments, include_bootloader=True):715 '''716 Prepares the argument list when running a grubby command717 '''718 args = []719 if self.path is None:720 self._set_path()721 args.append(self.path)722 if self.path is not None and not os.path.exists(self.path):723 self.log.error('grubby executable does not exist: "%s"', self.path)724 if not os.access(self.path, os.R_OK | os.X_OK):725 self.log.error('insufficient permissions (read and execute) '726 'for grubby executable: "%s"', self.path)727 # If a bootloader has been detected, that is, a mode has been set,728 # it's passed as the first command line argument to grubby729 if include_bootloader and self.bootloader is not None:730 args.append('--%s' % self.bootloader)731 # Override configuration file732 if self.opts is not None and self.opts.config_file:733 args.append('--config-file=%s' % self.opts.config_file)734 elif self._dist_uses_grub2():735 args.append('--config-file=/boot/grub2/grub.cfg')736 args += arguments737 return args738 def _run_grubby_get_output(self, arguments, include_bootloader=True):739 '''740 Utility function that runs grubby with arguments and returns output741 '''742 args = self._run_grubby_prepare_args(arguments, include_bootloader)743 return self._run_get_output(args)744 def _run_grubby_get_return(self, arguments, include_bootloader=True):745 '''746 Utility function that runs grubby with and returns status code747 '''748 args = self._run_grubby_prepare_args(arguments, include_bootloader)749 return self._run_get_return(args)750 def _extract_tarball(self, tarball, directory):751 '''752 Extract tarball into the an directory753 This code assume the first (or only) entry is the main directory754 :type tarball: string755 :param tarball: tarball file path756 :type directory: string757 :param directory: directory path758 :return: path of toplevel directory as extracted from tarball759 '''760 f = members = f.getmembers()762 topdir = members[0]...

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