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1#!/usr/bin/python2# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-3# Copyright 2012 Dag Wieers <>4# GNU General Public License v3.0+ (see LICENSES/GPL-3.0-or-later.txt or SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-3.0-or-later6from __future__ import absolute_import, division, print_function7__metaclass__ = type8DOCUMENTATION = '''9---10module: hpilo_boot11author: Dag Wieers (@dagwieers)12short_description: Boot system using specific media through HP iLO interface13description:14- "This module boots a system through its HP iLO interface. The boot media15 can be one of: cdrom, floppy, hdd, network or usb."16- This module requires the hpilo python module.17options:18 host:19 description:20 - The HP iLO hostname/address that is linked to the physical system.21 type: str22 required: true23 login:24 description:25 - The login name to authenticate to the HP iLO interface.26 default: Administrator27 type: str28 password:29 description:30 - The password to authenticate to the HP iLO interface.31 default: admin32 type: str33 media:34 description:35 - The boot media to boot the system from36 choices: [ "cdrom", "floppy", "rbsu", "hdd", "network", "normal", "usb" ]37 type: str38 image:39 description:40 - The URL of a cdrom, floppy or usb boot media image.41 protocol://username:password@hostname:port/filename42 - protocol is either 'http' or 'https'43 - username:password is optional44 - port is optional45 type: str46 state:47 description:48 - The state of the boot media.49 - "no_boot: Do not boot from the device"50 - "boot_once: Boot from the device once and then notthereafter"51 - "boot_always: Boot from the device each time the server is rebooted"52 - "connect: Connect the virtual media device and set to boot_always"53 - "disconnect: Disconnects the virtual media device and set to no_boot"54 - "poweroff: Power off the server"55 default: boot_once56 type: str57 choices: [ "boot_always", "boot_once", "connect", "disconnect", "no_boot", "poweroff" ]58 force:59 description:60 - Whether to force a reboot (even when the system is already booted).61 - As a safeguard, without force, hpilo_boot will refuse to reboot a server that is already running.62 default: no63 type: bool64 ssl_version:65 description:66 - Change the ssl_version used.67 default: TLSv168 type: str69 choices: [ "SSLv3", "SSLv23", "TLSv1", "TLSv1_1", "TLSv1_2" ]70requirements:71- python-hpilo72notes:73- To use a USB key image you need to specify floppy as boot media.74- This module ought to be run from a system that can access the HP iLO75 interface directly, either by using C(local_action) or using C(delegate_to).76'''77EXAMPLES = r'''78- name: Task to boot a system using an ISO from an HP iLO interface only if the system is an HP server79 community.general.hpilo_boot:80 host: YOUR_ILO_ADDRESS81 login: YOUR_ILO_LOGIN82 password: YOUR_ILO_PASSWORD83 media: cdrom84 image: http://some-web-server/iso/boot.iso85 when: cmdb_hwmodel.startswith('HP ')86 delegate_to: localhost87- name: Power off a server88 community.general.hpilo_boot:89 host: YOUR_ILO_HOST90 login: YOUR_ILO_LOGIN91 password: YOUR_ILO_PASSWORD92 state: poweroff93 delegate_to: localhost94'''95RETURN = '''96# Default return values97'''98import time99import traceback100import warnings101HPILO_IMP_ERR = None102try:103 import hpilo104 HAS_HPILO = True105except ImportError:106 HPILO_IMP_ERR = traceback.format_exc()107 HAS_HPILO = False108from ansible.module_utils.basic import AnsibleModule, missing_required_lib109# Suppress warnings from hpilo110warnings.simplefilter('ignore')111def main():112 module = AnsibleModule(113 argument_spec=dict(114 host=dict(type='str', required=True),115 login=dict(type='str', default='Administrator'),116 password=dict(type='str', default='admin', no_log=True),117 media=dict(type='str', choices=['cdrom', 'floppy', 'rbsu', 'hdd', 'network', 'normal', 'usb']),118 image=dict(type='str'),119 state=dict(type='str', default='boot_once', choices=['boot_always', 'boot_once', 'connect', 'disconnect', 'no_boot', 'poweroff']),120 force=dict(type='bool', default=False),121 ssl_version=dict(type='str', default='TLSv1', choices=['SSLv3', 'SSLv23', 'TLSv1', 'TLSv1_1', 'TLSv1_2']),122 )123 )124 if not HAS_HPILO:125 module.fail_json(msg=missing_required_lib('python-hpilo'), exception=HPILO_IMP_ERR)126 host = module.params['host']127 login = module.params['login']128 password = module.params['password']129 media = module.params['media']130 image = module.params['image']131 state = module.params['state']132 force = module.params['force']133 ssl_version = getattr(hpilo.ssl, 'PROTOCOL_' + module.params.get('ssl_version').upper().replace('V', 'v'))134 ilo = hpilo.Ilo(host, login=login, password=password, ssl_version=ssl_version)135 changed = False136 status = {}137 power_status = 'UNKNOWN'138 if media and state in ('boot_always', 'boot_once', 'connect', 'disconnect', 'no_boot'):139 # Workaround for: Error communicating with iLO: Problem manipulating EV140 try:141 ilo.set_one_time_boot(media)142 except hpilo.IloError:143 time.sleep(60)144 ilo.set_one_time_boot(media)145 # TODO: Verify if image URL exists/works146 if image:147 ilo.insert_virtual_media(media, image)148 changed = True149 if media == 'cdrom':150 ilo.set_vm_status('cdrom', state, True)151 status = ilo.get_vm_status()152 changed = True153 elif media in ('floppy', 'usb'):154 ilo.set_vf_status(state, True)155 status = ilo.get_vf_status()156 changed = True157 # Only perform a boot when state is boot_once or boot_always, or in case we want to force a reboot158 if state in ('boot_once', 'boot_always') or force:159 power_status = ilo.get_host_power_status()160 if not force and power_status == 'ON':161 module.fail_json(msg='HP iLO (%s) reports that the server is already powered on !' % host)162 if power_status == 'ON':163 ilo.warm_boot_server()164# ilo.cold_boot_server()165 changed = True166 else:167 ilo.press_pwr_btn()168# ilo.reset_server()169# ilo.set_host_power(host_power=True)170 changed = True171 elif state in ('poweroff'):172 power_status = ilo.get_host_power_status()173 if not power_status == 'OFF':174 ilo.hold_pwr_btn()175# ilo.set_host_power(host_power=False)176 changed = True177 module.exit_json(changed=changed, power=power_status, **status)178if __name__ == '__main__':...

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