How to use _add_status_failures method in avocado

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...154 if paused_msg:155 self.job.log.warning(paused_msg)156 else: # test_status157 self.status = msg158 def _add_status_failures(self, test_state):159 """160 Append TestStatus error to test_state in case there were any.161 """162 if self._failed:163 return add_runner_failure(test_state, "ERROR", "TestStatus failed,"164 " see overall job.log for details.")165 return test_state166 def finish(self, proc, started, step, deadline, result_dispatcher):167 """168 Wait for the test process to finish and report status or error status169 if unable to obtain the status till deadline.170 :param proc: The test's process171 :param started: Time when the test started172 :param first: Delay before first check173 :param step: Step between checks for the status174 :param deadline: Test execution deadline175 :param result_dispatcher: Result dispatcher (for test_progress176 notifications)177 """178 # Wait for either process termination or test status179 wait.wait_for(lambda: not proc.is_alive() or self.status, 1, 0, step)180 config = settings.as_dict()181 if self.status: # status exists, wait for process to finish182 timeout_process_alive = config.get('runner.timeout.process_alive')183 deadline = min(deadline, time.time() + timeout_process_alive)184 while time.time() < deadline:185 result_dispatcher.map_method('test_progress', False)186 if wait.wait_for(lambda: not proc.is_alive(), 1, 0, step):187 return self._add_status_failures(self.status)188 err = "Test reported status but did not finish"189 else: # proc finished, wait for late status delivery190 timeout_process_died = config.get('runner.timeout.process_died')191 deadline = min(deadline, time.time() + timeout_process_died)192 while time.time() < deadline:193 result_dispatcher.map_method('test_progress', False)194 if wait.wait_for(lambda: self.status, 1, 0, step):195 # Status delivered after the test process finished, pass196 return self._add_status_failures(self.status)197 err = "Test died without reporting the status."198 # At this point there were failures, fill the new test status199 TEST_LOG.debug("Original status: %s", str(self.status))200 test_state = self.early_status201 test_state['time_start'] = started202 test_state['time_elapsed'] = time.time() - started203 test_state['fail_reason'] = err204 test_state['status'] = exceptions.TestAbortError.status205 test_state['fail_class'] = (exceptions.TestAbortError.__class__.206 __name__)207 test_state['traceback'] = 'Traceback not available'208 try:209 with open(test_state['logfile'], 'r') as log_file_obj:210 test_state['text_output'] = except IOError:212 test_state["text_output"] = "Not available, file not created yet"213 TEST_LOG.error('ERROR %s -> TestAbortError: %s.', err,214 test_state['name'])215 if proc.is_alive():216 TEST_LOG.warning("Killing hanged test process %s", os.kill(, signal.SIGTERM)218 if not wait.wait_for(lambda: not proc.is_alive(), 1, 0, 0.01):219 os.kill(, signal.SIGKILL)220 end_time = time.time() + 60221 while time.time() < end_time:222 if not proc.is_alive():223 break224 time.sleep(0.1)225 else:226 raise exceptions.TestError("Unable to destroy test's "227 "process (%s)" %

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