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...47 # are both allowed.48 registry.update_image_metadata(req.context, image_id,49 {'status': 'killed'},50 from_state=from_state)51def safe_kill(req, image_id, from_state):52 """53 Mark image killed without raising exceptions if it fails.54 Since _kill is meant to be called from exceptions handlers, it should55 not raise itself, rather it should just log its error.56 :param req: The WSGI/Webob Request object57 :param image_id: Opaque image identifier58 :param from_state: Permitted current status for transition to 'killed'59 """60 try:61 _kill(req, image_id, from_state)62 except Exception:63 LOG.exception(_LE("Unable to kill image %(id)s: ") % {'id': image_id})64def upload_data_to_store(req, image_meta, image_data, store, notifier):65 """66 Upload image data to specified store.67 Upload image data to the store and cleans up on error.68 """69 image_id = image_meta['id']70 db_api = glance.db.get_api(v1_mode=True)71 image_size = image_meta.get('size')72 try:73 # By default image_data will be passed as CooperativeReader object.74 # But if 'user_storage_quota' is enabled and 'remaining' is not None75 # then it will be passed as object of LimitingReader to76 # 'store_add_to_backend' method.77 image_data = utils.CooperativeReader(image_data)78 remaining = glance.api.common.check_quota(79 req.context, image_size, db_api, image_id=image_id)80 if remaining is not None:81 image_data = utils.LimitingReader(image_data, remaining)82 (uri,83 size,84 checksum,85 location_metadata) = store_api.store_add_to_backend(86 image_meta['id'],87 image_data,88 image_meta['size'],89 store,90 context=req.context)91 location_data = {'url': uri,92 'metadata': location_metadata,93 'status': 'active'}94 try:95 # recheck the quota in case there were simultaneous uploads that96 # did not provide the size97 glance.api.common.check_quota(98 req.context, size, db_api, image_id=image_id)99 except exception.StorageQuotaFull:100 with excutils.save_and_reraise_exception():101'Cleaning up %s after exceeding '102 'the quota'), image_id)103 store_utils.safe_delete_from_backend(104 req.context, image_meta['id'], location_data)105 def _kill_mismatched(image_meta, attr, actual):106 supplied = image_meta.get(attr)107 if supplied and supplied != actual:108 msg = (_("Supplied %(attr)s (%(supplied)s) and "109 "%(attr)s generated from uploaded image "110 "(%(actual)s) did not match. Setting image "111 "status to 'killed'.") % {'attr': attr,112 'supplied': supplied,113 'actual': actual})114 LOG.error(msg)115 safe_kill(req, image_id, 'saving')116 initiate_deletion(req, location_data, image_id)117 raise webob.exc.HTTPBadRequest(explanation=msg,118 content_type="text/plain",119 request=req)120 # Verify any supplied size/checksum value matches size/checksum121 # returned from store when adding image122 _kill_mismatched(image_meta, 'size', size)123 _kill_mismatched(image_meta, 'checksum', checksum)124 # Update the database with the checksum returned125 # from the backend store126 LOG.debug("Updating image %(image_id)s data. "127 "Checksum set to %(checksum)s, size set "128 "to %(size)d", {'image_id': image_id,129 'checksum': checksum,130 'size': size})131 update_data = {'checksum': checksum,132 'size': size}133 try:134 try:135 state = 'saving'136 image_meta = registry.update_image_metadata(req.context,137 image_id,138 update_data,139 from_state=state)140 except exception.Duplicate:141 image = registry.get_image_metadata(req.context, image_id)142 if image['status'] == 'deleted':143 raise exception.ImageNotFound()144 else:145 raise146 except exception.NotAuthenticated as e:147 # Delete image data due to possible token expiration.148 LOG.debug("Authentication error - the token may have "149 "expired during file upload. Deleting image data for "150 " %s " % image_id)151 initiate_deletion(req, location_data, image_id)152 raise webob.exc.HTTPUnauthorized(explanation=e.msg, request=req)153 except exception.ImageNotFound:154 msg = _("Image %s could not be found after upload. The image may"155 " have been deleted during the upload.") % image_id156 # NOTE(jculp): we need to clean up the datastore if an image158 # resource is deleted while the image data is being uploaded159 #160 # We get "location_data" from above call to store.add(), any161 # exceptions that occur there handle this same issue internally,162 # Since this is store-agnostic, should apply to all stores.163 initiate_deletion(req, location_data, image_id)164 raise webob.exc.HTTPPreconditionFailed(explanation=msg,165 request=req,166 content_type='text/plain')167 except store_api.StoreAddDisabled:168 msg = _("Error in store configuration. Adding images to store "169 "is disabled.")170 LOG.exception(msg)171 safe_kill(req, image_id, 'saving')172 notifier.error('image.upload', msg)173 raise webob.exc.HTTPGone(explanation=msg, request=req,174 content_type='text/plain')175 except (store_api.Duplicate, exception.Duplicate) as e:176 msg = (_("Attempt to upload duplicate image: %s") %177 encodeutils.exception_to_unicode(e))178 LOG.warn(msg)179 # NOTE(dosaboy): do not delete the image since it is likely that this180 # conflict is a result of another concurrent upload that will be181 # successful.182 notifier.error('image.upload', msg)183 raise webob.exc.HTTPConflict(explanation=msg,184 request=req,185 content_type="text/plain")186 except exception.Forbidden as e:187 msg = (_("Forbidden upload attempt: %s") %188 encodeutils.exception_to_unicode(e))189 LOG.warn(msg)190 safe_kill(req, image_id, 'saving')191 notifier.error('image.upload', msg)192 raise webob.exc.HTTPForbidden(explanation=msg,193 request=req,194 content_type="text/plain")195 except store_api.StorageFull as e:196 msg = (_("Image storage media is full: %s") %197 encodeutils.exception_to_unicode(e))198 LOG.error(msg)199 safe_kill(req, image_id, 'saving')200 notifier.error('image.upload', msg)201 raise webob.exc.HTTPRequestEntityTooLarge(explanation=msg,202 request=req,203 content_type='text/plain')204 except store_api.StorageWriteDenied as e:205 msg = (_("Insufficient permissions on image storage media: %s") %206 encodeutils.exception_to_unicode(e))207 LOG.error(msg)208 safe_kill(req, image_id, 'saving')209 notifier.error('image.upload', msg)210 raise webob.exc.HTTPServiceUnavailable(explanation=msg,211 request=req,212 content_type='text/plain')213 except exception.ImageSizeLimitExceeded as e:214 msg = (_("Denying attempt to upload image larger than %d bytes.")215 % CONF.image_size_cap)216 LOG.warn(msg)217 safe_kill(req, image_id, 'saving')218 notifier.error('image.upload', msg)219 raise webob.exc.HTTPRequestEntityTooLarge(explanation=msg,220 request=req,221 content_type='text/plain')222 except exception.StorageQuotaFull as e:223 msg = (_("Denying attempt to upload image because it exceeds the "224 "quota: %s") % encodeutils.exception_to_unicode(e))225 LOG.warn(msg)226 safe_kill(req, image_id, 'saving')227 notifier.error('image.upload', msg)228 raise webob.exc.HTTPRequestEntityTooLarge(explanation=msg,229 request=req,230 content_type='text/plain')231 except webob.exc.HTTPError:232 # NOTE(bcwaldon): Ideally, we would just call 'raise' here,233 # but something in the above function calls is affecting the234 # exception context and we must explicitly re-raise the235 # caught exception.236 msg = _LE("Received HTTP error while uploading image %s") % image_id237 notifier.error('image.upload', msg)238 with excutils.save_and_reraise_exception():239 LOG.exception(msg)240 safe_kill(req, image_id, 'saving')241 except (ValueError, IOError) as e:242 msg = _("Client disconnected before sending all data to backend")243 LOG.warn(msg)244 safe_kill(req, image_id, 'saving')245 raise webob.exc.HTTPBadRequest(explanation=msg,246 content_type="text/plain",247 request=req)248 except Exception as e:249 msg = _("Failed to upload image %s") % image_id250 LOG.exception(msg)251 safe_kill(req, image_id, 'saving')252 notifier.error('image.upload', msg)253 raise webob.exc.HTTPInternalServerError(explanation=msg,254 request=req,255 content_type='text/plain')...

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