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Python library that provides an API to run automation tests in Docker container

Support and updates

  • testcontainers-python has 689 stars, 140 forks.
  • It has 0 major releases in the past 6 months.
  • It has 0 commits and there are 20 open pull requests.
  • It has 52 open issues and 75 have been closed.

Code statistics

  • testcontainers-python has 112 methods.

Automation Testing Tutorials

Learn to execute automation testing from scratch with LambdaTest Learning Hub. Right from setting up the prerequisites to run your first automation test, to following best practices and diving deeper into advanced test scenarios. LambdaTest Learning Hubs compile a list of step-by-step guides to help you be proficient with different test automation frameworks i.e. Selenium, Cypress, TestNG etc.

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testcontainers-python is lincensed under the Apache License 2.0

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testcontainers-python can be downloaded from it’s GitHub repository - https://github.com/testcontainers/testcontainers-python

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Other similar frameworks


Python screenshot library, replacement for the Pillow ImageGrab module on Linux


Test management system


Nose2 is the successor to nose. Nose2's purpose is to extend unittest to make testing nicer and easier to understand. Can be considered as unittest with plugins.


A simple, cross-platform GUI automation module for Python and Rust.


Pytest plugin for automating actions and assertions. Has test metrics reporting executing plain YAML files.

Frameworks to try


Profiling for ruby tests


NUnit is a unit-testing framework for all .NET languages. Is completely rewritten with many new features and support for a wide range of .NET platforms.


Spek 2.x is a complete rewrite of Spek with Kotlin multiplatform support in mind. The DSL is also reworked into two distinct styles: specification and gherkin.


NBi is a testing framework (add-on to NUnit) for Business Intelligence and Data Access. The main goal of this framework is to let users create tests with a declarative approach based on an Xml syntax. By the means of NBi, you don't need to develop C# or Java code to specify your tests!


Gherkin is a parser and compiler for the Gherkin language. Gherkin dotnet can be used either through its command line interface (CLI) or as a library.

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