How to use path method of Tests Package

Best Shoulda_ruby code snippet using Tests.path


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1TEST_CHANGES_SINCE = - 6002# Look up tests for recently modified sources.3def recent_tests(source_pattern, test_path, touched_since = 10.minutes.ago)4 FileList[source_pattern].map do |path|5 if File.mtime(path) > touched_since6 tests = []7 source_dir = File.dirname(path).split("/")8 source_file = File.basename(path, '.rb')9 # Support subdirs in app/models and app/controllers10 modified_test_path = source_dir.length > 2 ? "#{test_path}/" << source_dir[1..source_dir.length].join('/') : test_path11 # For modified files in app/ run the tests for it. ex. /test/functional/account_controller.rb12 test = "#{modified_test_path}/#{source_file}_test.rb"13 tests.push test if File.exist?(test)14 # For modified files in app, run tests in subdirs too. ex. /test/functional/account/*_test.rb15 test = "#{modified_test_path}/#{File.basename(path, '.rb').sub("_controller","")}"16 FileList["#{test}/*_test.rb"].each { |f| tests.push f } if File.exist?(test)17 return tests18 end19 end.flatten.compact20end21# Recreated here from ActiveSupport because :uncommitted needs it before Rails is available22module Kernel23 def silence_stderr24 old_stderr = STDERR.dup25 STDERR.reopen(RUBY_PLATFORM =~ /(:?mswin|mingw)/ ? 'NUL:' : '/dev/null')26 STDERR.sync = true27 yield28 ensure29 STDERR.reopen(old_stderr)30 end31end32desc 'Run all unit, functional and integration tests'33task :test do34 errors = %w(test:units test:functionals test:integration).collect do |task|35 begin36 Rake::Task[task].invoke37 nil38 rescue => e39 task40 end41 end.compact42 abort "Errors running #{errors.to_sentence(:locale => :en)}!" if errors.any?43end44namespace :test do45 => "db:test:prepare") do |t|46 since = TEST_CHANGES_SINCE47 touched = FileList['test/**/*_test.rb'].select { |path| File.mtime(path) > since } +48 recent_tests('app/models/**/*.rb', 'test/unit', since) +49 recent_tests('app/controllers/**/*.rb', 'test/functional', since)50 t.libs << 'test'51 t.verbose = true52 t.test_files = touched.uniq53 end54 Rake::Task['test:recent'].comment = "Test recent changes"55 => "db:test:prepare") do |t|56 def t.file_list57 if".svn")58 changed_since_checkin = silence_stderr { `svn status` }.map { |path| path.chomp[7 .. -1] }59 elsif".git")60 changed_since_checkin = silence_stderr { `git ls-files --modified --others` }.map { |path| path.chomp }61 else62 abort "Not a Subversion or Git checkout."63 end64 models = { |path| path =~ /app[\\\/]models[\\\/].*\.rb$/ }65 controllers = { |path| path =~ /app[\\\/]controllers[\\\/].*\.rb$/ }66 unit_tests = { |model| "test/unit/#{File.basename(model, '.rb')}_test.rb" }67 functional_tests = { |controller| "test/functional/#{File.basename(controller, '.rb')}_test.rb" }68 unit_tests.uniq + functional_tests.uniq69 end70 t.libs << 'test'71 t.verbose = true72 end73 Rake::Task['test:uncommitted'].comment = "Test changes since last checkin (only Subversion and Git)"74 => "db:test:prepare") do |t|75 t.libs << "test"76 t.pattern = 'test/unit/**/*_test.rb'77 t.verbose = true78 end79 Rake::Task['test:units'].comment = "Run the unit tests in test/unit"...

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1require 'spec_helper'2require_relative '../../config/initializers/6_validations.rb'3describe '6_validations', lib: true do4 before :all do5 FileUtils.mkdir_p('tmp/tests/paths/a/b/c/d')6 FileUtils.mkdir_p('tmp/tests/paths/a/b/c2')7 FileUtils.mkdir_p('tmp/tests/paths/a/b/d')8 end9 after :all do10 FileUtils.rm_rf('tmp/tests/paths')11 end12 describe 'validate_storages_config' do13 context 'with correct settings' do14 before do15 mock_storages('foo' => { 'path' => 'tmp/tests/paths/a/b/c' }, 'bar' => { 'path' => 'tmp/tests/paths/a/b/d' })16 end17 it 'passes through' do18 expect { validate_storages_config }.not_to raise_error19 end20 end21 context 'with invalid storage names' do22 before do23 mock_storages('name with spaces' => { 'path' => 'tmp/tests/paths/a/b/c' })24 end25 it 'throws an error' do26 expect { validate_storages_config }.to raise_error('"name with spaces" is not a valid storage name. Please fix this in your gitlab.yml before starting GitLab.')27 end28 end29 context 'with incomplete settings' do30 before do31 mock_storages('foo' => {})32 end33 it 'throws an error suggesting the user to update its settings' do34 expect { validate_storages_config }.to raise_error('foo is not a valid storage, because it has no `path` key. Refer to gitlab.yml.example for an updated example. Please fix this in your gitlab.yml before starting GitLab.')35 end36 end37 context 'with deprecated settings structure' do38 before do39 mock_storages('foo' => 'tmp/tests/paths/a/b/c')40 end41 it 'throws an error suggesting the user to update its settings' do42 expect { validate_storages_config }.to raise_error("foo is not a valid storage, because it has no `path` key. It may be configured as:\n\nfoo:\n path: tmp/tests/paths/a/b/c\n\nFor source installations, update your config/gitlab.yml Refer to gitlab.yml.example for an updated example.\n\nIf you're using the Gitlab Development Kit, you can update your configuration running `gdk reconfigure`.\n")43 end44 end45 end46 describe 'validate_storages_paths' do47 context 'with correct settings' do48 before do49 mock_storages('foo' => { 'path' => 'tmp/tests/paths/a/b/c' }, 'bar' => { 'path' => 'tmp/tests/paths/a/b/d' })50 end51 it 'passes through' do52 expect { validate_storages_paths }.not_to raise_error53 end54 end55 context 'with nested storage paths' do56 before do57 mock_storages('foo' => { 'path' => 'tmp/tests/paths/a/b/c' }, 'bar' => { 'path' => 'tmp/tests/paths/a/b/c/d' })58 end59 it 'throws an error' do60 expect { validate_storages_paths }.to raise_error('bar is a nested path of foo. Nested paths are not supported for repository storages. Please fix this in your gitlab.yml before starting GitLab.')61 end62 end63 context 'with similar but un-nested storage paths' do64 before do65 mock_storages('foo' => { 'path' => 'tmp/tests/paths/a/b/c' }, 'bar' => { 'path' => 'tmp/tests/paths/a/b/c2' })66 end67 it 'passes through' do68 expect { validate_storages_paths }.not_to raise_error69 end70 end71 end72 def mock_storages(storages)73 allow(Gitlab.config.repositories).to receive(:storages).and_return(storages)74 end75end...

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