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Harish Rajora

Posted On: January 25, 2021

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Newsletters are a great way to be continuously updated with what is happening around the world. What started as a formal exchange between officials in ancient Rome has become an essential part of the email newsroom. Instead of collecting and organizing the daily happenings in general, newsletters serve a specific purpose today. A newsletter helps us take a few minutes out of our busy schedule and keeps us connected with our fields of interest, be it technology or travel.

Over time newsletters have evolved with the reader’s interest shifting its focus. In earlier times, a newsletter was just news. Today, reader’s interest is more focused on specific blogs, articles, podcasts, webinars, and anything that can benefit a reader. While newsletters are of different types, our focus for this post would be computer geeks, specifically software testers. These software testing newsletters will introduce you to exciting concepts like metamorphic testing (happened with me!) while keeping you acquainted with the latest software testing news.

I have personally gained a lot more knowledge through these well-researched software testing newsletters. In this post, we will go through some of the best newsletters for the software testing world.

On a side note, if you want to have a deeper understanding on software testing, check out our detailed guide on software testing YouTube channels.

1. Ministry of Testing

Curator: Ministry of Testing

Frequency: Weekly

Ministry of Testing newsletter is a weekly newsletter covering many areas in testing, giving the testers a potent dose of content. The weekly software testing newsletter curated by the Ministry of Testing covers the following broad areas:

  • Software testing- latest news and articles.
  • Podcasts.
  • Events on software testing.
  • Workshops.

Ministry of Testing

The newsletter comes in free and paid plans with paid plans mostly focussing on entry to webinars and conferences yearly. You can catch up with the latest editions whenever you want from one place.

2. Coding Jag

Curated By: LambdaTest

Frequency: Weekly

Coding Jag is a LambdaTest curated software testing newsletter focussing on testing, CI/CD, automation, development, and much more. Coding Jag is a weekly blog, and the service is free to use for people passionate about testing. It fulfills the need for both kinds of people: those who love to read and those who have a penchant for listening. With Coding Jag, you also get a list of podcasts handpicked by experienced professional testers with new software testing advancements and techniques. Coding Jag brings around twenty software testing news findings every week divided into major sections to help you quickly navigate to your favorite articles, including current interesting events worldwide. The links contain a short description for the readers to open the link of their interest.

Coding Jag

You can pick up the latest newsletter from Coding Jag editions and give them a read without subscribing.

Subscribe to Coding Jag and get the best news around the testing world delivered to your inbox every Thursday morning.

3. Methods and Tools

Curator: Martinig and Associates

Frequency: Monthly

Methods and Tools is a twenty-year-old monthly software testing newsletter (or magazine as they call it) curated by Martinig and Associates. Methods and Tools provides a wide variety of articles, including software development, programming, open-source, IoT, and many more, along with software testing. “Methods and Tools” lacks a modern user interface and is extremely basic. Methods and Tools covers a vast range of computer science fields, due to which the newsletter is not always so rich in testing content specifically. However, you can subscribe to update yourself from all around the globe in technology.

Methods and Tools

Find a hand-picked selection of good reads by going through the latest edition.

4. TestGuild Newsletter

Curator: TestGuild

Frequency: Weekly

TestGuild newsletter is an automation software testing newsletter for testers interested in automation testing. This is a weekly newsletter and is a combination of a variety of content on automation testing. A weekly TestGuild newsletter contains:

  • Tips and tricks on full stack automation.
  • Industry resources.
  • Interviews and advice with leaders in automation testing.
  • Offers for testing conferences.
  • Podcasts on automation testing.

TestGuild Newsletter

All in all, the TestGuild newsletter is a great way to grow in the field of automation testing.

5. Software Testing Weekly

Curator: Dawid Dylowicz

Frequency: Weekly

Software Testing Weekly is a software testing newsletter curated by Dawid Dylowicz and is published every Friday. The newsletter is currently in its 55th issue, which means the newsletter is relatively new (around one year). Software Testing Weekly is free to subscribe to and contains rich content for the software testers, including latest software testing news. The newsletter includes:

  • A collection of automation testing blogs.
  • Information around testing.
  • Blogs around tools used in software testing.
  • Sometimes books and videos.

software testing weekly

The Software Testing Weekly newsletter editions accounts for many more exciting stories from the testing world that you would love to read. It does not use your email ID for spam or any other unwanted campaigns.

6. QMetry Newsletter

Curator: QMetry

Frequency: Monthly

QMetry Newsletter is a monthly newsletter curated by QMetry. The QMetry newsletters are a collection of top articles in the field of software testing published in the same month. The newsletter focuses on the following sections:

  • Test Management blogs.
  • Test Automation blogs.
  • Test Intelligence blogs.

QMetry Newsletter

QMetry newsletter also combines webinars and tips on software testing along with the above content. Here’s the latest editions of the QMetry newsletter you would love to go through.

7. Five for Friday

Curator: Alan Page

Frequency: Weekly

Five for Friday is a weekly curated collection of blogs by Alan Page on Angry Weasel blogs. There is no email subscription available for the newsletter, and the users can only view it through the blog page. Five for Friday is a unique blog collection in which the articles are related to software testing and development combined with some latest software testing news and happenings worldwide. For example, suppose Twitter goes down at someplace. In that case, the article will contain this news, including what happened and carefully relating it to software testing (had it been tested for load testing before?). The newsletter articles also include rants from the author around software testing and development.


You can go through the latest editions whenever you like and stay updated.

Which One Is Your Favorite?

Subscribing to a newsletter is a step ahead in your professional career. If you are a software tester, you will get findings worldwide that are specific to some tool or framework and innovations, advancements, and news from your field. Such things make you a complete professional and help you gain a broader perspective in software testing. Every newsletter included in this post is worth it. The hard work of people crafting these newsletters makes them of premium quality and worth subscribing to. I hope you would join millions of software testers around the world to get an excellent informative read on the weekend.

With that being said, I know it is a busy life, and one or two newsletters are enough for the weekend as they already contain up to 20 articles. Therefore, we welcome your feedback in the comment section to know which newsletter you like the most and the reason behind it. This will help all the fellow software testers find rich content on software testing.

Happy reading!

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