Zalenium Now Integrates With LambdaTest Selenium Grid

Harshit Paul

Posted On: July 29, 2019

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Hello Testers, today, we are out with interesting news for every automation tester. Zalenium is now supporting LambdaTest Selenium Grid. Special thanks to Ricardo Barbosa for submitting a feature proposal of adding LambdaTest for the Zalenium community. Also, to Diego Molina(Creator of Zalenium) for accepting the feature proposal.

Many of us may already be aware of what Zalenium is. To those of us who are not aware, Zalenium offers a disposable, flexible, Selenium Grid on the cloud to help you perform automation testing with Selenium without any hassle of maintaining a Selenium Grid.

As we all know, Selenium WebDriver has been a great open-source software for website automation testing. Especially, in the case of cross browser testing. However, a major problem faced by testers while using Selenium WebDriver was around the way it allowed them to automate their test suites. Selenium WebDriver allows sequential execution of test cases, so you can not have more than one automated test case running at the same time.

Keeping that in mind, Selenium came up with Grid to help automation testers work faster by running multiple Selenium scripts, simultaneously. Selenium Grid for parallel execution served as a lifeline to automation testers, as now, automation testers could set up their own Selenium Grid for running test cases in parallel. However, there was still a hassle involved when we talk about the maintenance of Selenium Grid.

Well, maintaining a Selenium Grid is a tough ask. You need to keep track of all the latest versions of Selenium releases and incorporate them into your test cycles. You would also have to synchronize the Selenium release with the latest browser & browser drivers release. And before you realize it, you will spend the majority of the time from the release cycle into maintaining your Selenium Grid. This is where Zalenium comes in for automation testers.

In this article, we will talk about what is Zalenium? Why is it useful for Selenium automation? How LambdaTest integration with Zalenium is a win-win deal for your organization.

What Is Zalenium?

Zalando introduced an open source Docker-based Selenium Grid framework to quickly build up in-house Selenium Grid that is especially useful in testing test your locally hosted web pages. This open source project came to be known as Zalenium. Being open-source, Zalenium emerged as a favorite for many developers and testers worldwide. Wondering why? Well, to understand that you may need to have a look at everything offered by Zalenium.

What Does Zalenium Offer?

Using the docker-Selenium approach, Zalenium helps you in building an inhouse on-cloud Selenium Grid infrastructure with latest browsers & up-to-date driver versions. It also offers capabilities for every browser & platform to help you focus on writing better automation code at a faster pace. But wait, there is more!

    • Zalenium provides an intuitive dashboard to help you analyze the logs of your Selenium script execution.
    • You also get live previews of your Selenium script execution on their disposable Selenium Grid.

Selenium script execution

    • Leverage custom capabilities to perform cross browser testing & responsive testing on screen resolution & time-zone of your own choice.


  • You can also record video of your Selenium test sessions for reviewing & debugging.
  • On the security front, every Zalenium Grid you get on cloud is provided by basic authentication.

How Will LambdaTest Integration To Zalenium Help You?

By far, we know how cool Zalenium Grid can be! But how does the integration with LambdaTest help you? If you are not aware of LambdaTest, well, we provide a cloud-based testing platform for browser compatibility testing across 2000+ real browsers through a test automation.

You may be wondering that if both LambdaTest & Zalenium are providing a Selenium Grid at scale then what will you gain by integrating these two?

Well, Zalenium offers a docker-selenium Grid for local page testing. This means that if you wish to perform cross browser testing through Zalenium Grid then you would only be able to test on browsers installed in your particular machine. Scaling up or down new infrastructure would be at a considerable cost, and will require a lot of effort from your DevOps teams. And then there are also issues related to maintenance, security, firewalls, updates, patches, etc.
All in all a hell lot of work, which you won’t have to do with LambdaTest.

Let’s take a few use cases to get a better picture. What happens if you wish to test for legacy browser versions? What would you do if you own a Linux OS & wish to test on Windows, or macOS or vice-versa? If you went on installing every browser version one after another as you test, then you can be pretty certain that your release dates are going to creep in a lot sooner before you can cover a sufficient test coverage for cross browser testing. This is where LambdaTest integration with Zalenium comes into play.

LambdaTest integration with Zalenium will allow you to perform automated cross browser testing over 2000+ real browsers, browser versions running on different devices in the cloud. So you can avoid the hassle of maintaining your own test environments as we will host them for you using our cloud servers.

All you have to do is specify LambdaTest environment variables & Hub URL into your Zalenium docker. Here is an example of that.

LambdaTest integration with Zalenium not only offers you a flexible, disposable, Selenium Grid, it also offers a library of browsers, browser versions, operating systems. The best part?

You can do all of this on-cloud, without worrying about the hassle of maintenance of Selenium Grid for different browsers & different operating system too.

LambdaTest also offers Integrations to multiple Third-Party Tools for CI-CD, Project Management, and More. Check Out All LambdaTest Integrations.

Watch Out! We Got More Incoming!

We are rigorously working to expand LambdaTest as a testing platform that fulfills all your testing requirements. We will be coming with more exciting product updates, so stay tuned!

We hope you like our latest integration with Zalenium. Do give it a spin & let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. We would love to hear any suggestions from you. In case you are looking for an integration that we don’t currently offer, then drop us an email to or you could simply give us a shout. We are here to help you speed your test suites 24/7. Happy Testing! 🙂

Lambdatest integration with Zalenium

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