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Automated UI Testing With Cypress On Cloud

Eliminate the hassle of setting up an in-house infrastructure. Scale your cross browser testing with scalable cloud-based tool to run Cypress UI tests instantly across 40+ browser versions on Windows and macOS platforms.
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How To Get Started With Cypress Automation?



Cypress CLI


Of JSON File & Test
Run Tests

Run Tests

With LambdaTest
Cypress Runner


Your Cypress Automation
Tests on Dashboard

Run Cypress Tests In Parallel For Faster Releases

Automate Cypress UI testing by running parallel tests on scalable cloud infrastructure and reduce your test execution time to the bare minimum. Get immediate feedback, attain extensive test coverage, and ship quality builds faster with zero bottlenecks.

Perform Local Testing With Cypress On Cloud Grid

Configure LambdaTest tunnel (or UnderPass) and run Cypress UI tests locally over a cloud-based secure environment. Test every commit and deliver a seamless user experience on a wide range of browsers and operating systems.
Local Testing

Automate Cypress On Faster, Scalable & Reliable Cloud!

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Comprehensive Tests Insights

Easy Debugging With Comprehensive Test Insights

Use detailed automation test logs and debug with ease using screenshots, video recordings, tests passed/failed, and more. Perform Cypress UI testing & deliver high quality web products with exceptional speed and quality.

Browsers We Support for Cypress Testing

LambdaTest supports 40+ browser versions across Windows and macOS platforms.


Google Chrome

66 & above


Mozilla Firefox

60 & above


Microsoft Edge

80 & above

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Along with 3000+ browsers and devices combinations to test we provide you additional features to make sure you give your users a perfect experience.

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With a single click, push bugs in your choice of project management tools, directly from LambdaTest platform.
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Step-by-step document for various test automation frameworks to help you run your first Selenium script.


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What is Cypress testing framework?
Cypress is a JavaScript front-end-based testing framework for web automation. It eliminates the hassle of QA and developers while performing end-to-end testing. Cypress uses a unique DOM manipulation technique and tests are executed inside the browser.
Can I use Cypress for API testing?
Cypress can be used to perform end-to-end API testing. If you have developed a REST API in your application, automated API testing should be included in the application's E2E tests.
Can I use Cypress for performance testing?
Yes, you can use Cypress to test the performance of a websites and web apps.
Can I use Cypress for end to end testing?
Yes, you can use Cypress to perform end to end testing of websites. Also, Cypress offer easy debugging with its live preview, screenshot, snapshots and videos.
How do I start automation testing with Cypress on LambdaTest?
You need to install the LambdaTest-Cypress CLI - the test runner to help you get started with running tests on LambdaTest. A detailed guide to help you get started is here.
How to run Cross Browser Tests with Cypress on LambdaTest?
LambdaTest provides a cloud grid of 40+ browser versions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. To perform cross browser testing with Cypress, all you need to do is specify the browser-OS combination in lambdatest.json file and execute the test. You can know more about running cross browser tests here.
How can I run Cypress tests in parallel using LambdaTest?
Use the lambdatest.json file to set the parallelization first. Trigger the tests using lambdatest-cypress run by specifying the number of parallel tests you want to run.
What are the benefits of Cypress Testing on LambdaTest?
LambdaTest is one of the most powerful platforms that helps you scale faster with its robust, reliable & secure cloud grid. You can trigger Cypress tests instantly on 40+ browser versions (more to come) and moreover get features that aid you to execute tests and deploy faster.

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