Capture Full Page Browser Screenshot Online

Instantly capture full-page website screenshots on thousands of real devices – desktop and mobile on the cloud.

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Capture Website Screenshots on Windows Devices

Capture Website Screenshots on Windows & Mac Devices

Capture full-page screenshots effortlessly with a single click across browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE, Edge, and on Windows OS and Mac.
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Capture Full-Page Screenshot for Locally Hosted Pages

Effortlessly test your locally hosted app by generating screenshots across 3000 browsers with LambdaTest Tunnel, enabling quick and easy webpage layout evaluation.
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Capture Full-Page Screenshot for Locally Hosted Pages

Do lot more than Just Capturing Screenshot with LambdaTest


Schedule Screenshots

Automate screenshot tests. Set daily, weekly, or monthly schedules, receive detailed results in your inbox for seamless monitoring.


Automated Screenshots API

Capture bulk headless screenshots across various browsers with LambdaTest Screenshot API. Seamless JSON integration.


Basic Authentication

Capturing screenshot with Basic Authentication feature to effortless and protected Screenshot testing.


24/7 Support

Got questions? Throw them to our 24/7 in-app customer chat support, or email us on,


Geolocation testing

Test your website or mobile app from different geoIPs to make sure your users get the perfect experience across all locations.


120+ Integrations

Integrate effortlessly with your testing stack through a wide array of 120+ out-of-the-box integrations.

LambdaTest Chrome Extension

LambdaTest Chrome Extension

Conduct browser screenshot testing effortlessly across desktop and mobile browsers, capturing cross-browser screenshots on 25+ configurations in just one click.
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Capture Full-Page Screenshot with Smart Scroll

Enhance your screenshot capabilities with LambdaTest's Smart Scroll feature, designed for pixel-perfect captures of dynamic website content with ease.
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LambdaTest WordPress Plugin

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By being able to run our Selenium scripts on the legacy and latest browsers on LambdaTest helped us save significant time in test execution with zero hassle to maintain the infra.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to do a full page screen capture?
To capture a full page, use browser extensions like Full Page Screen Capture or built-in tools like Print Screen (PrtScn) on Windows or Command (⌘) + Shift + 4 on Mac, followed by pressing the spacebar. Online services like LambdaTest also offer advanced options for comprehensive full-page screen captures.
How do I take a screenshot of a scrolling page?
To capture a scrolling page, use LambdaTest's Smart Scroll feature. Effortlessly snap dynamic content for flawless, pixel-perfect results in a single screenshot.
What are the 3 ways to take a screenshot?
The three common ways to take a screenshot are using keyboard shortcuts (e.g., PrtScn or Command+Shift+4), snipping tools (such as Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch), and dedicated screenshot software or apps available for various platforms.
How to do a full page screenshot on Windows?
To capture a full-page screenshot on Windows, use the Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch. Open the tool, select Mode, choose Full-screen Snip, and capture the entire page.
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