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There Is No LambdaTest Alternative

We are proud to help over 400,000+ happy customers in delivering a seamless, responsive, and browser-compatible experience.

Trusted By Top Brands

Our Recognitions

What We Believe At LambdaTest

We empower developers to build the best experiences. We are one of the leading cross browser testing platform that has been used to perform more than 12 million tests by our users.

We Take Security Very Seriously

We Take Security Very Seriously

We firmly believe in secure experience to ensure that every aspect follows and complies with industry-leading standards of security.

  • LambdaTest is GDPR compliant and ensures the privacy of user's personal data.
  • We are SOC2 compliant and ensures your data are securely managed and protected.
  • California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) provides individual rights for California's citizens.

Affordable & Scalable Pricing

We believe in simple pricing plans that is easy to understand with no hidden costs. Compare our plans and select one that suits your needs.

Affordable & Scalable Pricing
LambdaTest Support

We Are Here To Help 24x7

We believe in 100% customer satisfaction. Ask us anything, we are here to help 24x7 , and we'd love to hear from you.


More Reasons To Love LambdaTest

It's not just about infrastructure, you get a whole range of complimentary features that will make your cross browser testing experience smoother and help you ship products faster.

Bonus Access To LT Browser

Bonus Access To LT Browser

A developer-friendly browser to test & debug responsiveness of your mobile sites on the fly.

More Third-Party Integrations

More Third-Party Integrations

Push bugs to your favorite integration tools directly from the LambdaTest platform.

Detailed Documentations

Detailed Documentations

Step-by-step guide to help kick start your cross browser testing journey.

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