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User expectations have grown exponentially with the proliferation of online applications. When it comes to developing websites and web apps, it is critical to ensure a seamless end-user experience. This is where Selenium automation testing plays a vital role in testing the product’s effectiveness (websites & web apps) across various browser and operating system combinations.

Selenium supports a wide variety of programming languages, like Java, C#, Ruby JavaScript, and more. According to the survey, in 2021, JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages used by nearly 65% of developers. Cypress, on the other hand, is a relatively new framework based on JavaScript for end-to-end testing. However, JavaScript is exceptionally popular and preferred because of its large community and ease of learning.

If you are a fan of JavaScript and want to utilize it for Selenium web automation, then this Selenium JavaScript tutorial is for you.

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Choosing The Right JavaScript Framework

Due to the emergence of newer frameworks with distinct advantages, developers of the JavaScript community often face which framework is best. And we’re sure that even you would be facing this. So check out this article to know about choosing the right JavaScript framework.

Automation Testing with Selenium JavaScript [Tutorial]

When developing web applications or websites, automation testing ensures that users have a seamless experience. Check out this step-by-step tutorial to understand how to use Selenium JavaScript to perform automation testing. In this section, you will also learn about the top 3 JavScript testing frameworks and how you can run your Selenium automation tests using those frameworks.

Deep diving into advance use cases for Selenium and JavaScript

In this section, you will learn how to run advanced use cases using Selenium and JavaScript.

JavaScript Cross Browser Testing Issues and Solutions

In this section, you will learn JavaScript cross browser compatibility issues and ways to fix them.

JavaScript Best Practices and Resources

This section highlights the best JavaScript practices and resources to help you master your skillset.

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