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Selenium Mobile Testing On Cloud


Parallel Selenium Mobile Testing

Improve your release cycles with LambdaTest, enabling rapid test execution in parallel on the selenium cloud grid.
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Test on Real Devices

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Selenium Testing On Real Devices

Enhance your app with Selenium mobile testing on cloud-based devices for peak performance and user satisfaction.
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Mark As A Bug

While testing Safari on Windows, report bugs directly from LambdaTest to JIRA, Asana, Trello, GitHub, GitLab, or Slack etc.


Pre-Installed DevTools

Use faster DevTools to debug webapps across multiple devices with different screen sizes.


Network Throttling

Ensure seamless user experience by checking your mobile view website's responsiveness on various network profiles.


Accessibility Testing

Enable WCAG-compliant accessibility testing, ensuring web content accessibility without traditional interaction methods.


Geolocation testing

Test your website or mobile app from different geoIPs to make sure your users get the perfect experience across all locations.


120+ Integrations

Integrate effortlessly with your testing stack through a wide array of 120+ out-of-the-box integrations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Selenium be used for mobile testing?
Yes, you can use Selenium individually or in combination with Appium to automate websites and web apps on real devices, emulators, and simulators. Testing a website on real devices gives you a better gauge of how it will work for the end-user. This allows teams to identify any bugs that might be encountered in the real world before releasing apps and websites to the public.
Can I run both mobile app tests and automated mobile browser tests on LambdaTest?
LambdaTest enables both individual and team QAs to run automated selenium mobile tests on mobile browsers and apps on real Android and iOS devices.
What is parallel testing?
Parallel testing is a great way to speed up the overall build execution time of your Selenium webdriver tests. If you have multiple tests builds with 100 tests each, and you are subscribed to our parallel testing plan, then you can run 10 test threads simultaneously across 10 machines. This will cut down on your overall build execution times.
How What is the difference between Appium and Selenium?
Selenium automates web browsers, mainly used for cross-browser testing of web applications. Appium, on the other hand, is primarily used for automating tests for hybrid, native, and mobile web apps on mobile devices; it supports automation for iOS and Android operating systems.
Does Selenium support mobile testing?
Yes, Selenium supports mobile testing through integrations with tools like Appium and Selendroid.
How to test mobile view in Selenium?
To test mobile view in Selenium, use the set_capability method with deviceName to specify a mobile device, or adjust the window size using set_window_size for a custom mobile resolution. You can set capabilities in just few clicks with our capabilities genrator.
How do I run Selenium on my phone?
To run Selenium on your phone using LambdaTest, start by registering for an account on LambdaTest. Once registered, adjust your Selenium script by setting the desired capabilities specific to your mobile device, such as the device name, OS version, and browser. After configuring your test for mobile, you can execute your tests through LambdaTest's mobile device cloud, allowing you to test on a wide range of mobile devices remotely.
How does the Selenium mobile testing architecture work?
The Selenium mobile testing architecture operates by first initializing a test environment where the WebDriver specifies device capabilities and test parameters. It then executes the test commands on a mobile device or emulator through the established session, translating these commands into actions within the mobile application. Finally, it collects and returns the test outcomes, including any failures or screenshots, for further analysis, thus enabling comprehensive automated testing of mobile applications.