Run SpecFlow Tests On Cloud with LambdaTest

LambdaTest helps you run automated test cases with SpecFlow framework on over 3000 real browsers and operating systems, for mobile and web application testing.




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SpecFlow Testing ONLINE

Run SpecFlow Testing In Parallel On Cloud

Want to execute SpecFlow testing with Selenium Grid, but don't have the right infrastructure? LambdaTest gives you the fastest Selenium Grid over a cloud-based infrastructure to help you speed up your test cycles instantly.
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Run SpecFlow Testing In Parallel On Cloud
Run SpecFlow Tests Across 3000+ Browsers


Run SpecFlow Tests Across 3000+ Browsers

LamdaTest lets you run your SpecFlow tests for web and mobile apps across 3000+ real desktop and mobile devices. Scale effortlessly without worrying about maintaining or buying hardware. Use LambdaTest cloud grid for Selenium and Appium test execution.
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HyperExecute - Fastest Test Execution Platform For SpecFlow

HyperExecute is the first cloud solution to enhance the speed and cost of running web driver tests with SpecFlow by delivering high-performance local (in-browser) execution in a scalable cloud. HyperExecute supports any CI server and is designed to fit within your existing testing strategy be it on-cloud or on-premise.
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HyperExecute - Fastest Test Execution Platform For SpecFlow

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Get 100 minutes of automation test minutes FREE!! Run SpecFlow automation tests in parallel on the fastest online automation Grid

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View SpecFlow Testing Results In Great Detail

Never miss a detail. Debug your code faster with LambdaTest’s end-to-end video recordings of your tests in action, command logs, network logs, raw Selenium logs, and command by command screenshots of test execution.
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View SpecFlow Testing Results In Great Detail

Browsers supported on LambdaTest for Selenium SpecFlow Testing

  • ChromeChrome
  • Safari Safari
  • Firefox Firefox
  • IE Internet Explorer
  • Opera Opera
  • Edge Edge

How LambdaTest is helping Global Enterprises

Trusted by startups, SMBs and big enterprises alike.

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Get 100 minutes of automation test minutes FREE!! Run SpecFlow tests in parallel on the fastest test execution platform.

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Powerful Cloud Testing Platform to Accelerate Your Go-To-Market

Secure, reliable, and high performance test execution cloud built for scale

Run Selenium automation scripts on a scalable, secure, and reliable Selenium Grid cloud. Run Selenium, Appium, and JavaScript tests at scale on 3000+ desktop and mobile devices.

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LambdaTest is #1 choice for SMBs and Enterprises across the globe.

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More Reasons to love LambdaTest for SpecFlow Testing

Along with 3000+ browsers and devices combinations to test we provide you additional features to make sure you give your users a perfect experience.

Integrated developer Selenium testing tool with 24x7 support

24/7 Support

Got questions? Throw them to our 24/7 in-app customer
chat support or email us on [email protected].

automation tool with Third-Party Integrations

Third-Party Integrations

With a single click, push bugs in your choice of project management tools, directly from LambdaTest platform.

automation testing tool guide


Step-by-step documentation for various test automation frameworks to help you run your first Selenium script.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SpecFlow?
SpecFlow is an open-source testing framework hosted on GitHub, It supports BDD(Behaviour Driven Development) practices in .Net framework.
What are the benefits of Selenium in automation?
Selenium has numerous advantages for test automation. It also supports recording and playback for testing web apps and can execute numerous scripts across various browsers.
What is parallel testing?
Parallel testing is one of the best ways to cut down overall test execution time of the whole test build. If you have test builds of multiple tests, parallel testing at LambdaTest will allow you to run these Selenium webdiver tests across multiple machines simultaneously. so if you have a build of 100 tests, and are subscribed on 10 parallel testing plan, then you can run upto 10 test threads simultaneously across 10 machines. Running tests in parallel will cut down drastically your overall build test execution times.
How can I automate with SpecFlow tests using LambdaTest?
The LambdaTest Automation Grid allows you to run end-to-end automation tests on a secure, robust, and scalable cloud-based infrastructure. You can perform automated browser testing with SpecFlow across 3000+ browsers and operating systems using LambdaTest with a minor tweaks in your existing test scripts. All you need to define is a remote webdriver path, your LambdaTest username and access key in your code, along with the desired capabilities to trigger your SpecFlow tests on the LambdaTest cloud.

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