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free cross browser testing on internet explorer

Test on Internet Explorer 10

Perform real time live interactive testing of your webapp, website for cross browser compatibility on the Internet Explorer version 10. You can test your web application for functionality, visual bugs, and a lot more by performing cross browser testing.

free browser compatibility testing on Internet Explorer 10 online


Test on IE Emulator vs Real IE Browser

Internet Explorer Emulators vs Real Internet Explorer Browsers

Are you using Internet Explorer Emulators for your development? Let me warn you that IE browser emulators are not always correct. But why goto emulators when you have instant access to real internet explorer browsers online right here at LambdaTest platform. Get real time access to latest and old versions of Internet Explorer browsers running on real windows operating systems and real machines, no emulators, no simulators. And best part, No Installations!!


Variable fonts

OpenType font settings that allows a single font file to behave like multiple fonts: it can contain all the allowed variations in width, weight, slant, optical size, or any other exposed axes of variation as defined by the font designer. Variations can be applied via the font-variation-settings property.

prefers-reduced-motion media query

CSS media query based on a user preference for preferring reduced motion (animation, etc).

Media Queries: interaction media features

Allows a media query to be set based on the presence and accuracy of the user's pointing device, and whether they have the ability to hover over elements on the page. This includes the pointer, any-pointer, hover, and any-hover media features.

:placeholder-shown CSS pseudo-class

Input elements can sometimes show placeholder text as a hint to the user on what to type in. See, for example, the placeholder attribute in HTML5. The :placeholder-shown pseudo-class matches an input element that is showing such placeholder text.

CSS background-blend-mode

Allows blending between CSS background images, gradients, and colors.

text-decoration styling

Method of defining the type, style and color of lines in the text-decoration property. These can be defined as shorthand (e.g. text-decoration: line-through dashed blue) or as single properties (e.g. text-decoration-color: blue)

CSS3 Border images

Method of using images for borders

XHTML+SMIL animation

Method of using SMIL animation in web pages

HTML templates

Method of declaring a portion of reusable markup that is parsed but not rendered until cloned.

Canvas blend modes

Method of defining the effect resulting from overlaying two layers on a Canvas element.


Allows path objects to be declared on 2D canvas surfaces

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"Can I use" provides up-to-date browser support tables for support of front-end web technologies on desktop and mobile web browsers.

Test Your Locally Hosted
Applications on Internet Explorer 10

You can also perform cross browser testing of your locally hosted web applications on various Internet Explorer 10. By connecting LambdaTunnel you can make sure that your web app will perform seamlessly on all Internet Explorer versions across all devices and OSes after getting live.

test your locally hosted web apps on Internet Explorer browser with LambdaTest

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You can choose from a range of 2000+ desktop and mobile browsers including Internet Explorer, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, Yandex, Opera, and Firefox allowing you to ensure that your customers get pixel perfect experience across all screen sizes, devices, operating systems, browsers, and resolutions.

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