Test Website On Different Browsers

Test your website and web apps on 3000+ different browsers and browser versions, available on Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS environments.

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Test Website On Different Browsers

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Integrated Native DevTools For Debugging

With LambdaTest's cloud platform, you get access to pre-installed native developer tools on every browser, including Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Yandex, and mobile browsers, making debugging a breeze.
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Integrated Native Developer Tools For Debugging
Perform Automated Screenshot Testing

Automated Screenshot Testing on Multiple Browsers

Effortlessly automate the bulk capture of screenshots across multiple browsers using LambdaTest. Capture up to 25 full-page screenshots in a diverse browsers with a single click.
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Complete Browser Testing Ecosystem

Chrome Extensions Testing

Add your favorite Chrome extensions before starting a test session. Access the same extensions within the test session without the need to repeatedly log in and add them inside VMs.
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Chrome Extensions Testing

More Reasons to Test Your Website with LambdaTest


Screen Resolution

Easily change your PC's screen resolution during testing to check how your website or app responds to different screen sizes.


Uploads Files

Upload files in formats like txt, pdf, doc, xls, docx, or xlsx using cloud storage services like Google Drive, & access them remotely.


Mark as Bugs

Use the "Mark as Bug" feature on LambdaTest to flag any UI issues you find during testing and share them with your team effortlessly.


Inbuild Project Management Tool

Effortlessly participate in your projects, switch between project versions, & save your progress directly within the test environment.


120+ Integrations

Integrate effortlessly with your testing stack through a wide array of 120+ out-of-the-box integrations.


24/7 Support

Got questions? Throw them to our 24/7 in-app customer chat support, or email us on, support@lambdatest.com

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By being able to run our Selenium scripts on the legacy and latest browsers on LambdaTest helped us save significant time in test execution with zero hassle to maintain the infra.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we test website on different browsers?
We test website on different browsers to check weather the website/web app works as intended across all possible combinations of browsers, OS, devices and resolutions. Cross browser testing helps you ship user friendly and browser egnostic websites/web apps.
How do I run a test script in multiple browsers?
You can have lab with all the combinations of Browser, OS, Devices and Resolution to test your website. Or you can use LambdaTest! With LambdaTest you get to choose from 3000+ Browser-OS combinations from comfort of your couch. You can even automate your cross browser testing and make it a part of your CI/CD Pipeline.
How do I test a website in multiple browsers?
To test a website in multiple browsers using LambdaTest, sign up or log in, select browsers and platforms, upload your website or provide a URL, choose test configurations, run the tests, review results for screenshots and videos, debug and fix issues, and retest if needed after making fixes.
How to test websites on different browsers remotely?
To test websites on different browsers remotely, you can use online browser testing platforms. These platforms allow you to access various browsers and their different versions from your own computer. This method is convenient for testing compatibility across multiple browsers without needing to install them all on your own machine.
Is it necessary to test the website on several browsers?
Yes, it's necessary to test websites on several browsers because different browsers can interpret code differently. Testing helps ensure your website looks and works correctly for all users, regardless of the browser they use.
How to test a website in different browsers the easy way?
The easiest way to test a website in different browsers is to use a browser testing tool or service. These tools allow you to test your website on multiple browsers and devices without needing to install them locally. LambdaTest is a popular option that provides access to a wide range of browsers and devices for testing.
How do I view my website in another browser?
To view your website in another browser, you can simply open the browser you want to test and enter the URL of your website in the address bar. This will load your website in the selected browser, allowing you to see how it appears and functions. Alternatively, you can use browser testing tools or services that let you view your website in different browsers without having to install them on your computer.
How to test multiple browsers in Selenium?
To test multiple browsers in Selenium, set up WebDriver for each browser you want to test, then write test scripts specifying the browser to use. Selenium will open the browser and run your tests, ensuring your web application works across different browsers.
Can you have 2 browsers at the same time?
Yes, it is possible to use multiple browsers simultaneously on one computer without affecting each other's settings, history, bookmarks, etc. This can be achieved by using separate user profiles for each browser or by using browser testing tools.
What is testing on different browsers called?
The process of testing websites or web applications across various web browsers to guarantee consistent functionality and appearance is known as cross-browser testing.
Why Is It Important to test your site in multiple browsers?
Cross-browser testing identifies browser-specific compatibility errors, allowing for quick debugging. It ensures your website works for all users, avoiding alienating a significant audience due to browser or OS issues.
How can I test on different browsers for free?
LambdaTest provides 3 sessions of 1 minute each of live real time interactive testing every month that gets renewed each month of free real time testing and 100 minutes of free automation testing. Cross Browser Testing helps you find and debug browser specific errors. It ensures a uniform and the best possible user interface to your website/web app visitors.
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Test Websites On Different Browsers

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