How to use TextToTokenCount method of NBi.Core.Transformation.Transformer.Native.Text.TextToPadRight class

Best NBi code snippet using NBi.Core.Transformation.Transformer.Native.Text.TextToPadRight.TextToTokenCount


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...50 [TestCase(" abc 123")]51 [TestCase("abc 123")]52 [TestCase(" abc 123 ")]53 [TestCase(" abc , 123 ")]54 public void Execute_TextToTokenAndTextToTokenCount_Aligned(string value)55 {56 var tokenCount = (int)new TextToTokenCount().Evaluate(value);57 for (int i = 0; i < tokenCount; i++)58 {59 var nextTextToToken = new TextToToken(new LiteralScalarResolver<int>(i));60 Assert.That(nextTextToToken.Evaluate(value), Is.Not.EqualTo("(null)"));61 }62 var textToToken = new TextToToken(new LiteralScalarResolver<int>(tokenCount));63 Assert.That(textToToken.Evaluate(value), Is.EqualTo("(null)"));64 }65 [Test]66 [TestCase("")]67 [TestCase("(null)")]68 [TestCase("\t")]69 [TestCase(" \t")]70 [TestCase(" ")]71 [TestCase("\r\n")]72 public void Execute_BlankToNull_Null(string value)73 {74 var function = new BlankToNull();75 var result = function.Evaluate(value);76 Assert.That(result, Is.EqualTo("(null)"));77 }78 [Test]79 [TestCase("(null)")]80 [TestCase("alpha")]81 public void Execute_BlankToEmpty_NotEmpty(string value)82 {83 var function = new BlankToNull();84 var result = function.Evaluate(value);85 Assert.That(result, Is.Not.EqualTo("(empty)"));86 }87 [Test]88 [TestCase("alpha")]89 public void Execute_BlankToNull_NotNull(string value)90 {91 var function = new BlankToNull();92 var result = function.Evaluate(value);93 Assert.That(result, Is.Not.EqualTo("(null)"));94 }95 [Test]96 [TestCase("")]97 [TestCase("(null)")]98 [TestCase("(empty)")]99 public void Execute_EmptyToNull_Null(string value)100 {101 var function = new EmptyToNull();102 var result = function.Evaluate(value);103 Assert.That(result, Is.EqualTo("(null)"));104 }105 [Test]106 [TestCase("alpha")]107 [TestCase("\t")]108 [TestCase(" \t")]109 [TestCase(" ")]110 [TestCase("\r\n")]111 public void Execute_EmptyToNull_NotNull(string value)112 {113 var function = new EmptyToNull();114 var result = function.Evaluate(value);115 Assert.That(result, Is.Not.EqualTo("(null)"));116 }117 [Test]118 [TestCase("")]119 [TestCase("(any)")]120 [TestCase("(empty)")]121 [TestCase("(null)")]122 [TestCase(150)]123 public void Execute_AnyToAny_Any(object value)124 {125 var function = new AnyToAny();126 var result = function.Evaluate(value);127 Assert.That(result, Is.EqualTo("(any)"));128 }129 [Test]130 [TestCase("")]131 [TestCase("(any)")]132 [TestCase("(empty)")]133 [TestCase(150)]134 public void Execute_ValueToValue_Value(object value)135 {136 var function = new ValueToValue();137 var result = function.Evaluate(value);138 Assert.That(result, Is.EqualTo("(value)"));139 }140 [Test]141 [TestCase("(null)")]142 public void Execute_ValueToValue_NotValue(object value)143 {144 var function = new ValueToValue();145 var result = function.Evaluate(value);146 Assert.That(result, Is.Not.EqualTo("(value)"));147 }148 [Test]149 [TestCase("(null)")]150 public void Execute_NullToValue_Value(object value)151 {152 var function = new NullToValue();153 var result = function.Evaluate(value);154 Assert.That(result, Is.EqualTo("(value)"));155 }156 [Test]157 [TestCase("(empty)")]158 [TestCase("123")]159 public void Execute_NullToValue_NotValue(object value)160 {161 var function = new NullToValue();162 var result = function.Evaluate(value);163 Assert.That(result, Is.Not.EqualTo("(value)"));164 }165 [Test]166 [TestCase("ABC")]167 [TestCase(" ABC ")]168 public void Execute_Trim_ABC(object value)169 {170 var function = new TextToTrim();171 var result = function.Evaluate(value);172 Assert.That(result, Is.EqualTo("ABC"));173 }174 [Test]175 [TestCase("(null)")]176 [TestCase(" XYZ ")]177 public void Execute_Trim_NotABC(object value)178 {179 var function = new TextToTrim();180 var result = function.Evaluate(value);181 Assert.That(result, Is.Not.EqualTo("ABC"));182 }183 [Test]184 [TestCase("abC")]185 public void Execute_UpperCase_ABC(object value)186 {187 var function = new TextToUpper();188 var result = function.Evaluate(value);189 Assert.That(result, Is.EqualTo("ABC"));190 }191 [Test]192 [TestCase(" abC ")]193 public void Execute_LowerCase_abc(object value)194 {195 var function = new TextToLower();196 var result = function.Evaluate(value);197 Assert.That(result, Is.EqualTo(" abc "));198 }199 [Test]200 [TestCase(" abC ")]201 public void Execute_Length_5(object value)202 {203 var function = new TextToLength();204 var result = function.Evaluate(value);205 Assert.That(result, Is.EqualTo(5));206 }207 [Test]208 [TestCase("Cédric")]209 public void Execute_TextToHtml_Valid(object value)210 {211 var function = new TextToHtml();212 var result = function.Evaluate(value);213 Assert.That(result, Is.EqualTo("C&#233;dric"));214 }215 [Test]216 [TestCase("C&#233;dric")]217 [TestCase("C&eacute;dric")]218 public void Execute_HtmlToText_Valid(object value)219 {220 var function = new HtmlToText();221 var result = function.Evaluate(value);222 Assert.That(result, Is.EqualTo("Cédric"));223 }224 [Test]225 [TestCase("Cédric")]226 public void Execute_Diacritics_Valid(object value)227 {228 var function = new TextToWithoutDiacritics();229 var result = function.Evaluate(value);230 Assert.That(result, Is.EqualTo("Cedric"));231 }232 [Test]233 [TestCase("My taylor is rich", "Mytaylorisrich")]234 [TestCase(" My Lord ! ", "MyLord!")]235 [TestCase("My Lord !\r\nMy taylor is \t rich", "MyLord!Mytaylorisrich")]236 [TestCase("(null)", "(null)")]237 [TestCase(null, "(null)")]238 [TestCase("(empty)", "(empty)")]239 [TestCase("(blank)", "(empty)")]240 public void Execute_Whitespace_Valid(object value, string expected)241 {242 var function = new TextToWithoutWhitespaces();243 var result = function.Evaluate(value);244 Assert.That(result, Is.EqualTo(expected));245 }246 [Test]247 [TestCase("My taylor is rich", 4)]248 [TestCase(" My Lord ! ", 2)]249 [TestCase(" My Lord ! ", 2)]250 [TestCase(" My Lord ! C-L.", 3)]251 [TestCase("(null)", 0)]252 [TestCase(null, 0)]253 [TestCase("(empty)", 0)]254 [TestCase("(blank)", 0)]255 [TestCase("1 2017-07-06 CUST0001", 3)]256 [TestCase("1 2017-07-06 CUST0001", 3)]257 public void Execute_TokenCount_Valid(object value, int expected)258 {259 var function = new TextToTokenCount();260 var result = function.Evaluate(value);261 Assert.That(result, Is.EqualTo(expected));262 }263 [Test]264 [TestCase("123456789", "abc", "abc123456789")]265 [TestCase("(null)", "abc", "(null)")]266 [TestCase("(empty)", "abc", "abc")]267 [TestCase("(blank)", "abc", "abc")]268 public void Execute_TextToPrefix_Valid(string value, string prefix, string expected)269 {270 var function = new TextToPrefix(new LiteralScalarResolver<string>(prefix));271 var result = function.Evaluate(value);272 Assert.That(result, Is.EqualTo(expected));273 }...

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...193 else194 return "(null)";195 }196 }197 class TextToTokenCount : TextToLength198 {199 public IScalarResolver<char> Separator { get; }200 public TextToTokenCount()201 => Separator = null;202 public TextToTokenCount(IScalarResolver<char> separator)203 => Separator = separator;204 protected override object EvaluateBlank() => 0;205 protected override object EvaluateString(string value) => TokenCount(value);206 private int TokenCount(string value)207 {208 var tokenizer = Separator == null ? (ITokenizer)new WhitespaceTokenizer() : new Tokenizer(Separator.Execute());209 return tokenizer.Execute(value).Count();210 }211 }212 class TextToDateTime : AbstractTextTransformation213 {214 public IScalarResolver<string> Format { get; }215 public IScalarResolver<string> Culture { get; }216 public TextToDateTime(IScalarResolver<string> format)...

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