How to use LoginUser method of Telerik.JustMock.Tests.EventContainer class

Best JustMockLite code snippet using Telerik.JustMock.Tests.EventContainer.LoginUser


Source:MiscFixture.cs Github


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...411 ILoginService service = Mock.Create<ILoginService>();412 Mock.Arrange(() => service.ValidateUser(userName, password)).Returns(5).OccursOnce();413 Mock.Arrange(() => service.ValidateUser("foo", "bar")).OccursNever();414 SecurityHandler handler = new SecurityHandler(service);415 bool loggedIn = handler.LoginUser(userName, password);416 Assert.True(loggedIn);417 Assert.Equal(handler.UserID, 5);418 Mock.Assert(service);419 }420 public class NestedFoo421 {422 public virtual FooThatFails FooThatFailsOnCtor { get; set; }423 }424 public class FooThatFails425 {426 public FooThatFails(string message)427 {428 }429 public FooThatFails()430 {431 throw new ArgumentException("Failed");432 }433 }434 public class SecurityHandler435 {436 private readonly ILoginService _service;437 public int UserID { get; internal set; }438 public SecurityHandler(ILoginService service)439 {440 _service = service;441 _service.DatabaseName = "NorthWind";442 }443 public bool LoginUser(string userName, string password)444 {445 UserID = _service.ValidateUser(userName, password);446 return (UserID != 0);447 }448 }449 public interface ILoginService450 {451 int ValidateUser(string userName, string password);452 string DatabaseName { get; set; }453 event EventHandler UserLoggedOnEvent;454 event EventHandler DatabaseChangedEvent;455 }456 [TestMethod, TestCategory("Lite"), TestCategory("Misc")]457 public void ShouldAssertCallOriginalOnOverloadsViaProxy()...

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